All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 556: If no one stands up for them, I, Wang Lufei, will stand up for them

Chapter 556: If no one stands up for them, I, Wang Lufei, will stand up for them

Yan Canghai was trembling all over.

A group of slaves, who gave them the courage to be so contemptuous toward a Divine Guard?

Yan Canghai had a thought!

“Martial Intent, Heavenly Sea!” Following Yan Canghai’s Major Achievement Level Martial Intent, a huge and incomparably huge wave exploded.

It floated in the void above the heads of tens of thousands of slaves.

Suddenly, a terrifying pressure as deep as a kilometer in the deep sea directly crushed tens of thousands of slaves, and it was getting stronger little by little!


Many slaves vomited blood directly, and then their seven holes bled, all of them was in extreme pain.

“Ants, you will be crushed to death one by one by the power of the sky and the sea! Crushed to pieces, this is the price you pay for disrespecting this guard!!!” Yan Canghai was furious!

When you see me, you must be respectful and polite!

A group of slaves should just use their lives for the entertainment of the noble people in the upper realm. But you dare to despise me?

I must use the most painful means to torture them to death! Ah!

“Stop!!!” Wang Lufei yelled angrily, but his injuries were so severe that he couldn’t even stand up.

“I brought them out, and I promised to take them away alive!” Wang Lufei looked at the slaves in front of him in pain.

But at this moment, none of the slaves blamed Wang Lufei.

“Thank you, Lord Wang Lufei. It’s you who made me see the blue sky again after ten years!”

“Thank you, Lord Wang Lufei, it’s you who made me feel free again, once again, I can walk freely!”

“Thank you, Master Wang Lufei, it is you who let us know what true freedom is!”

These slaves vomited blood one after another, and many slaves had passed out and were about to die.

But every slave who was still persisting opened their mouth and comforted Wang Lufei.

“Benefactor… No, child, you have done a good job!” The old man in the half-step Sea Wheel Realm looked at Wang Lufei, with a touch of seeing through the vicissitudes of life and death.

“We are the ones who implicated you… You should have a wider sky! You should be able to fly higher! You should be able to become an invincible existence!” the old man said hoarsely, while talking with blood in his mouth.

The old man had never seen a boy like Wang Lufei!

He was not afraid of the cruelty of this cultivation world!

He didn;t care about his status as a slave to others!

He was like a hero who fell from the sky!

He was like a man who came here from another world. Indeed!

The Wang Lufei in front of him was very immature, his mind was too pure, like a child who had not grown up yet!

“My child… don’t cry! Don’t be sad for us!

“If we die…

” We are willing to turn into your stars, guard you forever, and become your strength!”

The old man spoke every word, and every word touched Wang Lufei’s heart!

It also shocked every player and player who watched the live broadcast, including the Earth friends.

“…” At this moment, all the players were silent.

This plot was very heavy!

And it was too real!

Yan Canghai and the countless powerful cultivators on Tianlong Island had great power, and they call themselves heavenly beings!

They didn’t care about the death of these slaves at all!

Under the Heavenly Pill Realm, they were all ants!

This was the common sense of this cultivation world, and it was the truth!

It might be that players had too little contact with NPCs!

It might also be that most players had not paid much attention to the humanities and worldview background of this game.

But the current scene made many players suddenly realize something.

“I seem to understand why Brother Lufei would do this!” At this moment, First Iceman said.

The other players didn’t answer, but they understood at the same time.

At this time in Tianlong Island…

“Wang Lufei, do you regret it?” Yan Canghai looked at the tens of thousands of slaves who were about to die, looked at Wang Lufei, and said proudly.

Wang Lufei didn’t answer.

“If you hadn’t saved these wastes in the first place, maybe you wouldn’t have died! They wouldn’t have died either! Hahahaha! After all, why did you save these wastes?” Yan Canghai laughed, feeling that he was in control.

Yan Canghai was also very curious.

With the power of Wang Lufei’s double Major Achievement intents, combined with the fact that he stepped into the peak of Sea Wheel Realm at such a young age, and behind him was the mysterious and powerful Yanhuang Sect, why did he want to

die and save these slaves who he didn’t even know before?

This extremely selfish Yan Canghai, who regarded everything under the Heavenly Pill as ants, couldn’t understand it.

“…” Players and Earth friends also watched the live broadcast quietly, wondering how Lufei would answer.

At this time, Wang Lufei stood up slowly, covered in blood, with seven blood holes in his chest, and with a cultivation level of the first level of Body Forging.

He could be said to be the weakest existence in Tianlong Island.

Wang Lufei didn’t talk much, but he touched everyone with blood and tears in an instant.

“Because, I heard their cries for help!

“I just help the people I want to help!

“If no one stands up for them…

“Then I, Wang Lufei, will stand up for them!”

Wang Lufei said, his voice was loud and full of unimaginable power!

These words completely touched every slave who was still breathing his last breath, and also touched those figures who were hidden in the audience and dared not speak out!

Even the players were touched!

“Brother Lufei…” Many players felt the corners of their eyes moist.

Not bad!

This is just a game!

Those slaves are just a bunch of data, just a bunch of NPCs, just a bunch of people we don’t know.

But Wang Lufei still stood up!

As Wang Lufei said, no one stood up for them, so Wang Lufei stood up for them!

At first, many players just thought that Wang Lufei was just a sophomore boy who liked cosplaying Luffy wearing a straw hat!

But now, these players found that they were wrong!

Big mistake!

Wang Luffy liked, Wang Luffy pursued. What Wang Luffy had was not just the appearance of Straw Hat Luffy!

It was the spirit of Straw Hat Luffy!

“When I was playing a free and open world game before, I was killed by a monster in order to save an old lady in the game. As a result, I died permanently, and the game restarted!

“A friend once laughed at me and called me stupid. He said it was just an NPC in the game, why I you care about his life?

“But now, Brother Lufei’s words made me understand!

“It’s not me who is stupid, but my friend!

“Even in the game, you dare not stand up to such a scumbag, do you still expect me to stand up in reality?”

The number one First Iceman said word by word…

These words directly spoke to the hearts of players and Earth friends.

“It’s reasonable, if I have a friend like Lufei, I’ll be satisfied for the rest of my life!”

“Yes, the biggest problem in society right now is the crisis of trust! But… he, Lufei, will always be my Brother Lufei!”

“My cronies asked me to borrow money, but I dare not let them borrow a dime! But if Brother Lufei asked me, I can even lend him a house!”

“It has nothing to do with age, it’s a question of quality! I thought Brother Lufei was just a sophomore in middle school, but he is the high quality who treats people with simplicity and sincerity!”

“Having his cultivation deleted, I will say this today. I won’t sleep 24 hours just to guide Brother Luffy to level up!”

Many players became excited.

In the past, Brother Lufei developed countless skills, which made the newcomers admire him!

Once, Brother Lufei made the newbies very excited with his amazing fighting power!

Now, Brother Lufei, with his sincere quality, made every player convinced!

If there was only one person in this world who was worthy of being his big brother!

Then he… must be Brother Lufei!

At this time, amazing changes have taken place on Tianlong Island again.magic

“I said…

“I will save you!

“I will not let any of you die!” Wang Lufei raised his head, looked at the old man and tens of thousands of slaves, and spoke word by word.

“Hahaha! What are you going to save them with?” Yan Canghai smiled, extremely proud and ferocious!

With a cultivation base of the first level of Body Forging and even with the ability to summon the Heavenly Fire, he was still seriously injured had difficulty standing up!

How could he save them?

“Enter, second gear!!!” Wang Lufei once again assumed a classic pose. This scene made He Yiming unable to understand.

“Without cultivation, without realm, what will you burn?” He Yiming was puzzled.

But the next moment, He Yiming was shocked.


Wang Lufei’s aura exploded again in an instant!

Two flames burned in the sky!

Major Achievement Martial Intent of Death

Major Achievement Martial Intent Conqueror’s Haki!


“Burning Martial Intents?” He Yiming gasped!

“This punch, I fight for their freedom!!!” Wang Lufei’s strength was not his cultivation!

It’s not the physical body!

It’s not the Martial Intent either!

But the moment the punch was raised, Yan Canghai showed a look of shock!


The next moment, Wang Lufei punched Yan Canghai!

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