Apocalypse Cheater

Chapter 12: Daniel Vs Statues

Chapter 12: Daniel Vs Statues

The moment he finished reading the words of the command, all of the statues began shaking, showing signs of movement.

'Is it starting?'

Despite the sudden changes happening inside this sealed part of the tower, Daniel remained relaxed.

He didn't panic and maintained his wariness around him.

He observed and his eyes gazed around the statues and noticed that all of the statues a total of 10 were targeted towards him.

'So you think I'm an easy target huh?' He smirked.

He took a step behind to prepare himself for an attack and even though there were huge differences in their height, he wasn't scared by their tall mighty figures.

'Then you have underestimated me!' He exclaimed in his thoughts and he began attacking.

In the future where there's no telling what would happen, Daniel would always need to expect the unexpected.

Hence, situations like this were the norm.

With a confident move, Daniel summoned a powerful lightning show.

Countless tendrils of electric energy surged forth, a mesmerizing display of raw power that coiled and surged around the giant statues.

The air crackled with primal energy as lightning danced around, transforming the scene into an awe-inspiring spectacle.

The huge statues, which used to stand still, were now surrounded by the electrifying storm.

Their imposing forms are outlined in luminous veins of energy.

But as impressive as the lightning was, it was just the beginning of an even bigger show that was about to happen.

As Daniel was preparing his attack, one of the statues that hold an image of a magician used its magic wand to cast a skill called, Ethereal Beam that spurts out an incredibly thick green beam.

It was similar to Daniel's laser beam, but it was 100 times bigger and stronger.


Fortunately, the attack passed through his body and this outcome caused the statue with grimoire to frown his eyes.

'That's a really strong attack. If I didn't have forbidden fruit powers, it would surely be a life-threatening attack'

He thought while looking at the statues with a serious gaze.

'Without a doubt these statues are dangerous, however, it's not to the point I can't handle it myself'

Daniel smiled before jumping as high as he could.

But the statues caught with him as one of them raised its sword hoping to slash him in half while nearby, another statue with a huge madly designed shield dashed to smash him into splattered meat.

Even in this scenario, he remained calm while calculating his mind for the perfect timing.

His current mastery over the forbidden fruits is still not perfected, but it doesn't mean he was limited.

"It's just the starting!" He grinned.

He clad himself with lightning and like a zip of lightning.

He disappeared and reappeared behind the statue with the sword and blasted its body with a gigantic sphere of lightning.


Like the sound of thunder, the statue was electrified and cracks appeared all over its body like webs before it broke into debris.

But this wasn't the end.

As there was a statue with a shield that dashed toward him, he gathered the power of light within his palms to the maximum and unleashed a devastating attack, Nova Explosion.

Within a millisecond, a force that could rival the explosion of a sun exploded within the statue.

Before the remaining Statues could react, the explosion fabricated within one of them was so overwhelmingly strong that all of them were affected.

Without any warning or hints, they simply disappeared.

The only thing that was unharmed was the tower floor which shook only for a moment and the statue that holds the grimoire.

'The Forbidden Fruit surely deserve to be called Forbidden' He was delighted with the results.

The tower walls and floors were said to be indestructible and perhaps it was not stretch after all.

"Who are you human!" The last remaining statue spoke with great fear.

"Who am I? That's not for you to know" Daniel answered despite the oddity of the statue being able to talk.

Meanwhile, the statue was panicking and he didn't even realize the playfulness of the human in front of him.

Daniel was looking at the statue with a mocking gaze.

"This isn't happening! You're supposed to listen to the commands and be hopeless while I enjoy the feed from your despair! You're supposed to sacrifice your soul before receiving the labours of the fruit!"

The statue behaved maniacally as though someone had ruined its birthday surprise.

'Ho? So this is how 'you' earn those powers?'

'By sacrificing your soul? Isn't it quite like you?'

Daniel's thoughts were directed towards someone whom he had personally killed and tortured due to his vengeance and revenge.

For some strange reason, Paimon who remained hibernated decided to show her giant figure through the metal vessel, a flabellum that voluntarily appeared from Daniel's inventory system.

"Paimon?" Unexpected by her appearance, Daniel became surprised.

"Master, you should be careful with him. I sense a powerful being within his body. We shouldn't let our guard down"

Paimon warned while looking seriously towards the statue.

Daniel knew that something would happen right after this, but he didn't expect that Paimon would show herself.

'Well, is it because 'both' of them had once allied themselves?' He thought without revealing too much.

Even though Paimon knows how powerful her master is, she knows that the presence she's sensing is far more powerful than what Daniel is capable of for now.

"A Djinn!? Why are the likes of you doing here!? Oh, I forgot that your wor-

"Silence you inferior dog!"

Paimon unleashed her killing intent which caused the statue to cower in fear.

"Well, shouldn't all of us just relax and get along with one another?"

Suddenly, a deep voice echoed throughout the cave.

'Has 'he' appeared after hiding all this time?' Daniel thought while gazing towards a certain direction.

"Master, the powerful being is showing itself" Paimon returned to her vessel and it flew towards Daniel's palms which he caught and she was ready to fight alongside her master.

"L-Lord, why are you showing yourself!? Isn't this too early? You've already made a p-

"Sigh, 'you' have been following for me since the birth and fall of 'Dawn'. And you have been loyal to me till I became a Sovereign'

The Sovereign spoke and his praises made the statue smile with happiness.

"Out of all my followers, you've been the most devoted one"

The voice spoke while the statue felt blissed being praised by its lord.

"However, since when did you become the dog of those Divine Beings?"

Its voice became deeper and more malicious to the point the dungeon of the tower trembled for a second which shouldn't have been possible unless a stronger being than the tower itself appeared.

'Well, even though he is not alive, he's soul is still this powerful' Daniel thought with amazement.

"My lord!? What did you mean I-

"Do you think I wouldn't know what you did behind my back...?"

The Sovereign voiced making the statue stunned and stuttered.

"My lord I- magic

Before the statue can be explained, its body began cracking.

" You can't do this, my lord! You have made a contract with the-

"Enough is enough. I have long endured the sufferings of my people and I can't do anything about it anymore. It's time for me to fulfil my duties as a Sovereign"

Within a matter of seconds, the statue shattered into debris, destroying every little of its life it had left behind the massive grimoire that dropped onto the ground.

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