Apocalypse Cheater

Chapter 165 Date In Modern Fantasia Part 4

Chapter 165 Date In Modern Fantasia Part 4

[: Daniel POV :]

The thought of 50 million monsters roaming around scared her, but she was up for the challenge.

"Of course. Previously, it might take some work, but since there's a sharing of Exp, then it'll be easier," I reassured her.

As I was about to leave, Cecilia stopped me. "Dear, wait!"

She timidly asked, "Well...can I just see how you'll deal with the monsters?"

"I want to watch how you'll deal with them."

"Why not?"

I agreed, and thus, I brought her into the sky where we could see the massive horde of 50 million monsters.

"Doesn't this remind you of our date as we kissed in the sky?"

I reminded Cecilia.

"Of course. It will forever be an experience that I wouldn't want to forget,"

She replied, holding onto my body tightly as we ascended into the sky.

"Do you see the monsters down there?"

I pointed out, drawing her attention to the vast horde of monsters below.

"Wow...watching from the sky, it's hard to believe that down there is where the monsters are,"

Cecilia marvelled, looking at the dots that represented the monsters. magic

"And these monsters would be the next step to become stronger,"

I commented.

"How are we going to deal with all of these monsters, dear?"

She wondered, concerned about our ability to complete the quest with such an overwhelming number of enemies.

"It will be easy, but before we begin, let's create a party," I suggested.

"Right on it, dear,"

Cecilia replied, creating a party and inviting me to join.


- Current Members -

1. Daniel Bell

2. Cecilia Carlson

- Share of Exp/Drops -

(50% to each party)

"Now that we're at a party, then, it will make this easier for me," I explained.

"Dear, you ask how am I going to deal with monsters right? Then, watch this,"

I said, and Cecilia silently watched what I was about to do.

However, she was surprised that my eyes changed entirely.

My eyes shifted to a red colour, and instead of the usual circular pupils, they became rectangular.

This transformation was the result of my fused skill, Samsara Effect.


I announced dominantly, utilizing one of the Eye Abilities after fusing.

This specific ability, known as the Death Effect, meant that any living being I focused on would face immediate death.

The Death Effect consumed Mana based on the strength of the opponent.

However, given that I had reached the state of Transcendence and my level was a thousand times higher than the monsters, the Mana expenditure was reduced by a factor of thousands.

With trillions of Mana at my disposal and my rapid recovery rate, I had no concerns about depletion.

As I unleashed the Death Effect, a spectacular sight unfolded before us.

The horde of monsters below began to crumble, one by one, like a chain reaction of death.

The once-ominous army was now a field of lifeless creatures, all felled by the power of my gaze.

It was a breathtaking display of destruction, marking the beginning of the end of the quest.

[:You have killed 1 Monster:]

[:You have killed 10,000 Monsters:]

[:You have killed 1M Monsters:]

[:You have killed 20M Monsters:]

[:You have killed 50M Monsters:]

[:You have killed a Level 850 Unique Monster, Ground Shaker:]

[:You have killed a Level 850 Unique Monster, Blister Force :]




[: Modded Refinement (MYTHIC) has modded all Exp, Drops by 5000 times and rewards by 5 times :]

[: Bugged Player (MYTHIC) has caused a Bug where the Exp and Drops will be multiplied by 3000 and rewards by 3 times :]

[: Congratulations, you have killed a total of 50 Million Monsters of levels between 700 and 800 and you have obtained a total amount of 375,000,000,000 :]

[: Due to Modded Refinement and Bugged Player the value of Exp has been modded and bugged to 3.75 Quadrillion Exp :]

[: You have obtained 25,000,000, Cores of Each Level 700 and 800, and 10 Cores of Level 850 Unique Cores :]

[:Due to Modded Refinement and Bugged Player, the value of Cores has been modded and bugged to 200 Billion Cores of each Level 700 and 800, and 80K Level 850 Unique Cores:]

[:You have obtained 41,500,000,000,000,000

66,400,000,000,000,000 Gold and Diamonds:]

[:Due to Modded Refinement and Bugged Player the value of Gold and Diamonds has been modded and Bugged to 332 Quintillion Gold and

531 Quintillion Diamonds:]

[:You have obtained 5,000,000 Silver Prisms, 500,000 Golden Prisms, and 5000 Rainbow Prisms:]

[:Due to Modded Refinement and Bugged Player, the values of Prisms have been modded and Bugged to 40 Billion Silver Prisms, 4 Billion Golden Prisms, and 40 Million Rainbow Prisms:]

[:You have obtained 25 Million Rank E Materials, 10 Million Rank D materials, 6 Million Rank C Materials, 4 Million Rank B materials, 3 Million Rank A Materials, and 1 Million Rank S Materials:]

[:Due to Modded Refinement and Bugged Player, the values of Materials have been modded and bugged to 200 Billion Rank E Materials, 80 Billion Rank D Materials, 48 Billion Rank C Materials, 32 Billion Rank B Materials, 24 Billion Rank A Materials, and 8 Billion Rank S Materials:]

[: Due to the Party Function, all Exp and Drops will be shared, hence, both parties will receive half of the amount :]

[:Congratulations, you have levelled up to 5080 and you have been awarded 1 Mysterious Box and 1 Mythic Selection Skill Book:]

I observed as the party function effortlessly distributed the experience and rewards between Cecilia and me.

The sheer magnitude of what we were acquiring was staggering, and I couldn't help but be unfazed by it.

The gains would undoubtedly support Cecilia's development, which was all that mattered.

Cecilia, on the other hand, was bombarded with countless notifications as her level and skills progressed.

However, it soon became evident that these gains were exacting a physical toll on her.

"What is this?" Cecilia couldn't believe the amount of changes that were happening inside of her.

With the amount of experience she had received, it was easy for her to reach the Cap.

"How do you feel?" I asked with a smile and I chuckled at her reaction.

"It feels amazing and incredible!" She couldn't help but be amazed at the changes.

I chuckled at Cecilia's amazement.

"Well, it takes time to adapt to such power."

"As for my skills and abilities, let's just say that I've had a unique journey in Modern Fantasia"

"The true potential lies in the endless possibilities of this world."

She nodded, still trying to wrap her head around the magnitude of what she had just experienced.

"It's almost overwhelming, but I'll do my best to adjust."

"That's the spirit," I encouraged. "Now, let's continue. We have a long way to go."

"But do I accept the Trial?" She asked as she pointed towards a screen that I couldn't see.

"Don't, not now. Wait until you're prepared then you can accept the trial. If you managed to clear all at once, the rewards would be worth it"

I answered and explained the reason behind it and she didn't retort as she believed in me. "Alright Dear"

"But what do I do with these drops...?"

As she gazed at the amount of drops, words couldn't describe how much shock she had received.

It was an amount that she had never dreamt to have and now, she didn't know what to do with it.

"For the Prisms, it will be useful for your growth as it can give a diversity of stuff, especially the Rainbow Prisms which can give even an S-Rank Skill Book"

I explained.

"As for the Materials and Coins, it's up to you to decide on their usage"

"But if you don't mind dear, can you give me the cores? It's useful for me" I added.

"The Monsters Cores? I don't mind and I will give it all to you, honey"

She didn't mind giving it since she didn't even know what to do with it.

And it took half an hour to transfer the cores to me and fortunately, there was a form of trade that could be done if both Players decided to do a trade.

Cecilia had yet to recover from the shock, but she realized that she needed to move on or else, she'll be left behind.

'If the Exp wouldn't be halved, I wonder how far my dear can go?'

'And I doubt that this will be the first or the last'

'Such speed would only leave me and the others to dust'

Cecilia was worried about being left behind, but seeing the prisms and the coins that she received, she'll make the best use of them and it also aided her in completing her Class Quest.

'If I complete that quest I could at least be a support to him' She smiled while promising to do her best.

The least that she will regret is becoming a dead weight.

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