Apocalypse Cheater

Chapter 23: Entering Modern Fantasia

Chapter 23: Entering Modern Fantasia

Reading the message Leila contemplated her reply before sending 'No, you don't have to'

Afterwards, she headed towards the meeting room which she left prematurely and as soon as she entered, each of the branch members was preparing themselves.

"Are you guys ready? I know I left the meeting without completing any plans, but our top priority is to enter this world and let's go find out if it's amazing as they said"

She smirked and said as though she looked down on those who entered with childish thoughts.

Leila held a strong belief that Modern Fantasia presented a unique opportunity to bypass years of effort and potentially exceed her initial expectations.

She saw it as a chance to achieve her dreams in a way that could surpass her wildest imagination.

Moreover, because of Daniel, her expectations of Modern Fantasia grew incredibly and it strengthened her goals and ambitions to rule the world.

If before, she'd be hesitant about the risks, but now that her son has aided in her ambition, she was informed and awarded of the risk behind the unknown.

With that, she hopes to propel further and become and achieved an unstoppable force in the whole world.

"Yes ma'am! I can't wait to see what would Modern Fantasia be like. Does it contain fantasies I dream of?"

Areia excitedly jumped around with her bubbly pink hair bouncing.

"I think you should hold your horses Areia. Maybe it's not like what you thought of"

"But if I can obtain powers that could enhance my muscles, I guess it'd be worth it to explore the unknown"

Lye buffed his muscles up as though showing his preparation.

"I can't believe that after all these years, I finally can enjoy a new adventure despite living in these old bones of mine"

"What hidden adventures could the world store for us? Just thinking about it boiled blood which I thought to no longer be active"

Old Jack laughed with his eyes determined and clear of his goals.

"Does that mean I can do whatever I want? I've been holding myself back from all this time, does that mean I could unleash the hidden lust within me?"

Fara licked her lips seductively as she thought of unleashing her pent-up frustration.

"Fara, you should be clear about our goals this time and Modern Fantasia doesn't allow you to interfere with the world too much according to the members we sent out to explore"

"There's already news of people being struck by lightning when they tried to murder people of the Modern Fantasia"

Tess exclaimed while adjusting his specs.

"All of you, this isn't any playground to play. Modern Fantasia is a land of stimulation that we have yet to uncover. In this kind of situation, we should at least not let our guard down"

Marco said firmly.

"I agree with Marco's viewpoint. While we possess information government to have yet to uncover, there's without a doubt, Modern Fantasia could seep into our life without our being aware"

"After all, it's a place where the impossible exists"

"With that, I ask of you to be vigilant before we meet up" Leila exclaimed which gathered their attention.

"Happy adventuring to all of you"

She gave a wave of goodbye before logging into that reality.

Seconds after she left, one of them began deconstructing into the essence of light.

[: Data conversion has been completed :]

[: System Lag :]

[: Error - @9%9$)#(@ :]

[: An unknown sovereign locked in the Modern Fantasia has grown its interest in your existence, and your friends who were transported into the sovereigns that were interested in them :]

[: Do you accept the invitation to its realm? If you reject, this opportunity won't show itself again :]

'What in the world is going on? Is this supposed to happen right after logging in?'

Leila became stupefied by the sudden reaction of the system.

Supposedly, she should have teleported into a safe location belonging to the Human Continent according to Intel.

However, an unknown outcome happened.

'So to summarize all of this, it seems like my first time in teleporting has activated a hidden occurrence similar to the existence of a Unique quest?'

Leila recalled from her son that there were a number of times when players received a unique quest despite not performing any noteworthy actions.

'Am I the lucky one?'

'Should I accept it or not? And if I don't, this opportunity won't rise again, but I'm worried whether it's a trap. And the word error doesn't seem like a good omen'

She contemplated with points to judge whether it was a good choice to accept the offer.

To add on, it's suspicious that the tutorial wasn't offered up to her.

Hence, she suspected that there must be something wrong.

However, when she considered Daniel's reveal of the future, she believed she needed to accept this fruitful choice.

Moreover, Sovereign sounds like a title belonging to a person who holds tremendous authority and power.

Otherwise, how could it interrupt the setting of the 'System' and be preserved by the 'Divine' Being is what she thought.

'if this opportunity will grant my wish to come true, then it's worth it to walk through the path of this choice that will be ahead of me'

Leila prepared herself before agreeing, and the next thing she knew was appearing in unknown ruins of the land with broken statues.

At first, she was stunned by the view, but seconds later, she eventually accepted the thought of mysteries filled within the reality of Modern Fantasia.

'Statues? This place doesn't seem like where lives exist'

Leila was captivated by the view as she explored the land, discovering what appeared to be the remnants of a palace.

The surroundings were filled with scattered debris of crumbling walls and floors, revealing the passage of time and the once-grand structure that stood there.

As she ventured deeper into the area, Leila's attention was caught by the presence of statues.

These intricate and weathered sculptures stood as silent witnesses to the history of the palace.

The artistry and craftsmanship of the statues were evident, despite the wear and tear they had endured over the years.

Unable to resist their allure, Leila paused in her tracks, drawn to these magnificent works of art.

Each statue seemed to tell a story, a glimpse into the past and the people who once inhabited this place.

She found herself entranced by their details, admiring the skill and creativity that had gone into their creation.

'This is beautiful' She commented.

Leila took her time, allowing herself to absorb the beauty and significance of the statues.

She marvelled at the expressions on their faces, the intricate carvings, and the emotions conveyed through the stone.

It was as if time stood still at that moment, with the statues evoking a sense of reverence and connection to the history of the palace.

As she continued her exploration, Leila carried the memory of those statues with her, cherishing the profound impact they had on her.

At some point, Leila's eyes were drawn and fixated on a particular statue amidst the ruins, a poignant carving depicting a mother cradling a newborn child, gently wrapped in a cloth.

The statue's age remained unknown, as it had stood there for an indeterminate period of time.

Despite the wear and tear inflicted by the passage of years, its true essence and allure had not been diminished.

The weathered state of the statue had caused its physical beauty to fade, yet its profound meaning and captivating charm endured.

The carving symbolises the timeless bond between a mother and her child, proof of the universal love and nurturing that transcends the limitations of time and physical deterioration.

Leila couldn't help but feel the emotional power emanating from the statue.

It spoke to her on a deeper level, resonating with her own experiences and understanding of the profound connection between a parent and their child.

'Why do I feel sadness from this artwork?'

'Why does my heart beat faster the more I stare at it? Most importantly, why do I feel a sense of familiarity with this artwork?'

Leila sensed a strange emotion rising inside of her, and to satisfy this curiosity she had, she leaned closer towards the statue and touched the statue and felt the coldness of the stone transmitting through her hand.

However, in that instant, she heard an anguished voice of a message being played inside her mind.

'I live for my child, and I gave everything to him. I raised him up and loved him. I live a fulfilling life, and so did he. But why was his life taken by *Err@r*?'

Leila heard a voice within her mind that sounded sorrowful and though she didn't know what happen, she could guess that the mother of the voice lost her child. magic

And it's a pain she's familiar with but never to experience again.

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