Apocalypse Cheater

Chapter 24: Leila Encounter

Chapter 24: Leila Encounter

"Oh human from Earth, do you like the statue you're seeing?"

Suddenly, a feminine mature voice echoed from the hollow hallway of the palace.

Sounds of footsteps could be heard, and when it got closer, it stopped.

Alarmed by the sudden intrusion, Leila turned her body swiftly with the thought of preparing herself against a foe she had no idea of.

However, her eyes widened as she took in the sight of the woman standing before her.

The woman bore a striking resemblance to the statue she had been admiring moments ago, holding a child in her arms.

"Who are you?"

Leila questioned, her gaze scanning the woman's appearance for any clues

The woman's age was unknown, but her size and proportion were 'bigger' than Leila's.

But what makes her appearance strange is her outfit.

She wore clothes that were a mix of white and black, with a visible veil covering her head.

Nevertheless, any man would have their nose bleed if they witnessed how tight and revealing these clothes were.

The woman spoke with a sense of longing and yearning, her voice filled with sadness.

"Who am I?''

''Well, who knows? It's been a long time, to the point where I've forgotten my own name''

''But even time itself couldn't stop my memories from fading."

"The voice in my head...did it belong to you?"

Instead of maintaining silence, Leila preferred to dig out as much information as she could.

Moreover, she couldn't act like she did on Earth since, after all, the mystery of Modern Fantasia is a threat to her.

Hence, she's like a powerless chick roaming around the streets of sharks.

The woman's eyes filled with loss and despair as she stared at the statue.

"Yes, those voices certainly belong to me... the yearning for my child"

"Though it's different from your experience, I still think I could somehow relate to that kind of feeling where it torments and tortures you forever''

''The memories of your loved ones crying for your name were deeply buried into your mind and I couldn't sleep at night because of that"

Leila looked up at the sky, memories of Daniel flooding her thoughts.

She realized how fortunate she was that Daniel had given her a chance, and she resolved to change for the better, solely for him.

Her words and thoughts caught the interest of the woman and it triggered something unexpectedly.

"Yes...the words you said are definitely accurate''

''I guess you didn't catch my interest for no reason at all''

''I would prefer to spend the whole day conversing with you, but I don't have much time in maintaining this realm, especially breaking the rules"

"But this wouldn't be our last encounter, Leila Bell''

''In the meantime before our next encounter, I'll give you this as a favour, and if you can pass this first trial, then, you will be worthy enough to undergo the next trial"

Before Leila could question the woman's decision, the surroundings began showing cracks from the inner void.

And eventually, she was brought back into Modern Fantasia without any problems.

[: Error has been solved :]

[: You have teleported into the safe zone in the Human Continent in the city of Goz :]

[: You have triggered and unique hidden quest, Regret of Fulfillment: Trial of Monsters :]

There were too many factors going on for Leila to be absorbed.

Firstly, she encountered a woman perhaps known as a sovereign, and before she could even excavate any info, she returned to the original state.

'This is a little bit weird and sudden of an outcome'

'There are too many questions I have in my mind especially the fact that a Sovereign became interested in me'

'In the first place, what's a sovereign?'

With missing key information, Leila reluctantly gave up on trying to solve the mystery the 'woman' held and instead chose to move forward rather than being chained down by something she had yet to understand.

[: Do you wish to accept the tutorial? :]


Moments after accepting the tutorial, for some reason, she witnesses a visible arrow pointing towards a building.

No doubt this is an effect she has been warned about.

Hence, she followed without any questions.

At the same time, as she walked towards the destination of the location, she immersed herself in this world.

The buildings around her were magnificently built by a combination of great architecture and unparalleled technology.

It raises the question of whether humanity could replicate this kind of technology.

Being told about the truth of this world and the incoming apocalypse, Leila believed that using every card obtained from this world was the best choice.

However, it'll take some time before one day, this technology could be replicated by her organization.

Eventually, she arrived at a building with a logo that speaks about the content of the building.

'Hunter X Guild? Is this the place I'm supposed to arrive at?'

She muttered with lots of thoughts within her mind.

Peeking through the building, she saw versatile kinds of humans and species celebrating through a tavern where the waiters provided beers and food for them.

'Is this the place I'm supposed to be at? It appears to be a rowdy bunch'

Nevertheless, what made her keen on entering the guild was how she widened her eyes the moment the floating title of 'Earth Player' could be seen by some of the people.


As soon as she entered, the guild activate its sound accommodating system to warn the person in charge of a welcome.

"Oh? Another visitor from Earth? Welcome, Player from Earth and you might be curious why you were guided to this guild" magic

"But would you mind spare some time of your own to accompany this old me for a while?" Suddenly, an old man smoking a cigar happily welcomes Leila with warm intentions.

[: Quest has been given :]

[: Tutorial Chapter 1 Part 1: Accompany Axus for some time to hear details and explanations about mechanisms of the world and system :]

[: Reward: +10 Exp, +10 Copper Coin, +1 Beginner Rank E Necklace :]

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