Apocalypse Cheater

Chapter 27: I need more power!

Chapter 27: I need more power!

'I know that for sure my stats surpassed most of the Hunters from Earth'

But this isn't enough'

Even though it can be said that Daniel was the strongest person to ever live with his forbidden fruit powers and he could wreak havoc across Earth, it wasn't still enough.

'This isn't enough to prevent the tragedy that will happen on Earth!'

He was hungry for more power and he wouldn't stop any chances from attaining more. magic

He was even prepared to steal those powers that were obtained by the other Players and he won't hesitate to do so.

'I need more if I want to kill those bastards'

His bloodlust towards his enemies was incomparably strong and it was also the fuel that ignited his urge to grab the ultimate power.

Without those powers, history would repeat once again.

Memories from the events of the future replayed inside his mind.

He could clearly recollect the voices of people crying as buildings were shattered by colossal monsters.

He could remember the fear of monsters ripping apart lands with no effort at all.

At that point, humans were like cannon fodder as their bodies were stomped, crushed or even torn apart by the monsters that took joy in it.

But the memories that overlay his fear and despair were the sacrifice of his mother and loved ones to the point he made an oath to stop the tragedy.

'I know I've still got years before the Apocalypse starts to click, and it's only been Day 2'

'But I can't help but be impatient where an event like that is enough to question whether could I have the power to at least stop it'

Doubts began rising from his chest because the words he thought contained the truth of reality.

After all, even at that point, the human strongest defenders, the Apocalypse Knights, were having a tough time dealing with the monsters of the apocalypse.

To add salt to the wounds, those strongest defenders were even stronger than Daniel at that point.

And he watched how Earth's mightiest heroes fell and it happened right in front of his eyes.

'What's the point of thinking negatively?'

'If I kept these pesky thoughts ruining my beliefs, then how could I know the truth?'

'Only I, myself decide the ending'

He encouraged himself with positive thoughts as he walked across the land known as Danger Zone.

In the Danger Zone, due to the inhabitants of monsters and the influence of their energy, what grew in these lands was a forest that seemed eerie as though it was hunted by vengeful spirits.

With dried and crooked vines around the land, it's land where most Hunters or even Players dared to venture without any preparation.

After all, the Danger Zone isn't famous for its inhabitants of monsters but also for the hazard of traps hidden all around.

Still, Daniel's goal for the next 1 year before embarking on his real journey of attaining powers is to gather as much as cheats as he can.

'The fundamentals of utilizing abilities from the Forbidden Fruits are 2 factors'

'Imagination and Control'

'Imagination is in a way image of a result to which I want it to be'

'On another hand, Control is more of outputting the Oil it needs'

'For example, I could summon a huge pillar of Light, however, the damage output could be controlled by channelling how much of Light Essence I input'

'At the same time, if I remember correctly, the Tutorials will teach the Players about the Usage of Mana, utilizing in a way where we could create sets of attacks or defence without any skills'

'And that method is called 'Nen'

'And in the future, Forbidden Fruits users discovered that they could manipulate and combine the abilities of their fruit and their mana to create a far spectacular and superior of their own Forbidden Fruits Abilities'

'Of course, having said that Light Incarnate grants me immunity to physical damage'

'However, what happens if I could control Light itself into something uncomprehensible?'

'To show that into action, it would be something like this'

In an area where there's not a monster within a hundred meters, Daniel gathered the essence of light within his palms.

To create something that's beyond his understanding, he'll need to input as much essence as he can gather within the palm.

As the sparks of light began gathering, they infused together before forming a small orb within his palms.

Others may be disappointed with the lack of cluster the miniature orb has.

However, few could know the devastating effect this small orb possesses.

No one but Daniel has realized what kind of Light Orb he created. The terrifying deal the orb has is enough to obliterate a mountain.

But other than that, what does this have to do with Nen?

The answer to this question would be how Nen has different forms and types.

With each discovery and hidden powers lurking around Modern Fantasia, there isn't any day without discovering different combos of power.

In this case, by utilizing one own's mana, one could diversely operate it in their own way.

Whether through attacks, enhancement towards objects or even creating a submissive aura.

So, the answer to the question is that Daniel in a way amplified the miniature orb by using Nen.

'Mana in a sense is a kind of energy reserved in part of our body'

'It's pure energy that allowed us to execute skills by converting Mana'

'However, Forbidden Fruit Abilities are mysterious enough that even the most high-ranking scientist couldn't discover the secret of it'

'But they had a hypothesis where Forbidden Fruit abilities manipulated the very essence of it'

'Meaning to say, all of the light I control and created is the existence itself, and it's not by converting or exchanging'

'It's a matter of pure essence itself'

'However, here's the question'

'If the essence of Light is pure, what would happen if it communicated with Mana Energy?'

'And the answer to this is just like how some chemistry reacts, both Mana Energy and Light would react, creating devastating effects'

'Nevertheless, the only downside is the consumption of Mana'

'But that isn't a problem for me'

Daniel thought as he stared into the brightness of the miniature orb.

And without any warning or mercy, he threw the orb towards part of the forest.


A massive light pillar exploded and spread towards the surroundings, causing damage beyond measure.

The sound of monster cries could be heard as they panicked and ran away from the danger.

However, the aftermath of the explosion caused a fire to spread all over the affected forest.

What is left from the explosion is obliterated the ground as there was nothing left but burnt ground.

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