Apocalypse Cheater

Chapter 5: Forbidden Fruits

Chapter 5: Forbidden Fruits

Although there were 3 Forbidden Fruits, he could only eat one of them otherwise his soul would burst and he would die in the end.

He has heard countless events where those who were greedy ate 2 Forbidden's Fruits had died as a consequence.

There weren't any solutions to it nor were there any methods in solving this crisis except for the rise of the Zex who appeared with two Forbidden's fruit in power, and he was from Earth.

How he does it nobody knows, but one thing for sure is that he possesses 2 of the most dangerous powers, the Forbidden Fruit of Darkness and Earthquake.

It gave him too much power wherein the end, he became drunk and it required top 'Players', a term in the future to describe humans from Earth, to defeat and kill him.

Eventually, his powers were transferred to nearby fruits and were in the hands of the good.

But this just proves that while there has yet to be a way for it, it's not impossible to obtain 2 Forbidden fruits at the same time.

However, Daniel recalled that there was a pill in the reward and he quickly looked over it only to be horrified by the discovery.

[: Soul Extinguisher Pill - Created by One of the Greatest Alchemists. The effect of this pill is to increase the user's soul strength to handle more than one forbidden fruit :]

[; A Forbidden's Fruit puts stress and strain on the user's body, thus by eating this pill, it'll allow the user to hold more than 1 Forbidden's Fruit. While eating 2 pills is enough, 3 pills are recommended for the soul to be at ease :]

Never would he imagine that his dream of eating 3 Forbidden fruits would come through, and without thinking too much, he ate away those pills before eating the fruits.

Seconds later, another announcement was made.

[: You have obtained Forbidden's Fruit: Immortal Phoenix, do you wish to eat it? :]

[: You have obtained Forbidden Fruit: Light Incarnate, do you wish to eat it? :]

[: You have obtained Forbidden Fruit: Lightning Wrath: do you wish to eat it? :]

[: You have eaten Forbidden Fruit's immortal phoenix and have gained the following abilities. Immortal Phoenix Transformation(S), Phoenix Body(S), and Phoenix Flames (S) :]

[: You have eaten Forbidden Fruit Light Incarnate and have gained the following abilities. Light Manipulation(S), Light Body (S), and Light Creation(S) :]

[: You have eaten Forbidden fruit Lightning Wrath and have gained the following abilities. Lightning Manipulation(S), Lightning Body(S), and Lightning Creation(S) :]

The sound of the prompts was like the sound of heaven ringing inside his ears.

They were the most pleasant sounds he had ever heard, and right now, it would be a blessing if he could roll down on the floor if not for new prompts appearing.

[: You have obtained the weakness against Salt and Holy Powers :]

Trouble could be seen in his expression, but later on, he had hopes for the remaining pills believing that they would cease his weakness.

[: High-Grade Soul Impurities Cleanser - Created and Invented by one of the greatest alchemists. :]

[: The effect of this pill is to clean or remove any impurities hidden within your soul due to the infusion between the souls from Forbidden's Fruits and your body. The Fruits contained a long lost forgotten soul, thus, by eating it, it'll fuse along with your soul. However, the price of it is its weakness :]

Needless to say, he consumed the pills which removed his weakness.

However, upon eating the pills, he suddenly felt dizzy.

'Huh...why am I losing my consciousness...?' He couldn't resist sudden dizziness and fell asleep.

"Wake up o human of Earth"

However, a deep slumbering voice echoed and as he opened his eyes, he discovered that he was in a different place.

"W-Where is this and who are you!"

Daniel pretended to become conscious and wary of the situation. But honestly, he knew who they were.

After all, he had eaten a forbidden fruit before. But he never expected to meet 'them' when it should only happen after he had 'awakened' the fruit.

Nevertheless, all around him were nothing but thrones of emptiness.

There were hundreds of Thrones yet only 3 were seated.

"Who are we? We are nothing but a long-forgotten civilization from far away what you call Modern Fantasia. We're just nothing but a spec of dust sealed within fruits after rebelling against the Divine Beings"

The one who sat on one of the thrones said. Its height was as huge as an 8-floor building and its body was covered by lightning.

Daniel pretended to be nervous and it seemed like this being fell for it.

"Relax o human from Earth. We're here not to hurt you and we can't even hurt you" Spoke another being who was covered by robes of light.

"I never thought that a human would inherit three of our powers one day. Is this perhaps a sign of change?" The being whose body was covered with bluish flames spoke.

"Never mind that. O human, do you wish to inherit our powers?" One of them asked.

"Of course I want to" He answered honestly.

After all, didn't he eat those fruits because he wanted these powers? What a foolish question to ask.

"Then you must have realized that if you inherit our powers, our souls would be fused with yours and do you know what that means?" One of them asked.

"What is it?" Daniel asked back.

"First, I have to explain that the occurrence of us appearing right before you was due to the pills that you ate, which means, if you agree to these changes, then, you'll acquire our 'True Powers" It explained.

"True Powers...?"

"Yes. Our powers don't simply allow you to create something out of nothing, but affect reality as well. The concept might be unfamiliar but you'll understand once you'll taste our power"

"Nevertheless, the changes that you'll face will be your race and our sign of marks"

"If our souls are fused, of course, you'll be in control, but what we prided the most are our existence and our mark. Thus, by leaving our mark on your body, it'd mean that we 'exist' and this mark would be in the form of tattoos. Do you still wish to proceed?"

Although at some point he would awaken the powers, he never thought it would be this early.

"Yes, but what do you all get in exchange?" He knew that some forbidden fruits would aquire some sort of exchange which is why he was curious about what he needed to exchange.


"We...just don't want to be forgotten. We have rebelled and lost...and now, all of us are sealed within the fruits and for our race who prided us on our marks of existence, there's nothing better than to leave a mark that would prove that we once existed"

Although their expressions couldn't be seen, Daniel noticed that they wanted freedom.

"Alright then. Should we proceed then?"

"Alright then. From now on, We, the Beings of Demonia would be one with Daniel Bell, the one who will be a mark as proof of our existence" magic

In an instant, the 3 of them quickly fused with Daniel, and as they fused, Daniel felt great pain.

"Ahhhh!!!" He screamed with his veins popping as tattoos began appearing in three areas of his body.

Even if he was prepared for the pain, he wouldn't get used to it.

There was a small mark of lightning under his left eye, a blue phoenix on his back, and also, a small sparkling light on his left cheek.

It seemed like hours had passed by, but only a second had happened since the infusion and once Daniel regained his consciousness, he was awakened from his consciousness.

'I guess being back from the future has its perks' He thought.

'Nevermind that, let's see what kind of gains I have now'

Name: Daniel Bell

Age: 18

Level: 1

Exp: 0/100

Race: Demonia Hybrid

Class: None

Hp: 5000

Mp: 1000

Str: 310

Def: 250

Int: 340

Luc: 250

Skills: Immortal Phoenix Transformation(S) Phoenix Flames(S), Light Manipulation(S) and Light Creation(S), Strengthening(S), True Light(S), True Immortal Phoenix(S), True Lightning(S)

Passive: Phoenix Body(S), Light Body(S), Lightning Body(S)

Buff: 200% Exp for a week.

Bank: 999 Million Dollars

Diamonds: 9000 Diamonds

Items: Map of Ancient Lands

One of the benefits of eating a forbidden fruit is that it doesn't consume any MP despite its sheer manipulation.

And now, with the healing of a phoenix and manipulations of light and lightning, it can be said, that Daniel is invincible for starters.

And now, with no weakness, he can freely utilize his abilities without any limitations.

'My gain in this town is much more than what I have imagined. And now that I have completed one of my objectives, it's time I should level up in the nearby dungeon this town has'

Daniel looked over his stats before he entered a dungeon nearby just to make sure about the changes.

He has already been aware of the changes especially his race since he knows about it in the future.

The only shock he had was the true power, and it was time for him to explore his powers.

Eventually, he arrived at a dungeon it's famous for leveling up or obtaining rare treasures.

Dungeons are known to be a form of accumulation of mana over some time which is birthed into unfathomable monsters of an endless abyss.

The deeper you go, the more powerful monsters will be and no one has ever reached the end.

But some rumours said deep in the dungeon contained a treasure or wealth beyond man's dream.

However, here's the catch.

Each dungeon reward at the very bottom can only be claimed once. Though the dungeon will remain the same, the rewards at the very bottom can't be claimed again.

Hence, this is a lifetime opportunity for Daniel.

Of course, many would question, wouldn't the natives of this world claim the rewards at the bottom?

This without a doubt is true except that the Divine Beings forbid the natives to enter the dungeon.

It's a strange reason, but one must know that the dungeons appeared only when humans from Earth began appearing.

And it's not uncommon to find dungeons everywhere.

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