Apocalypse Cheater

Chapter 8: A Djinn

Chapter 8: A Djinn

[: You have killed 1 Emperor Slime and have obtained 1 Million Exp :]

[: You have killed 150 Heavenly Slime and have obtained 810,000 Exp :]

[: Congratulations, you have levelled up to Level 166 and have obtained 1100 Allocated Stats Points :]

[: Congratulations, you have cleared the last stage of the dungeon, would you like to claim your last rewards? :]

With such rewards from annihilating the horde of slimes from the last stage, his level had increased but this wasn't the main outcome he looked forward to.

It was at the end that he was pretty much invested.

'Is this it? The final rewards contained in the last stage of the dungeon?'

He still finds it hard to believe that the reward lurking in the deep part of the dungeon would be given to him.

After all, it was also one of the most absurd powers to have.

With enthusiasm, he claimed his rewards when a key randomly appeared in the middle of the air.

Knowing its uses, he grasped it, and a golden door manifested at the end of the dungeon.

He walked forward and as he unlocked it, the door opened with creaked noise, revealing mountains of gold coins and other treasures worth the value of a gold coin.

However, the one that attracted his eye the most was a floating flabellum with white feathers.

'Is that the one? The one where everyone called a Weapon Vessel to summon the Djinn to form a contract with?' Daniel thought as he moved closer to the floating object.

A Djinn is a fragment of soul combined with Mana, infused inside a Flabellum as a vessel.

By forming a contract with a Djinn, it allowed the users to withdraw the power of Djinn known as Djinn Equip or Djinn Weapon Equip.

As he grabbed it, a feminine voice echoed throughout the cave.

"Has a warrior finally arrived and claimed the rewards of this dungeon, I, Paimon, created?" It voiced out.

Smokes poured out from the object, forming into a massive woman with pale blue skin, pointy ears, beautiful long silky hair, and a third eye on its forehead.

She has multiple piercings on her ears and some arrays of jewellery around her arms.

Fortunately, her chest was covered up by a rounded white robe that goes all the way down to her pelvis in a V shape.

Once its figure manifested, it gazed towards Daniel with a surprised expression.

"Oh? Despite only some time having passed, it seems like you have achieved quite the strength, haven't you human?"

Paimon lays her body on the ground with her chin playfully resting on her palms while staring at the human with an interested gaze.

"This is quite interesting, it has been quite some time since I have found an interesting master" She smiled seductively.

"Well, since you have cleared the dungeon, it's time I abide by the rules. For clearing the dungeon, do you wish to form a contract with me, human?" She questioned with a smile.

"Yes," He answered without any hesitation.

"Oh? So fast? But I like that" She chuckled.

"To form a contract with Djinn, you'll need to drop blood toward the object and let the rest do its job"

Daniel followed her words and dropped a droplet of blood on the object and immediately, the flabellum formed a star on its handle, signifying the succession of the binding between a Djinn and a human.

[: Congratulations, you're the first to complete a dungeon, you have received a mystery box :]

[: You have formed a soul-binding contract with the Djinn, Paimon, hence, you have obtained Djinn Equip(S), Djinn Weapon Equip(A) :]

Immediately, the Djinn returned to its vessel which was the Flabellum, and somehow, the voice of the Djinn can be heard in Daniel's mind.

'Hmmm, now that I see it, aren't you a bit too powerful for someone who doesn't belong to this world? To add on, you seem eerily calm about us, the Djinns, do you perhaps know something about us?'

Paimon curiously asked.

Her third eye and powers allowed her to see through everything whether it's status or any mimicry.

Her third eye gives her the privilege of seeing through an existence, to be precise, a person's soul.

She could pierce through Daniel's soul, and her discovery terrified her.

Deep inside his soul contained 3 Souls that belonged to the 'Demonia', an existence that she's 'familiar' with that thought to be extinct and long existed before she was 'brought' into this world.

Paimon or Djinns is an existence that has existed for countless years.

The knowledge and wisdom they have accumulated are priceless which is why those who have obtained Djinns powers gained a priceless treasure.

But in the first place, what is a Djinn? And why does someone like Paimon remain inside a vessel?

Daniel knew the answers to it all which is why he didn't panic despite Paimon using her abilities on him.

*** magic

Knowing that Djinns can transmit their thoughts through their master, Daniel remained calm by this.

'...' He remained silent not knowing whether he should tell the truth or not.

By telling her the truth, he could gain her trust and furthermore, with them being on contract that would mean that none of them could betray each other.

'Aren't you guys one of the 'Beings' that sided with the Sovereigns in rebelling against the Divinity Beings?' He revealed.

'Hahahaha. So you knew it after all mortal? That's interesting. How did you even know about it? It's impossible for you who belonged from another planet to know about it'

Paimon couldn't believe her ears and what was even more unbelievable was how could the mortal knew about it.

It was an event that happened millions of years ago, and now, their existence was just a fairy tale.

'How did I know? I guess you will find out in the future Daniel didn't reveal the reason because soon, the truth will be revealed.

'You're an interesting human and I guess I have contracted with a fascinating human' Paimon was delighted that this time, her contracted human would be intriguing.

'I'll take that as a compliment' He smiled.

'Alright then human. You've got what you wanted and although I would love to accompany you more than anything, I need to rest inside your body'

'After all, it's been who knows how long I've been contracted and my energy has run out to maintain my form'

'Well if you have any questions, you can call me though I doubt I would answer'

It was Paimon's last thoughts before she disappeared inside Daniel's body and he couldn't help but chuckle.

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