Apocalypse: Infinite Evolution Starts from Attribute Allocation

Chapter 171 - 171: It Has Broken Through!

Chapter 171: It Has Broken Through!

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Capital Base City.

Wang Ye looked at the tsunami and sighed.

The disaster of the ocean had erupted.

The target was the White Eagle Federation, which was plagued by disasters.

Before this, the White Eagle Federation had been attacked by monsters and demonic humans. At this point, they were no longer able to resist the terrifying tsunami and the sea monsters.

Sea monsters ten times the number of a land monster siege were attacking the base city, razing the city to the ground in an instant.

It was simply unstoppable.

Even if Barbara, who had yet to recover from her injuries, appeared, it would be of no use.

Led by five super monsters, the endless hell-level monsters and nightmare-level monsters devoured the base city.

They were crushed!

Even if Death God Nante was around, he wouldn’t be able to stop this violent attack.

There were too many monsters!

“What do you guys think?” The head chief looked at Wang Ye and Lin Yuewei.

The two were the current decision-makers in Huaxia, and they complemented each other.

Especially Wang Ye, who had already grown into the true leader of Huaxia and was the pillar of the country.

“It’s completely different from the previous sea monster sieges,” Lin Yuewei said.

“The scale is too huge.” Wang Ye watched the entire video three times. “If it happened in our base cities, we wouldn’t be able to stop it either. The number of monsters is shocking, and with a natural disaster like the tsunami, it would be a fatal blow to ordinary people.”

It wasn’t that sea monster sieges had never happened before. This was especially so for those island nations, which were basically destroyed by the sea monsters.

But normally, it was only slightly larger than a land monster siege, unlike this time, which was almost ten times larger!

Who could stop this?

Unless all the people were soldiers… But that was unrealistic.

“This might be a signal. We have to be prepared in advance. Disaster happens in an instant,” Lin Yuewei said to the head chief. “There’s no time to defend against it.”

The head chief nodded. “I’ll arrange for the monitoring of the sea surface and prepare for the evacuation of the three major base cities near the ocean.”

That included the Capital Base City, Eastern Base City, and South Base City.

“Attacks of this level are usually organized and premeditated. There’s either a demon-type super monster behind it or a stronger cosmic monster commanding it,” Wang Ye said.

“Cosmic Monster N0.3?” Lin Yuewei reacted quickly.

One of the three most powerful cosmic monsters, the Sea King Merman. It was also the most difficult to deal with.

Wang Ye nodded. “It’s too much of a coincidence. First, there was a calamity-level storm at its location. Now, its location overlaps with cosmic monster No. 7. Then, there’s a sea monster attack. It’s hard to not associate them together.”

“From the moment cosmic monster N0.3 descended until now, there have been almost no monster attacks. It had always been roaming freely in the ocean,” Lin Yuewei said.

“That’s because it is a demon-type super monster, possessing intellect that is not inferior to humans, unlike the savage behemoths who only know destruction and slaughter. There must be something fishy with this sudden operation,” Wang Ye said.

“What are your plans?” Lin Yuewei knew Wang Ye too well. Her crescent-moon-like eyes raised slightly.

“I’ll go meet it.”

And kill a few super monsters while he was at it!

It would be a waste to not reap the potential points that came to his doorstep.

[Level 4 behemoth killed.]

[Potential Points: 129400—>133400.]

Light flashed in front of Wang Ye’s eyes.

In the ruins of a base city, he only found two super monsters. The others had already retreated.

Unlike the monsters on land, the monsters in the sea basically did not like to live on land.

Therefore, the best way to resist a sea monster siege was to stay away from the sea.

“I don’t have many potential points left.” Wang Ye headed straight for Peace Ocean, where cosmic monster No. 3 was located.

He now had 130,000 potential points, of which 100,000 was reserved for talent acquisition. The remaining 30,000 was only enough for him to level up a perfection ability spell by three stages.

He now had a lot of knowledge about cosmic monsters.

The three demon race cosmic monsters were all dead.

Apart from the Australian Tree Demon, there were five other cosmic monsters. Three were demons. They were the N0.3 Sea King Merman, No.4 Orochimaru, and No.7 Conger Eel Demon. All demons had intelligence.

Even though cosmic monster No. 2, Giant Ape, had terrifying strength, it was only a behemoth.

No.10 Ocean Crocodile was nothing.

No.3 Sea King Merman was very smart.

It had passed by Huaxia before and was extremely close, but it did not cause any damage. It was obvious that it was afraid of Yao at that time.

That was why the sea monster siege this time was very strange.

Could it be that the Death God Nante was a pushover?

Coupled with the strange phenomenon that had happened before, Wang Ye wanted to know what had happened to it.

As for the strength of the cosmic monsters, he was no longer afraid.

Back then, Death God Nante was able to kill the Great Devil by himself.

Right now, he could also kill any cosmic monster by himself.

As long as he wasn’t targeted by the red light…

Wang Ye flew at an extreme speed. magic

Along the way, he killed another behemoth.

The more compatible one’s body was with the world’s environment, the higher one’s life level was, and the greater the cosmic energy in one’s cells was, the faster one’s speed would be.

Thus, New Star lifeforms could already travel in the cosmic and replenish themselves with cosmic energy. Still, they couldn’t last long because their bodies would eventually be consumed.

Only by surpassing the New Star Lifeform and becoming a Cosmic Lifeform would one become a part of the cosmic and be able to survive in the cosmic while not even needing an evolution technique.

This had been Xueling’s original plan.

After breaking through to become a Cosmic Lifeform, she had planned to leave Blue Planet and look for an opportunity.

Unfortunately, she was caught by the red light.

“I’m getting closer.” As Wang Ye approached his target, he suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of danger.

He let out a soft gasp in his heart and gradually slowed down.

Could it be that he had made a wrong guess?

Was the Sea King Merman stronger than the Great Devil?

Suddenly- –


The waves surged, and a ten-meter-tall sea tornado appeared on the originally calm surface of the sea. It contained boundless cosmic energy and instantly enveloped the area.

Gravity Spell!

Wang Ye resisted the strong suction force and flew out of the sea tornado.

Still, the overwhelming waves engulfed him.

Wang Ye used the Materialization Spell, and an invisible barrier blocked the waves.

He instantly unsheathed the Golden Horn Sabers, and with a boom, saber energy exploded, shattering the waves. He used the powerful force to escape.

“The Sea King Merman!” Wang Ye could already see the other party from afar.

The other party had a fish’s tail and a human’s body. Its curves looked graceful and smooth, and it was impossible to see where the separation point was.

Its long green hair cascaded and covered the shells on its chest. It opened its hands and gathered the water elements. The entire ocean seemed to be under its control.

Its aura was too powerful, far surpassing the Great Devil!

Not only that, the Sea King Merman gave off a special feeling. It was as if it was a part of this world.

It was completely integrated into the ocean, and there was no distinction between them.

“It can’t be?” Wang Ye suddenly had a shocking thought.

But that was impossible!

Chi, chi, chi!

Water arrows shot into the air. The Sea King Merman didn’t give Wang Ye any time to think.

The fast and extreme attacks were like moving cannons. The powerful energy contained in the water arrows was sharp and endless.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wang Ye quickly blocked them.

Every time he clashed with the water arrows, it was as if he was fighting against True Demon Owl, and the pressure was extremely strong.

It far surpassed Fire Phoenix, which was known as the world’s strongest ability user.

Nine Qi Saber Control Technique!

Wang Ye’s two sabers struck out abruptly, and two streaks of saber energy headed straight for the Sea King Merman.

In an instant, a sparkling shield appeared, blocking the saber energy. A pleasant sound of nature suddenly sounded in Wang Ye’s ears, shocking his soul and inexplicably attracting him.

The Cat Eater Bracelet on his left wrist lit up.


Wang Ye used the Soul Tremble Spell on himself and quickly snapped out of it.

A huge waterspout appeared once again!

In the middle of the water tornado, a thick and powerful electric current shot into his body.

The Conger Eel Demon!

Explosive Spell!

Wang Ye’s combat energy exploded.

Limit break skill, All Around!

Layers of ability shields protected him. He focused his mind, and in an instant, the wonderful song appeared again, shaking his psyche.

As Wang Ye shouted, his saber energy exploded.

The attack landed heavily on the Conger Eel Demon that was ambushing him. At the same time, he cut a path out of the water tornado and flew out.

Whoosh! He shot straight into the sky.

The water arrows below were still chasing after him, but they were instantly blasted away by the saber energy.


Wang Ye didn’t hesitate.

Although the exchange just now had only lasted for an instant, he had already understood a lot.

First of all, cosmic monster No. 3 and cosmic monster No. 7 had indeed joined forces.

The fact that two demon-type cosmic monsters were gathered spoke volumes.

But the biggest problem was the Sea King Merman. It was too strong!

Aside from the sound of nature, its control over elements, power, and the cosmic energy it unleashed was the strongest Wang Ye had ever seen.

In front of the other party, Fire Phoenix was just a child who had just learned to walk.

Moreover, its body and aura had completely integrated into the world and the ocean!

Scenes and visions appeared in his mind.

Wang Ye came to a shocking conclusion: The other party had broken through!

“No way!” In the video, Lin Yuewei was like an emoticon.

“It can’t be wrong. Its ability is compressed and condensed,” Wang Ye said seriously. “Its elemental control far exceeds that of the Conger Eel Demon. Its attack power is so strong that it’s difficult to approach it. It has definitely broken through the limits and become a true Cosmic Lifeform!”

The cosmic level!

The pinnacle level 9 monsters, who were known as cosmic monsters, were actually still one step away from reaching the final step.

Now, the first cosmic monster had finally broken through!

“What should we do?” Lin Yuewei frowned.

A cosmic monster at the peak of level 9 was already terrifying enough.

And now, a cosmic monster had surpassed the limits!

“Don’t worry. It has only achieved a breakthrough in its life level. Its battle prowess hasn’t increased by much,” Wang Ye said. “Also, it’s more of an ability user when it comes to fighting. With a chance, we can kill it. It’s just that…”

“Hmm?” Lin Yuewei noticed Wang Ye’s pondering expression.

It’s okay. We’ll discuss it when we get back.” Wang Ye smiled.


The call ended.

Wang Ye let out a long sigh.

The harvest was great!

The Sea King Merman’s breakthrough was nothing.

The other party was at the peak of level 9, to begin with. Five years had passed and it must have been cultivating too.

Unlike behemoths, demons did not need huge amounts of energy to break through. For the other party, it was completely natural.

Although the Sea King Merman was very strong now, it was not invincible.

What really shocked him, no, surprised him pleasantly was… The other party did not trigger the red light mechanism!

Xueling had been taken away by the red light upon becoming a Cosmic Lifeform, yet the Sea King Merman was safe and sound!

There were too many mysteries within this.

As Wang Ye thought about it, his heartbeat accelerated.

His intuition told him that if he could get to the bottom of this critical point, the first hurdle that troubled him… It could hopefully be solved!

Suddenly, his phone vibrated slightly, and he received a message from Xiao Qin.

Lingling had awakened!

“Wait for me, I’ll be right there!” Wang Ye dashed.

Good news came one after another..

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