Banished Disciple's Counterattack

Chapter 1

"Outer disciple Ye Chen breaks hiselixir field and bears no relationship with cultivation anymore. From now on,he is banished from Zhengyang Sect, and never allowed to set his foot onZhengyang Spirit Mountain in the rest of his life."

Inthe great hall, the announcement was said in cold voice, as if it was read byGod, and nobody could disobey his authority.

With the announcement echoing, pale-faced YeChen stood in the middle in the hall, and clenched his fists. Perhaps heexerted so much energy that his nails inserted into his palms and blood flewout.

YeChen's elixir field broke, and he could not cultivate any longer.

Thecorner of Ye Chen's mouth showed a shred of wrath, and his eyes were sorrowful.

Hewent down the mountain to help the sect fetch spirit medicine, but was ambushedby the master hand from the rivalry sect. Ye spent no effort to protect themedicine, narrowly escaped death and returned to the sect. Unfortunately, hiselixir field was beaten broken, and he became a wasted man as result.

Unexpectedly,his loyalty was penniless in the eyes of the superior. They were impatient todrive him out of the sect, treating him as useless trash.

Someonein the hall saw Ye Chen stand still, saying in a bored tone, "Why are you notleaving?"

"Justleave! Your elixir field broke, is there any meaning for you to stay here?Zhengyang Sect never asks any wasted man to stay."

"Havingharbored you for three days, Zhengyang Sect has done all it can for you."

Hearingthe disdainful and harsh words in the hall, Ye Chen felt as though his heart waspunctured by steel needles.

"Thesect placed a chill in my heart!"

Hishoarse voice showed a sense of furiousness. Ye Chen finally raised his stubbornface, looked up at the superior announcer, walked in weak steps and turned awaysilently.

Outsidethe great hall, stood Spirit Mountains and towering old trees. Spiritual energyand clouds permeated, and cranes sometimes flew across clouds. The tranquil placewas truly a wonderland in the mortal realm.

Herewas Zhengyang Sect, a cultivation sect situating in the southern Great ChuEmpire.

However,all of these were lifeless in Ye Chens eyes. He could not help holding his bodytightly and trembling.

"Justas what I say, he has been banished."

Thesecond Ye Chen came outside, some disciples pointed at him, some laughed at himand others sighed.

"Whata pity for senior brother Ye to experience all these. He was nice to us before,how about seeing him off!"

"Thereis no need to do so. We are immortals, but he is nothing."

"Thepresent cannot be compared with the past."

Hearingthe mocks and sighs surrounding him, Ye Chen dropped his head. He wanted toutter something, but swallowed the words when he nearly spoke out, as if histhroat was stuck by fishbone. Like a criminal to be paraded through streets, YeChen was abandoned by the whole world.

Exactly,he was not the former Ye Chen.magic

Nowhe was incapable of cultivating anymore, but a wasted man with abroken elixir field. His past pride vanished completely. Facing ficklehumanity, he could do nothing but endured it silently.


Playfullaughter came from ahead. A disciple in white with a folding fan in hand walkedtowards Ye Chen and looked at him banteringly. "Who is he? It is our seniorbrother Ye!"

YeChen raised his head slightly, and saw the coming person's countenance from thespace of his hair. With a pair of phoenix eyes, that fair-skinned person washandsome, but his light lips were mean.

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