Banished Disciple's Counterattack

Chapter 14

Zhao Long gave vent to Zhang Tao's anger on Ye Chen. Compared with Zhang Tao, Zhao Long was stronger in cultivation base, but also more arrogant.

Zhao Long placed one hand on Ye Chen's shoulder in an instant.

A vital energy rushed into Ye Chen's body and bumped inside blindly.

Ye Chen frowned but remained equable. The spiritual energy spurted out from his elixir sea and blocked out Zhao Long's vital energy.

Zhao Long was astonished to find his vital energy blocked out, but said more jokingly, "Boy, I look down upon you."

"He beat me first. I should not be blamed for." Ye Chen looked indifferently. He could knock down Zhang Tao, and also Zhao Long, who reached the fifth level of Qi Condensation stage. Ye was likely to win if he challenged Zhao Long.

"Very well." Zhao Long clapped his hands and cheered, "I would like to fight with someone pretending to be powerful."

With vital energy flowing in his body, Zhao Long was ready to beat Ye Chen in one fight.

Ye Chen would not show the impression of weakness. As his mind moved, the spiritual energy in Ye Chen's elixir sea rushed out immediately.

The two were about to fight, which attracted other disciples' attention.

"They are going to have a duel!"

"The guy's cultivation base only reaches the first level of Qi Condensation. How can he challenge Zhao Long? Is he mad?"magic

"Are you going to rebel?" The sect elder taking charge of the Task Pavilion yelled at them in dignified voice. "Here is the Task Pavilion, not the place for you to play around. If you want to fight, just go to the Wind and Cloud Podium. Go away!"

Both Zhao Long and Ye Chen were deterred by the sect elder. Zhao restrained himself, and Ye Chen collected his spiritual energy.

"Boy, I will revenge on you one day." Zhao Long smiled coldly, and did not forget to intimidate Ye Chen before he left.

"I am waiting for you." With a cold light flashing in his eyes, Ye Chen turned away, glanced at the stele and took the task card of killing fire wolf, which was not high-ranking.

He left the Task Pavilion after collecting his jade card, and knew it was hard for him to cultivate in tranquility in the following days.

Ye Chen headed toward the foot of the hill.

He visited Zhang Fengnian and Hu Wa while passing the little spiritual garden.

"It is you that warm me and make me understand I have someone to secure." Ye Chen walked down the Spirit Mountain and looked forward to a brighter future. He would work hard for the future and protect the people he cared.

A dozen lis away from Hengyue Sect lay a demonic beast forest, where disciples completed their tasks of killing demonic beasts.

After identifying the direction, Ye Chen fastened the rope tied on Tianque Sword and headed toward the demonic forest.

After an hour, he stopped breathlessly in front of a thick forest—demonic beast forest. It was boundless, with green ancient trees towering inside. Ye Chen could smell the violent and bloody air blowing from the forest.

"I start to work." Ye Chen took a deep breath and stepped into the demonic forest.

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