Banished Disciple's Counterattack

Chapter 17

Ye Chen struggled to crawl into a cave he just found.

After entering the cave, he hastened to take out the storage bag of the old man before adjusting his breath.

The old humpback's collection was abundant.

Ye Chen took out several bottles of spirit liquid and gulped them down without checking other things. In the dangerous demonic forest, he needed to keep his fighting capacity at peak and fuel his dry elixir sea.

He felt refreshed like a cool spring floated in his entire body after drinking up the liquid.

Meanwhile the true flame in his elixir sea was activated and helped Ye Chen to refine the spirit liquid. The refined vital energy rushed into his elixir sea, and color began to return to Ye Chen's pallid face.

After some time, golden vital energy filled in Ye Chen's elixir sea, rolling like waves.

But he had not achieved a breakthrough of the second level of Qi condensation.

"It is hard to progress." Ye Chen opened his eyes and murmured.

Although his cultivation base did not improve, the bottles of spirit liquid helped him become stronger.


Drawing a sigh, Ye Chen cast his look on the storage bag again.

He consumed too much spirit liquid for advancement, and only had four bottles left in the bag. There were also some spirit stones--currencies for cultivators, valuing to five hundred. They could be counted as a small fortune.magic

Except the spirit liquid and spirit stones, dozens of bottles of poison remained in the bag. Ye Chen watched them with a click of his tongue.

"They will be useful someday." He did not destroy the poison in case of use in the future.

Ye Chen continued searching in the bag, and found plenty of low-level spirit tools. Afterwards, Ye Chen found an old book titled the Classic of Beast Wrestle that inspired him.

"Xuan skill." He was so excited for discovering what he lacked most.

What he learned from Zhengyang Sect and Hengyue Sect was the basic energy defending skills and the powerful Rushing Thunder Palm.

Energy defending was the basic skill for cultivators. It could play its effect on battling with normal enemies but not with the strong ones. Powerful as the Rushing Thunder Palm was, it consumed too much energy. What Ye Chen needed most was Xuan skill.

"I get what I long for." He opened the book and began to read immediately.

After reading, Ye Chen found it a book about the movements of Xuan skill. To be more precisely, it instructed you how to wrestle.

The Classic was divided into six chapters, with the former three about the coordination of body parts and latter three about how to coordinate to the practitioner's fullest extent.

The latter three chapters taught true wrestle skills.

It was easy to judge the book to be related with beasts from its name.

The forefather who composed the book must be good at observing. The core of the book originated from beasts. The author understood the movements of beasts well and imitated their actions, such as bringing down the preys, capturing and striking.

Beasts mostly fought hand to hand.

People should learn how to coordinate legs, feet, hands and knees as well as how to exert their energy to their limits from the beasts. As his body became increasingly stronger, Ye Chen would acquire unimaginable effects if he applied those skills.

"How profound it is!" He could not help praising the book, and his understanding of cultivation rose after reading it.

Too many cultivators relied on their vital energy while cultivating. They pursued splendid forms of Xuan skill but ignored wrestle techniques. A lot of cultivators with high cultivation base failed miserably in close fights.

"I have gotten a treasure." Ye Chen laughed loudly, hit the ground, turned his body and bounced high. The essences of the classic were carved in his brain.

Screaming, he threw a punch, turned back, kicked and stroke with his palm. All the movements were accomplished continuously.

Ye Chen speeded up his actions, sometimes he sprang like a wolf brought down a rabbit, sometimes he leapt up as a tiger rose in air, and sometimes he jumped like a monkey bounded. Encompassing the crucial skills of beasts, all his movements were weird.

He did not use his vital energy but the coordination of each part of his body, and digested the profoundness of the classic while stretching his body.

Ye Chen kept practicing for nine shi chens.

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