Banished Disciple's Counterattack

Chapter 19

Twinkling stars were dotted on dark sky.

Shouldering the lady in white, Ye Chen came to the innermost part of the demonic forest and found a hidden cave.

Feeble bonfire burned in the dark cave.

The girl fainted and leaned against the cave wall. She looked miserable with a pallid face. A real cultivator at the virtual spirit stage as she was, now she was a delicate girl needed to be protected.

Ye Chen sometimes glanced at her secretively while transfusing her vital energy.

He was certain that she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

Indulging in appreciating her, Ye Chen did not find himself blush.

"It is so hot here." The lady's murmur interrupted Ye Chen.

Suddenly, she blinked and opened eyes slowly. Ye Chen captured the dim beauty in her eyes. She twisted, with white fingers wandering on her body and tearing her clothes.

"Your ladyship…Please wake up." The girl kissed Ye Chen before he finished the words.

Ye Chen was too stunned to move. The fragrance brought by her tender lips made him feel like being shocked by electricity. Ye Chen was numb in a second.

"Your ladyship." He regained consciousness instantly and pushed the girl away.

"So hot." As the girl whispered again, her soft body touched Ye Chen directly and arms circled Ye's neck. Her tender lips came to Ye Chen's mouth; sometimes she bit it and sometimes licked it.

Ye Chen held her arm and his finger pointed at her impulse.

"Albizia Flower Powder." Frowning, Ye Chen understood why she behaved seductively. Any person poisoned by the powder must consummate his passion; otherwise he would die because of broken meridians.

"Their methods are so obscene." Recalling the three men chasing after the girl, Ye Chen was certain that they poisoned her.


With her body burning, the girl whispered and could not curb the Albizia Flower Powder's spreading. She flushed and rubbed Ye Chen's body, while her tongue invaded in his mouth and stirred inside aggressively.magic

Ye Chen was distracted and could hardly control himself.

The girl's beauty and seductive manner made his mouth dry and speeded up his blood circulation. As an aroma came, Ye Chen was intoxicated by the sweetness in mouth and a desire ignited from his underbelly.


The girl tore her clothes apart and exposed white skin. Every inch of her skin glistened with charming luster. With a pair of misty eyes, she seemed to be unconscious. The poison of the powder aroused her original desire, what she wanted now was Ye Chen.

"Give to me. Give to me." Her cool and soft hands rived Ye Chen's clothes, as the slim fingers wandered on Ye Chen's thick chest.

Now, no normal man could resist such a temptation.

Ye Chen's face reddened all over, and his body burned in a blazing fire, as his penis erected.

"Are you testing me?" Ye Chen swung his head and hoped to be clear-headed, but could not escape from his desire.

The bonfire flickered in the dark cave.

It was a sleepless night. There destined to be a storm in this cave.

At the moment, a flock of uninvited guests came to the little spiritual garden.

"Old man, hand the boy to me." Zhang Tao led a group of disciples to revenge without complete recovery. His face was demonic at night.

"And the Spell of Heaven Spirit, I want them both."

"He has left. I don't have the spell either." Zhang Fengnian was black and blue all over his body and too weak to speak.

"You don't yield even before death. Hang them!" Zhang Tao's roars could be heard everywhere, and the little spiritual garden became noisy. "The little bastard and the bird, hang them."

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