Banished Disciple's Counterattack

Chapter 30

He sliced Zhao Long's neck by the dagger. If Ge Hong came closer, Ye Chen would end Zhao Long's life.

The disciples under the podium felt their hearts jump to throats. How dare Ye Chen was! He provoked a chief master.

"Are you threatening me?" Gazing at Ye Chen, Ge Hong asked gruffly.

"You're too exaggerated. I told you that we agreed to gamble on our lives and Zhao Long must die. If you ask me to release him and take him away, I can comply with your request. But it is up to your sincerity. I have yielded an inch, but if you insist on taking my life, I have no other choice but to die with Zhao Long."

Ye Chen sliced Zhao Long's neck again.

Ye Chen was ready to risk everything. As a saying went, fortunes were sought in dangers. He did not want to truly end Zhao Long's life, and nor did he long for dying. Now that Ye Chen already made Diyang Peak his enemy, he desired to profit the most from Zhao Long. He could not release Zhao Long without gaining anything.magic

But if Ge Hong did take his life, Ye Chen would end Zhao Long's life first.

Actually, Ye Chen was gambling. If he won, he could obtain some fortunes, if lost, he would die without a burial place.

Now it was deathly silent, and even the heart beat could be heard.

"Master, help, help!" Zhao Long's yell broke the silence. Frightened, he knew Ye Chen would kill him. If Ge Hong ended Ye Chen's life, he would die with him together.

"Chief master, what do you think?" Ye Chen smiled, "The bet was agreed between Zhao Long and me. Do you really want to take my life in front of all the disciples? As a ruler of a peak, please do not ruin your bright future for my sake. Besides, Zhao Long is your loving disciple, and it is not worthwhile for him to die with me. "

"Ye Chen, do you know what your act means?" With a sullen face, Ge Hong answered coldly.

"Of course, I do. But I don't care."

"I will send you to death in advance." Ge Hong looked gruffly and strode to Ye Chen, intending to kill him.

As his eyes darkened, Ye Chen said to himself that he probably lost the game this time.

However, now a disembodied voice came from a palace situating somewhere innermost, "Ge Hong, murdering disciples is felony. Are you challenging the regulation of our sect?"

Hearing the words, Ge Hong stopped.

He looked at somewhere with a poker face, "Daojie, it is Ye Chen that wants to end my disciple's life first. Do you want me to stand by? You cover up Ye Chen's evil deed deliberately?"

"Cover up his evil deed?" Again came the disembodied laughter, "Ye Chen and Zhao Long agreed to gamble on their lives on the podium. How can you say Ye Chen murders your disciple? How could I shield Ye Chen? He has yielded an inch, and you can save your disciple as long as you are genuine. Is there any need to kill him? Losing is no disgrace, and the most important is to be a good loser."

The voice stopped and then continued coldly, "You lose face after losing the battle and want to kill the winner. Do you think I am blind?"

"You…" Speechless as Ge Hong was, he had no way to vent his rage and almost injured internally.

What the voice narrated was truth.

Ge Hong had no right to bother about the bet.

The man to be blamed was Zhao Long, who was too confident and agreed to bet his life.

After being lectured, Ge Hong collected himself. He was certain that if now he murdered Ye Chen, Zhao Long would die ahead of Ye.

Besides, Ge Hong applied himself in developing Zhao Long. If he died, Ge's loss would outweigh the gain.

Contemplating for a while, he decided to suppress his anger and regained composure. Ge Hong took out a storage bag from his sleeves and tossed it to Ye Chen.

As the storage bag flew to him, Ye Chen felt a shaft of strong and dark energy from the bag. Blocking it away by the sword, he was likely to be hurt by it if catching the bag by hands.

"What a sly man he is!" Ye Chen cursed Ge Hong secretively.


Tianque Sword buzzed when the bag hit it.

Although Ye Chen defended himself from being harmed by the bag, he was shattered backwards and vomited blood.

"You will pay for what you have done." Taking away Zhao Long, Ge Hong left like a breeze just as he came. But his cold voice still permeated in the sky.

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