Banished Disciple's Counterattack

Chapter 8

After reading the letter, the Sect Elder Qingyi passed it to the three chief masters, and smiled, "Senior brothers, the little friend named Ye Chen was introduced by Zhang Fengnian. I would like to ask you to discuss Ye's master selection. Who is willing to be Ye Chen's master? Please give Zhang Fengnian a face. "

"Oh? Zhang Fengnian rarely recommends disciples to us." The letter passed through the three's hands, and they began to look Ye Chen up and down.

"How old are you?" Big-bellied Zhong Laodao gazed at Ye Chen.

"Sixteen years old."

"Sixteen." Zhong raised his eyebrows, "A sixteen-year-old cultivator only reached the first level of Qi condensation. Your talent is so…"

Coughing and standing up, he patted his big belly, "Eh, I have something to handle in Tianyang Peak and need to leave now."

With his words unfinished, plump Zhong ran quickly out of the hall, fearing to be dragged by Sect Elder Qingyi and to take Ye Chen as his disciple.

Ge Hong stood up with hands on his back after Zhong left, and cast a glance at Ye Chen with scorn. " Diyang Peak never wants a wasted man."

Ge left the hall as well.

The Sect Elder Qingyi had to fix his eyes on Immortal Qingyang, "Senior brother Qingyang, please give me a face and take Ye Chen as your disciple."

Immortal Qingyang frowned, and shook his head slowly, "Junior brother Qingyi, the gap between his level and the demand of Renyang Peak is huge. His talent is too poor to enter Renyang Peak. Sorry, I cannot comply with your request."


"I have other matters to deal with and need to leave." Immortal Qingyang rushed out with a flick of sleeves.

Three chief masters left one after another. Their intentions that all of them refused to take Ye Chen as disciple were obvious.

It was not hard for Ye Chen to understand. How unbelievable it was that a sixteen-year-old cultivator only arrived at the first level of Qi condensation. They would be laughed at if they could not instruct such a poor-talented disciple well.

Would they return and compete for Ye Chen if they learned his talent?

Seeing three chief masters leaving one by one, Sect Elder Qingyi looked embarrassed.

He coughed and looked at Ye Chen with a smiling face, "Little friend, are you willing to be an intern disciple?"

"It is all right. Maybe I will be a regular disciple one day. "

"Very well." From his sleeves, Sect Elder Qingyi took out a white jade card with vital energy lingering around his fingertips and carved 'Ye Chen' on it. He passed the card to Ye, and smiled, "Little boy, this is your jade card."

Except the card, Sect Elder Qingyi also took out an encapsulated jade bottle, from which Ye Chen smelled the scent of medicine. Undoubtedly, inside the bottle was the spirit liquid assisting cultivation.

"Interns do not have access to robes or cultivation methods of our sect. There is only one bottle of jade spirit liquid for you."

"Thank you, sect elder." Ye Chen answered and received the spirit liquid. It did not matter whether he had a robe or not.

"All right, now you can go to the Spirit Tools Pavilion to fetch one tool!" Patting Ye's shoulder, Sect Elder Qingyi smiled and said tenderly as if he were Ye's peer, "Little boy, work hard! I will see your performance in three months."magic

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