Banished Disciple's Counterattack

Chapter 9

Ye Chen left Jiuqing Pavilion and came to the Spirit Tools Pavilion according to the guide.

The guard of the Spirit Tools Pavilion was a stout sect elder with a pair of small eyes hardly could be seen. With rolls of fat jiggling, he looked like a Maitreya Buddha with a bare chest.

Disciples in Hengyue Sect all called him Zhou Dafu.

"Sect elder." Ye Chen bowed respectfully, seeing Zhou Dafu lying in a sling chair drowsily.

"Little boy, I have never seen you before." With eyes concentrating, Zhou Dafu sat up, glanced at Ye Chen and looked him up and down.

Presenting his jade card, Ye Chen said, "I am the new intern disciple. Sect elder Qingyi asked me to select one spirit tool here."

Zhou took the jade card, turned it over and tossed it back to Ye Chen. Shaking his hands, Zhou Dafu lay in the sling chair again, and replied,"You just go inside and select one tool! But intern disciples can only select the spirit tools stored on the first floor. Don't slip into the second floor secretly."


Ye Chen entered the Spirit Tools Pavilion after putting away his jade card.

The first floor of the pavilion was several thousand square zhang and large enough to store miscellaneous weapons. Each spirit tool glistened like a flaming flower that brightly blazed.

"Not surprisingly, the weapons are inferior." Ye Chen was slightly disappointed, because he could only select those poor spirit tools from the first floor.

Bearing that in mind, Ye Chen lifted a saber with a ghost-like handle, but shook his head and murmured, "It is too light."

He dropped the saber and picked up a spirit sword. Even though the sword was sharp, Ye Chen put it back.

He kept selecting weapons and putting them back, like someone went to a supermarket to buy vegetables. After hanging about for a while, Ye Chen was satisfied with none of those weapons, which he never glimpsed at in the past. But the good old days were gone. Now he had no other choice but to choose one from those inferior tools.

He did not make up his mind to pick a weapon after strolling on the first floor.

However, the true fire in his elixir sea flickered. A flame as slender as a hair was divided from the true fire and flew out of Ye Chen's body.magic

Astounded Ye Chen rushed to follow the flame and came to a stone podium, on which lay a black iron sword. Maybe having stayed there for a long time, the sword was dusty. The flicker of true fire twined it.

The sword was in Ye Chen's hand when he was stunned. He wanted to examine the spirit tool chosen by the true fire.

But he underestimated the sword's weight, and could not carry it in a breath.

"It weighs at least 200 jin." Ye Chen estimated the weight of the sword. It was difficult for a normal disciple to carry such a heavy sword. Lifting it would consume all one's vital energy. If a cultivator fought with others with the sword, he would be exhausted before defeat. It was not hard to imagine why it lay here for a long time without being noticed.

But Ye Chen was increasingly interested in the sword due to this.

"Run the vital energy slightly." Ye Chen picked up the sword and blew off the dusts on its surface.

He felt vicissitude of times from the sword and saw two characters—Tianque engraved on its handle.

"Tianque." Ye Chen whispered and looked closely at the sword.

It was not edged yet, but much wider than normal spirit swords. He could not judge its material, but noticed many ancient obscure characters carved on its heavy body.

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