Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3596: Healing Pills

Chapter 3596: Healing Pills

“That is indeed the case. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have struggled to believe it as well. After all, at Immortal Emperor, lower level God Tier pills and heavenly resources become useless. As a result, I struggle to imagine just what wondrous item can have such a great effect that it can heal all the injuries on an Immortal Emperor instantly.” Daoist Master Shangqing sighed in amazement. He closely recalled the sight when Jian Chen made a full recovery and added, “And, back then, I didn’t seem to see Chang Yang ingest any heavenly resources. His healing did not seem to be a result of some kind of heavenly resource.”

“Not a heavenly resource?” Daoist Master Shangqing’s ancestor frowned slightly. At the moment, he seemed to lose interest in the other two battles as well. His eyes were fixed on Jian Chen’s projection.

“Let’s take a look then. Chang Yang will definitely be injured in his battle against that kid from the Immortal Sect of Vicissitude. Let’s see whether his wounds really heal as miraculously as you described it,” said the ancestor of Daoist Master Shangqing.

Many people in the Observance Heaven City paid attention to the battle for the top three places. At this moment, many Immortal Emperors that had become Thousand Immortal Generals also paid close attention from the general’s estates scattered through the city.

Three of the commanders sat on their thrones in their commander’s estates and also watched the three battles.

That was because some of the six fighting Immortal Emperors also belonged to their organisations. They were either their juniors or came from the same organisation.

Ye Beifeng was the most nervous one among the three commanders. He stared straight at Ye Qingyun as if he was afraid that Ye Qingyun would be defeated.

Whether Qingyun can emerge victoriously in the end and earn the post of the Thousand Immortal General will directly affect whether he can reach Immortal Exalt or not. Qingyun, you better not disappoint me.” Ye Beifeng prayed to himself.

At the same time, the city lord of the Observance Heaven City, Jiang Pingtian, sat in his throne calmly within his city lord’s estate. He scanned the six Immortal Emperors across the three battlefields. His gaze was deep.

That was not his main body but a clone condensed from a wisp of the power of his soul.

His main body was cultivating in the sacred land of the Observance Heaven City. He had specially condensed a soul clone to spectate the battles between the six.

Five of these six people have already had their identities verified. Only the origins of the kid called Chang Yang are unknown. He managed to make it so far with his strength as a Sixth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor. Don’t tell me the junior that the master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets told me to look out for was Chang Yang?

In the end, Jiang Pingtian turned his gaze towards Jian Chen and guessed to himself.

The master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets gave me a high quality god artifact that day. The high quality god artifact came from the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants. Coincidentally, a great elder from the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants perished a few years ago, which led to the loss of a high quality god artifact. The people behind the current sect master of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens are suspected to be behind his death. In the end, the lost high quality god artifact ended up in the hands of the master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets and was used to exchange for Jiang Shaoyi’s post as a Thousand Immortal General.

To be bold enough to use a high quality god artifact to exchange for a Thousand Immortal General’s post, that means this person is extremely confident in claiming the post for himself, or he would not go to such great lengths. As a result, the person must be one of the six.

During the matches this time around, there were a total of three byes, yet Chang Yang ended up receiving all three of them. Being able to miss out on fighting whenever possible is definitely not a matter of luck alone. Instead, the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City must have been behind it.

Jiang Pingtian furrowed his brows even more. Then he recalled how the master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets had told him to take good care of the person who had offered up the god artifact, which left him with even more doubts. “The master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets treasures him, such that even the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City assists him secretly. What exactly are Chang Yang’s origins? And what relationship does he have with the current sect master of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens?

“Chang Yang, show me your true strength. It’s impossible for you to be this weak since you defeated Immortal Emperor Li Shan and Daoist Master Shangqing. If you keep hiding your strength, your injuries will only grow worse.” On the battlefield, the high quality god artifact spear in Zhou Dan’s hand erupted with devastating power and launched Jian Chen far away yet again.

By now, Jian Chen had already sustained unimaginably heavy injuries. He was covered in horrifying wounds with many holes through his entire body.

However, with the strength of Chaotic Force, he still maintained a relatively high level of battle prowess despite his extremely severe wounds. magic

Jian Chen said nothing in response to Zhou Dan. In the next moment, he instantly appeared before Zhou Dan through the Laws of Space and unleashed Chaotic Force and the Laws of the Sword at the same time, launching a resplendent streak of light at Zhou Dan, which forced him to use his spear to fight back.


Jian Chen was knocked away by Zhou Dan’s counterattack once again, giving him another vicious injury.

“Chang Yang, you can’t last much longer. Since you refuse to use your true strength, then our battle ends here,” Zhou Dan called out and directly used a God Tier Immortal Technique.

He wielded a high quality god artifact, so each attack depleted a substantial amount of energy. If he continued like this, it would take a severe toll on him, which was why he used a God Tier Immortal Technique without hesitation. He wanted to end it quickly and earn more time to recover.

Immediately, the tremendous might of the world suddenly descended. The spear in Zhou Dan’s hands turned into a black streak of light, swallowing Jian Chen instantly with surging might that was even enough to make Immortal Exalts pale.


The sky exploded. Terrifying energy shockwaves turned into a devastating storm that swept through the battlefield, devouring everything in the surroundings.

After using the God Tier Immortal Technique, Zhou Dan stood with his spear in hand. His face was slightly pale, clearly quite tired.

“It’s impossible for your Chaotic Body to stop my God Tier Immortal Technique unleashed through a high quality god artifact. However, with the protection of the Observance Heaven City’s power, you won’t die no matter what happens to you. Even in the worst-case scenario, your soul will be preserved,” Zhou Dan said indifferently towards the space that had been swallowed by energy. He immediately fished out some God Tier pills from his Space Ring and swallowed several medium grade pills for recovery.

At that moment, an uproar erupted in the Observance Heaven City. Many immortals spectating Jian Chen’s battle snorted in contempt towards Chang Yang.

“It’s just like what I said. How can someone who only made it so far through luck serve as senior Zhou Dan’s opponent?”

“I didn’t think Chang Yang would be defeated so easily. I even thought he could last a few days.”

“I’m broke! I wagered a thousand years worth of salary on Immortal Emperor Chang Yang’s victory. If he loses, then I’m in for a huge loss too.”


However, before everyone could say too much, a streak of light shot out from the storm of energy with a flash, rushing straight towards Zhou Dan.

Zhou Dan’s expression changed slightly. He directly swept out with his spear and shattered the attack.

Jian Chen emerged from the storm of energy. He was covered in blood and had countless wounds. Just looking at him was enough to cause chills.

“Sure enough, the Chaotic Body lives up to its reputation. You’re already so injured, yet you’re still not dead. However, you’re still not my opponent. I’d like to see just how long you can last,” Zhou Dan said sternly.

“I’ll definitely last longer than you.” Jian Chen grinned. With a flip of his hand, he took out a God Tier pill brimming with vitality and swallowed it in a single gulp.

In the next moment, a dense green light lit up on his body. His wounds actually closed up at an unbelievably rapid rate.

In just five seconds, all of Jian Chen’s injuries had vanished without even a scar remaining.

Zhou Dan was frightened by the terrifying healing rate. He stared at Jian Chen in disbelief and cried out, “What is that pill? How can it possess such terrifying healing powers?”

“The healing effects are so impressive that even Immortal Exalts would treasure such a pill and treat it as a life-preserving measure, yet Chang Yang has just wasted it like that. It’s not worth it.” The ancestor of Daoist Master Shangqing was surprised as well in the Observance Heaven City.

“Ancestor, Chang Yang is putting on an act. What healed him wasn’t some pill at all, but something else. He’s trying to deceive everyone,” said Daoist Master Shangqing.

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