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Chapter 358 - 358: Ancient Beast Space Eagle

Chapter 358: Ancient Beast Space Eagle

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The Heaven Trapping Finger was used again. The Giant Spirit Turtle’s body was heavily injured, and black blood instantly gushed out.

Looking at the Giant Spirit Turtle that had already lost its life, Lin Bai sighed.

“The vitality of this giant beast is really tenacious!”

As he spoke, he arrived at the Giant Spirit Turtle’s nest.

“Yes, Master, it’s here!” Chandalos said excitedly.

When Lin Bai shattered the stone wall with a punch, he immediately saw a small sapling with a diameter of two meters. It was called the Giant Spirit Tree.

If it could be cultivated into a fruit, it could increase the user’s defense.

“Although I didn’t find the Universe Spirit Marrow, this thing isn’t bad!”

Lin Bai pulled out the Giant Spirit Tree and the surrounding soil and placed them into the transcendent-grade Spatial Crystal.

This was a gift from Star Ocean Great Emperor. On one hand, it could help him open up a Small World, and on the other hand, it could speed up the cultivation of spiritual herbs and plants.

“The shell of this Giant Spirit Turtle is not bad either.”

Just as Lin Bai was about to peel off the turtle shell, the sky in the distance suddenly turned bright red.

Even though he was thousands of kilometers away, he could still see it clearly.

“Eh? Lin Bai, there might be two space beasts fighting over there. Go and take a look,” Great Expansion Desolate Master suddenly said.


There were usually two reasons for the space beasts to fight each other:

treasure snatching and territory fighting.

The primitive planet was vast, and the giant beasts basically guarded their own territories. They rarely fought, so it was more likely to be a treasure hunt.

After putting away the giant spirit turtle’s shell, Lin Bail s speed soared.

In a canyon thousands of kilometers away, Lin Bai raised his head to look.

In the distant battlefield, the fierce battle between a wolf-like beast and a giant elephant had entered a white-hot stage.

“Master. there is something about *000 kilometers southwest. It might be the magic

Life Origin.” Chandalos suddenly said.

“We found it again? Well done!” Lin Bai’s eyes lit up.

The Great Expansion Desolate Master possessed astonishing perception, while Chandalos was good at treasure hunting. The combination of these two people made him feel like he had made a fortune.

Chandalos had been browsing the Starry Sky Network a lot recently, and she recognized most of the various heavenly treasures and rare Starry Sky treasures.


In the distance, a huge dog, which was covered in wounds, let out a long howl.

The elephant was also in a bad condition. One of its tusks was broken, and most of its ears had been torn off by the dog.

The two giant beasts had already lost their rationality and were fighting each other.

Lin Bai had also found the reason why they were risking their lives. The life source was also extremely beneficial to the giant beasts!


At this moment, the huge dog’s body was once again covered by a bright red light, like a red sun.

The giant elephant’s body also continued to grow taller, and soon, it was more than a thousand meters tall.

At this moment, the huge dog seemed relatively small, but it did not retreat.


The elephant’s trunk collided violently with the red sun.

The surrounding ground shook violently and collapsed like an earthquake.

Red light shot into the sky, illuminating the entire space in bright red.

In the rolling dust, Lin Bai saw the fallen giant elephant. It was obvious that it had already died.

The huge dog was also injured. Half of its body was crushed by the elephant trunk, leaving only the upper half lying on the ground and wailing in pain.

“Alright, it’s my turn!”

Lin Bai was like a golden stream of light as he quickly rushed toward the battlefield.


When the huge dog saw Lin Bai, it immediately roared angrily and struggled to get up to grab him.

However, Lin Bai was not afraid at all. He casually waved out a golden aura shield.


The golden-white stellar energy was the last straw that broke the dog’s back.

The huge dog’s head smashed heavily onto the ground, completely devoid of life.

Then, Lin Bai flew toward a valley like a rocket.

Instantly, he clapped his hands.


The one-kilometer-thick layer of boulders shattered like bubbles.

Then, an emerald green light entered his eyes.

Lin Bai lowered his head and saw a piece of light green liquid in a small groove.

Before he even got close, he could already smell a strong aura of life and the fragrance of plants.

“It really is the Life Origin.”

Lin Bail s eyes were filled with surprise.

Compared to the Gene-forging Stone, the Life Origin was of a higher grade, and the increase in talent was more obvious.

If it was sprinkled on Earth, the spiritual Qi on Earth would become even denser.

In this way, it would be easier for Earth to attract the starry sky powerhouse. Everyone’s strength would increase, and their faith in Lin Bai would also be stronger.

“There’s about 200 milliliters of this, which should be enough to cover an area of 1000 kilometers,” the Great Expansion Desolate Master said.

Lin Bai widened his eyes and prepared to collect the life source. However, at this moment, a silver light flashed.


The silver light disappeared in an instant like a ghost. Its speed was so fast that Lin Bai could not even detect it. He only felt his vision blur.

When he lowered his head, the life source in the stone trough had already disappeared without a trace.

“Silver light.. ‘

Lin Bai was puzzled, wondering what that thing was just now.

Was it lightning, a beast, or a human?

At that moment, the Great Expansion Desolate Master suddenly said, “Lin Bai, that silver light just now is very likely to be the Starry Sky Eagle”

“Starry Sky Eagle?” Lin Bai asked in confusion.

“Yes, this is a type of space beast that lives in outer space. It’s not big, about a hundred meters or so, but its speed is five times the speed of light.”

The Great Expansion Desolate Master explained. After hearing this, Lin Bai’s mood immediately became heavy.

He knew that only Flying Bird could catch up with this speed.

However, the problem was that Flying Bird was a space warship, and its speed would be greatly reduced on the planet.

Moreover, if they were attacked by other giant beasts or strong winds, the thin defensive barrier might break in an instant.

“Lin Bai, this Starry Sky Eagle is a treasure. After refining its wings, it can greatly increase your speed.”

“This Starry Sky Eagle is in high demand,” said the Great Expansion Desolate Master.

“Senior, you also said that it’s fast. How are we going to catch it? Senior, do you have any tricks?” Lin Bai asked dejectedly.

He was really unlucky. He had finally found the source of life, but it was snatched away in the end.

“Don’t tell me you’re still hoping to settle this?” The Great Yan Desolate Lord laughed disdainfully. “I’ll have to do this.”

Lin Bail s eyes lit up. As expected, if there was an elderly, it was as if there was a treasure!

However, the Great Expansion Desolate Master heard Lin Bail s thoughts and immediately said angrily, “You called me old again!”

Then, she left Lin Bails body and walked forward angrily.

Looking at her swaying figure, Lin Bai coughed lightly. “Senior, actually you’re just a little older, but you still look very young.”

“You still dare to call me old?”

The Great Expansion Desolate Master turned around and glared at Lin Bai. “Hmph, wait for me to go back and tell my disciple to teach you a lesson.” After saying that, she continued walking forward.

“Senior, I remember that you once said that there were giant beasts that specialized in attacking souls on primitive planets.”

After Lin Bai finished speaking, the Great Expansion Desolate Master immediately flew back.

“Brat, do you want me to tell you how to catch the Starry Sky Eagle?” The Great Yan Desolate Lord asked.

“Yes, very much. Senior, please enlighten me.”

Since this fellow dared to snatch the Life Origin, Lin Bai had to make it pay the


The GGreat Expansion Desolate Master could not help but laugh. She thought to herself that it was really quite interesting to be with Lin Bai..

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