Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 26 - 25: A Rare Specie Appears

A half an hour later Alex opened his eyes after resting for a while. Even though he was resting, he didn't let his guard down.

Alex stood up after letting out a long yawn and did a light stretch.

''Let check my status and title,''

As though responding to his thought, a blue panel appeared before his eyes.


[Alexander Kael Touch]

Class: Magic Gunman

Age: 17


「 Rank 1」

Level 9

Experience Value (XP): 630/1000

Magic Power: 870 (+20 BP)

Magic: None

Attack: 160 ➠ 170

Defense: 145 ➠ 155

Agility: 180 ➠ 190

Intelligence: 180 ➠ 190

Luck: 130 ➠ 140

BP: 0

Gift: Two Guns * Semi-sealed*

Skills: [Normal Appraisal Level 1] [Language Comprehension] [Item box Level 1] [Swift Fingers Max] [Divine Sense Level 1] [Throwing knife Level 3] [Night Vision Level 1]

Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one who can't use Magic] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] [Goblin Slayer] (New Title) 』

''It seems because I had fired six times after leveling up. My total amount of MP has decreased by 300 points and after adding the 20 BP, it becomes 890 MP. Let's see what the title I acquired means.''

Alex mumbled before tapping on his newly acquired title.

〈Goblin Slayer: A title acquired after slaying numerous goblins. You are their nemesis. Facing any normal goblin, your presence alone will scare them, making it easy for you to slay them.〉

''I see. This title sounds cool even though it doesn't offer too many things. Then, let's start doing the bothersome works.'' Alex says while rubbing his forehead.

Then, he turned around and began collecting the proof that the subjugation was completed.

By the way, in the case of goblins, not many shops in the guild purchased their materials because most of them are worthless, hence he only stripped the right ears and magic stones.

''Sil, please keep watch on the surrounding, we do not know when a boss will show up.''

〖Okay, Master.〗Silveria replied.

Alex was astonished by her a quick reply, he thought she would at least complain for a while before accepting, however, she accepted so easily that it left him speechless. 'Maybe her rebellious period had ended? he asked himself.

〖How rude of your Master to think like that.〗Silveria chided him.

''Sigh! Sometimes, I forgot that you are inside my consciousness.''

〖Well, it's not like I can read your thoughts, I just deducted that's all.〗Silveria said.

'I see.'

Alex says before proceeding to work, taking out a black medium length knife (made by Smith for dismantling) he started to chop off the goblin's ears one by one, not forgetting to dig their magic stone located in the heart.

One hour later, Alex had finished and stored away all the materials he harvested inside his item box.

After finishing the dismantling of the fifteen goblins that he killed here. Alex turned his eyes towards the goblin's weapons for a moment.

However, the long swords, the broken shield, and the axe were rusted and useless.

Though it might be possible to ask a blacksmith or weapon's shop to repair it, the repair cost would probably make it a deficit, hence it was not worth the trouble.

There was another kind of weapon here, clubs. Although these clubs were also scattered around, Alex left them as they were.

Though he called it a club, they were just branches used as club substitutes. Judging by how crudely they have been made, one could make it immediately just by taking branches from trees outside.

As he crouched down to pick up the knife, Alex used to dismantle the goblin, he felt a gaze. It seemed that something was entered the cave and was quietly observing him.

〖Master, we have an unexpected visitor. Better quickly retrieve and store away it away.〗Silveria advised.

When Alex was planning to store away the knife after retrieving it, he felt a sense of crisis, so without thinking he jumped to his left.


The next moment, something red hit where Alex previously stood, and fire spread out, dust filled the cave.

''What's that?" Alex asked filling dread.

〖Calm down, Master. It was just low-level Flame Magic: Fireball.〗Silveria explained.

Suddenly, without knowing why, Alex activated his Divine Sense skill, and immediately he saw a glowing red dot moving at an extremely fast speed toward him. Instinctively by reflex, he brought Razor, his custom made knife in front of his face, taking a defensive stance.


A sharp sound was made as Razor came in contact with a long sword above his head.

''Guh!" Alex grunted because his right hand which was holding Razor became numb. He was astonished by his enemy's physical strength, so was his enemy, the other party did not think that Alex could parry its blow.

Not wanting to miss out on this opportunity, Alex immediately counterattacked by launching two Black Bettie's at the enemy's, who seemed to have not recovered from the shock of him blocking its sneak attack.

However, to Alex dismay, his attacks were blocked, the thing Alex attacked pushed out a shield to block his two knives. The enemy's who sneak attacked him quickly fall back after blocking the two throwing knives Alex had thrown.

Finally, Alex was able to see the other party before him. It was a goblin.

It had a long Silver sword and a small round shield that had two black knives embedded in them.

However, different from a normal goblin was its skin color. While a normal goblin had green skin, the goblin in front of him had red skin. In addition, it was larger and a head taller than a normal goblin.

''I see a rare species. I never thought that I'll encounter one. It seems that you're the boss of the goblin I've killed.'' Alex says stabilizing his breathing.

Then, for the first time, Alex decided to use his Appraisal skill on a monster.

『 Elite Goblin

Rare Species

Level: 12

Magic: 300

Attack: 200

Defense: 100

Agility: 120

Intelligence: 50

Luck: 60』

Alex sucked a mouthful of air, A Half-Step Rank 2 Monster. Finally, he understood why his arm felt numb after their previous exchange. Simply, it was because the goblin rare species attack points were above his.

Suddenly, the rare species gave a cry as if mumbling something.

Gyii Gyii!

Right after it gave a cry, a ball of fire appeared in front of its eyes. It was small, seeing this fireball, Alex remembered the previous attack, so he jumped in the opposite direction after the goblin shot the fireball.

Alex rolled on the ground before standing up. Without giving him the time to cast another fireball. Alex threw two throwing knives towards him. He knew he would block it, hence at the same time with his other hand he fired two bullets.

Bang! Bang!

Even though Alex had fired the bullets slightly after he threw the two knives, the bullets caught up with the knives.

On the other side, the rare species goblin reaction was not slow, first, he sacrificed the small shield by throwing it towards the incoming knives, while himself shifted his right shoulder slightly back to avoid the bullets, unfortunately, he was not fast enough, one of the bullets pierced his shoulder making grunt in pain.

He glared at Alex before hurling his sword towards his head, it happened so fast that Alex was almost caught off guard. Still, he quickly brought Razor to of his left to deflect the sword, Alex managed to deflect it but he received a small injury as consequence, there was a little cut on his left cheek, pain assaulted but he gritted his teeth and endured. Alex touched his bleeding cheek and murmured. 'It was the first time I'm injured since I started doing quests.'

Alex looked at the culprit of his injury, one of his arm was limping, yet he was already preparing his next attack, another fireball.

However, Alex had the feeling that this one was a little different from the previous two fireballs.

''As if I would let you cast it,'' Alex shouted before kicking the ground, as he sprinted toward the rare species.magic

Swish! Swish!

The remaining two throwing knives he had, were hurled towards the rare species, he jumped on the left to avoid the knives.

A cruel smile floated onto Alex's face when he saw that the rare species had moved exactly as he wanted.

Like they had a tacit agreement, Silveria appeared in his left hand, the silver muzzle was pointed at the goblin followed by the sound of gunshots.

Bang! Bang! Bang!...

Alex emptied his charger on him (his remaining MP), he could not avoid all these fast bullets, hence he died after one of the bullets pierced its heart.


[Level up]

The body of the rare species fell on the ground after the sound of the shots disappeared.

The corpse of the red-skinned goblin lay in front of Alex's eyes. It was a rare species of a goblin. Because it was killed with a gun, there were only a few holes on its chest, apart from these holes you could hardly see any other injuries on it.

Fortunately, if Alex stores it in his item box, time doesn't flow and it won't rot, so Alex decided to store it in there for now.

Alex heaved a sigh before taking care of his injured check. After finishing, he approached the rare species and stored his body inside his item box, he did the same thing with the two-body and the sword used by the rare species.

After storing all these things inside his item box, it had become full.

Alex left the cave to go back to the Adventurer guild.

''I'll check my status once I went back,'' Alex decided while dragging his tired body back to Eria's town.

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