Disciple Cashback System: I Got Exposed By My Disciple

Chapter 967 - 967: Breaking Through

Chapter 967 - 967: Breaking Through

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Ye Xuan had successfully stepped into the eternal realm. This was something that the sect’s ancestors had spent countless efforts to achieve, but failed.

However, Ye Xuan had fulfilled their lifelong goal, so how could Ao Lei not be excited?

In the endless dark space. three Dao Flowers floated high in the sky. emitting divine light which drove away all of the ghosts.

“Become an immortal, use blood as a guide, and create a new Dao.”

Ye Xuan kept repeating the words that the Forbidden Lord had taught him. He held his breath and concentrated, constantly comprehending the insights in his mind.

Now that he had stepped into the eternal realm, he had discovered his future path. The three Dao flowers in his body seemed to be filled with the aura of Nirvana. After sensing this change, he felt very confused.

“Forbidden Lord, what exactly is going on?””

After hearing Ye Xuan’s question, the Forbidden Lord looked closely at the Dao Flowers and fell into a state of deep thought.

Some time passed before he suddenly lit up, and a bright smile appeared on his face. It seemed that he had performed another round of divination.

“Haha, not bad. Not bad at all.’

“If I’m not wrong, these three Dao Flowers represent the future, the present, and the past.”

“With the blood as a guide, under the effect of these three Dao Flowers, how shocking will this fellow’s talent become? This really makes me curious.”

The Forbidden Lord was also extremely excited at this moment. The Great Dao that he had spent countless years creating seemed to be a success.

Today, his horizons were broadened, and he was even more convinced of the Great Dao that he had created.

All of this seemed to be predestined. It was not only Ye Xuan’s opportunity, but also the Forbidden Lord’s opportunity.

He had been imprisoned here for countless years, and was being ravaged every moment. Perhaps fate had led him to wait here for Ye Xuan’s arrival.

“Hehe, I finally understand.”

After understanding this matter, the Forbidden Lord laughed out loud again. All of the grudges of the past seemed to dissipate at this moment. Even his hair had turned pale at this moment.

“Young man, it seems that I still have an eye for talent. Hahaha!”

“Don’t stop. Continue cultivating.”

The Forbidden Lord quickly reminded him. Although he was happy, he did not forget about what was important. Ye Xuan continued to remain focused and cultivated.

He could clearly sense that his blood was still boiling and evaporating. The pain was unbearable for ordinary people, but Ye Xuan did not give up. He gritted his teeth and persevered.

When all the blood in his body was purified by the three Dao Flowers, Ye

Xuan’s soul seemed to have been sublimated.

At this moment, the space Ye Xuan was in began to shake continuously as if it was about to collapse.

The Forbidden Lord observed the situation with a shocked expression. With a wave of his hand, the space regained its peace.

If it was not for him, perhaps this underground space would have been shattered. However, the outside world was not faring any better. The world shook violently. In the blink of an eye, the disciples guarding Ye Xuan staggered to the ground.

Ao Lei and the other elders spit out mouthfuls of blood because they were the closest, and suffered varying degrees of injuries.

When he stood up with difficulty, Ao Lei immediately swept his gaze across the surroundings. When he saw that no one had died, he heaved a sigh of relief.



The pain he felt made him keep his distance from Ye Xuan’s body.

He said with a solemn expression, “The power that Junior Brother Ye released is really too terrifying. What is Junior Brother Ye facing right now?”

Ao Lei was very confused, but judging from Ye Xuan’s aura alone, he had indeed reached the eternal realm. However, his cultivation level also seemed to be very different from the other eternal realm experts they had previously encountered. In fact, Ye Xuan even seemed to be more powerful.

And at this moment, Ye Xuan had already undergone an earth- shattering change. Not only had his combat strength increased significantly, but every move and stance he used also contained a trace of something profound and mysterious.

In this underground space, the Forbidden Lord looked at this scene with gratification and was extremely happy.

“It can be considered a success…

“Hehehe, after spending countless years, I’m finally going to succeed!”

He looked at Ye Xuan as if he was recalling his own youth. It would be a pity if he did not properly nurture a genius with such astonishing potential.

Thinking this, the Forbidden Lord had an idea, and said excitedly, “Young man, I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll teach you the Reincarnation Dao as well. I hope you’ll seriously comprehend it for your future.”

“Perhaps in the near future, the Reincarnation Dao will be helpful to you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Forbidden Lord instantly injected a stream of golden energy into Ye Xuan’s body. Then, dense golden divine runes appeared in Ye Xuan’s mind one after another.

Ye Xuan was shocked when he saw this. These Reincarnation Dao divine runes were so mysterious!

The Forbidden Lord was indeed worthy of his title as one of the top experts in the ancient times. This Dao was even more terrifying than the previous Daos he had mastered, though it was very difficult to comprehend and master.

After recovering from his surprise, he refocused himself, and began to comprehend these divine runes. However, progress was slow at best.

Based on his current speed, and the difficulty of comprehending the

Reincarnation Dao, it might take thousands of years to comprehend it..

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