Do You Want to Marry Me?

Chapter 284 - 284: The Lack of Acclimation

Chapter 284: The Lack of Acclimation

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Lu An took the cup and took a sip. It was fresh and fruity. The orange juice tasted sweet and sour, probably mixed with some other fruits. Lu An’s tongue was very sensitive. He knew that it was freshly squeezed the moment he tasted it.

“It’s quite fresh. Are you feeling unwell?” Lu An hugged Jin Nian’s waist and touched her forehead. As expected, he felt a little hot, probably because she was not used to the weather.

“Sleep for a while. I’ll wake you up when we get there.” Lu An let her lean on his shoulder. Jin Nian rested half of her body in his arms.

Jin Nian slept in Lu An’s arms for a while before the plane landed.

“Babe, wake up. We’re here.” Lu An gently patted Jin Nian, indicating that she should get off the plane.

Jin Nian opened her eyes. Her face was a little pale. Her body was limp and weak. There was also a feeling of churning in her stomach.

Jin Nian had always been in good health. Since they married, Lu An had never seen Jin Nian fall ill. Other than giving birth, she had never been to the hospital. This time, Lu An could feel that Jin Nian was in pain. Seeing her in pain made his heart feel like needles were pricking it.

Lu An touched her forehead, his face full of worry. The flight attendant saw that they were still sitting in their seats and didn’t get up, so he quickly came to ask about the situation. In the end, he arranged a wheelchair for Jin Nian and pushed her out of the airport.

The Lu family’s chauffeur stood outside to pick them up. After getting into the car, Lu An’s eyes never left Jin Nian.

“Babe, should I send you to the hospital first?” said Lu An.

Jin Nian shook her head. “It’s okay. I’m just a little dizzy. Going to the hospital will take too much time. Let’s go back quickly. Grandma is still waiting for us.”

Lu An pursed his lips. Grandma was very important, but he couldn’t turn a blind eye to Jin Nian’s pain.

Seeing that Jin Nian was in pain, the driver drove the car very slowly. Lu An saw a pharmacy by the road and quickly said, “Uncle Chen, stop the car. I’m going to buy some medicine.”

“I’ll go with you. Otherwise, the other party won’t know what illness I have.”

Just as Jin Nian was about to get up, Lu An wrapped one arm around her waist and wrapped his other arm around her slender legs, lifting her by the waist.

“I’ll carry you,” said Lu An.

Jin Nian was dizzy and didn’t have the strength to refuse, so she let Lu An carry her into the pharmacy.

The staff of the pharmacy were sitting in front of the cashier. When they saw someone enter, they immediately asked, “Hello, what medicine do you need?”

As soon as they finished speaking, they looked at Lu An and Jin Nian and were instantly stunned. The man who came in had a handsome face and was so good-looking that they couldn’t take their eyes off him.

When Lu An looked over, the ladies instantly blushed. They actually felt their hearts palpitate.

“Sir, what do you need?” The staff tried her best not to look at Lu An, but she still couldn’t help but glance at him. magic

Not only was Lu An handsome, but he was also carrying a petite woman in his arms. Her skin was fair and her face was exquisite. She lay obediently in his arms with a slightly pained expression.

“My wife is dizzy and her stomach is uncomfortable. 1 suspect that she’s not used to the environment. Can you take a look at her?” said Lu An gently.

The moment he spoke, the two ladies’ hearts beat faster. Not only was he handsome, but his voice was also so pleasant. Moreover, he was very concerned about his wife.

It was a pity that such an outstanding man already had a wife. As expected, the high-quality men had already been taken.

The staff working in the pharmacy didn’t know how to treat patients, but they had worked for a long time and had some experience. They asked about Jin Nian’s condition and roughly confirmed that it was a stomach discomfort caused by the lack of acclimation.

The staff took out two boxes of medicine. “Take the medicine according to the instructions. The condition will be better in about one or two hours. If the condition gets worse, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible.”

” Thank you.” Lu An nodded. “How much?”

“A total of fifty-three. Remember to eat a light diet and don’t tire yourself out.” The lady gave a few more instructions. Lu An smiled politely at her.

Lu An gently put Jin Nian down and let her lean against him. After taking out his phone to pay, he easily picked her up and strode out.

“Oh my god! So handsome! Why can’t 1 meet such a man?”

“He smiled at me just now. 1 feel like my heart is about to melt. That woman is too blessed!”

“She’s also a beauty! Sure enough, handsome men and beautiful women are a pair. Ordinary people like us should find ordinary people.”

The two of them talked for a while and felt a little regretful that they did not take the opportunity to take a photo of the man. It would be a good memory to look back!

This man was really handsome. The most prominent thing about him was that he had the elegant temperament of a noble son, as well as a kind of unrestrained laziness. In short, this type of man was rare and most attractive

to women..

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