Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter chapter 13

When he thought about this, Muyang’s entire demeanor became different. He began to calm down, then set up his position and practiced his punches and kicks according to the Heavenly Sky School routine.

It was true that the effect of practicing here was remarkable. With the faintly visible ki clinging to the surface of his body, he was practically practicing without any loss.

After half a day of practicing martial arts according to the Heavenly Sky School routine, Muyang felt that his arms and legs were fully functioning. He then began to practice Ki Based Technique, and of course, practicing here was twice more effective with half the effort.

If the result of practicing in the outside world was 5, here, it was at least 15, which was three times more effective!

‘This was a great place. The only downside was that I didn’t know how to leave from here.’

With a regretful sigh, Muyang continued to condense the ki in his body.

This time, another warm airflow ran through his body. It was moving around his internal organs first, then following the tendons and veins into every bone of his body, simply by hearing a crackling sound. Every muscle in Muyang’s body was trembling slightly.

This ki then left the muscle and bone and returned to the internal organs. It settled down like a swallow returning to its nest, quite rhythmically nourishing every cell in the body.

As Muyang was immersed in this wonderful feeling, the energy in his body increased a little.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind.

Mu Yang suddenly thought – he entered this mysterious space because the ki in his body stimulated the deep consciousness in his brain during his practice, which opened up this space. As for whether this space was his consciousness space or not, he didn’t need to bother about it! If he followed this idea, he would have to use ki to stimulate the depths of his consciousness again in this space. Then he would be able to open up the passage of this space to come back.

When he thought about this, Muyang’s eyes suddenly lit up, revealing an intense glow. Although this move was a bit risky, it was better than being stuck here.

He needed to take the risk.

Muyang implemented his idea. He immediately sat down on his knees and then adjusted his mind, carefully controlling the ki that mimicked the previous process and rolled towards his brain.


As the ki under Muyang’s control rushed into the space of consciousness, like a solid bullet, it suddenly smashed through a thick wall. The mysterious space where his body was now suddenly distorted bizarrely. A pitch-black crack appeared out of nowhere with a powerful devouring force, sucking Muyang’s body directly.

Once again, Muyang returned to his senses and found himself back in his cabin that was located in the Great Azure Mountain.

He had returned!

He could even get in and out of that space by himself now.

Muyang clenched his fist; he was so excited that he wanted to shout out. Then, deep exhaustion suddenly swept over him, causing him to turn pale and collapse to the ground.

‘What the hell! Why do I feel so tired when I am physically strong?’

Muyang was horrified, but immediately realized that while being in that space, he didn’t consume physical energy, he was only consuming for his spiritual energy!

With his condition, he probably couldn’t stay in that space for too long! Or else his body would feel empty, as it did now…


He glanced at the sky’s colors, the stars shining brightly in the dark night sky, hanging like a beautiful pearl.

“It’s already night here?”

Muyang remembered that it was still morning when he entered that mysterious space. Then he was trapped in that space for about a total of twenty hours, but according to the time, it wouldn’t be the night when he came out.

“Do the two spaces flow at different rates of time as if they were Hyperbolic Time Chambers?” Such speculations suddenly arose in his brain, making Muyang feel itchy, and forgetting his fatigue.

If the time flow of that mysterious space in his consciousness was really different from the outside world, he had a lot of room to manipulate. Muyang felt like he should just test it, but not right now, now he needed to get some sleep and recover his strength first.

He fell asleep immediately on the pillow and had a dreamless night.


Early the next morning. No, early in the third morning, to be exact. It turned out that as soon as Muyang laid down, he actually slept for two days straight!

Luckily, Mexia wasn’t here, or else with all her daily visits, Muyang was afraid she would cause him trouble again when she saw him unconscious.

This morning, when the sun rose, Muyang found two incense sticks with the same length in his room, so he lit them. He inserted one stick in a stone crack on the ground and held another one in his hand.

Then after he meditated and contemplated for a while, the passage into the mysterious space was opened again.

A “whoosh” sound was heard, and Muyang’s body suddenly disappeared. And when about half of an incense stick was gone, his body appeared again. But at this time, the incense he held in his hand had already burned out.

Muyang took the two incense sticks and compared them, looking at the tall incense in his hand, and then at the half-burned one on the ground, his two eyes couldn’t help but burst with a delightful bright light.

The time flow was really different on both sides, and the mysterious space on the other side of his consciousness was twice as fast as the outside world.

With twice the speed of time flow, and to a certain extent, he could practice in it without feeling tired. It was simply a holy place for training.

If the newcomer Muyang still had a little doubt about whether he could establish himself in the Dragon Ball World or not, now with that Acceleration Space, Muyang was completely confident that he could make his way here.

“Haha, let’s just name that space ‘Acceleration Space’.”

Muyang smiled as he gave that space a name. It was simple and clear, Acceleration Space.

Actually, deep down his heart, Muyang secretly felt that the utility of that space shouldn’t be limited to that. The function similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber might just be a small function of its insignificance.


In the following days, Muyang stayed in the Great Azure Mountain. During the daytime, he would practice his punches and kicks. During the night, he would enter the “Acceleration Space” to wash away his body’s tiredness with the effect that it had, then continue to practice hard inside.magic

Through the test, Muyang found that with his current spiritual state, he could continue to open the Acceleration Space for about three hours, and that is. If he opens it for six hours again, by the time he exceeds, his body would be exhausted, making him feel like he was stepping on cotton, and the loss was not worth the gain.

Usually, martial arts practitioners in this world only have a few hours of daytime training per day. Those who were more diligent may even borrow a little time at night because plenty of rest was essential for them.

But Muyang was different. With the effect of Acceleration Space, he could not only do his training during the day, but he could also open a small space at night.

It can be said that using the Acceleration Space for training under the circumstances that spiritual power allows, was actually already equivalent to resting to some extent. So, by doing this, Muyang’s real training time was more than twice compared to ordinary people.

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