Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter chapter 15

Time passed by quietly.

It had already been a month since Muyang discovered the Acceleration Space.

This past month, with the help of the Acceleration Space, the ki in Mu Yang’s body was growing, and gradually had become as thick as his thumb. This progress was very rare because, at a normal training speed, it would take at least three to four months of painstaking training to reach this level.

Although his ki was still very feeble compared to his teacher Isaac, it had greatly increased Muyang’s confidence in the future. He had become more diligent in his training.

Today, due to the increase of ki in his body, Muyang was able to sense the heat flowing through his body.

So he tried to mimic Isaac’s movements to release the Heavenly Sky Beam.

Muyang looked solemn; he was holding his ki and putting up a stance. Both of his fingers became swords; he used all of his strength to gather the heat flow in his body between his right index and middle finger.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

The ki gathered together and gradually produced heat. Upon seeing that the fingertips burst into a glowing light, the ki wave was about to be released. A faint stream of air flew out from the fingertips with a “whir” sound, but after only half a meter of distance, it disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

What a dud??


Muyang looked at a thin mist in front of him awkwardly.

Luckily no one saw it. It would have been embarrassing to show off his initial appearance.

Releasing the ki wave involved an overwhelming power, bursting an impact on a vent and sweeping it like a powerful bamboo.

The ki wave that Muyang had just released was curdled and weak. Neither the explosive power nor the penetrating power was up to standard. This was because the ki in Muyang’s body wasn’t strong enough.

Although he was unable to successfully release the ki wave this time, Muyang silently remembered it in his heart. He didn’t feel discouraged and even practiced more diligently.


Primitive Mountains, Inner Circles.

The Primitive Mountain was stretched for hundreds of kilometers, and the inside was just too big. What was actually hidden in its deepest depths? Even the ancestors of the Heavenly Sky School, who had been rooted near the Primitive Mountain for many years, had not thoroughly explored the entire inner circle area even after waves of exploration.

Currently, deep within the Primitive Mountains, where the inner circle bordered the outskirts, Muyang was wandering aimlessly.

The forest was lush and green in the distance, thick trees towering over the sky and obscuring the view. As the terrain rose and fell, these giant trees rose and fell up and down in a regular pattern.


A black figure quickly passed by and disappeared like a floating shadow in the middle of the forest.

Muyang had been in this vast forest for several days. Combining the results of his recent training, Muyang went alone into the small inner circle of the Primitive Mountains. As long as he was careful, he didn’t need to worry too much about safety.

Here, Muyang’s concentration was always high because the inner circle’s threat level was different from the outskirt. He might behave with ease on the outskirts, but not here. After all, Muyang didn’t have the same strength as Isaac and the other elders, so his eyes and ears always paid attention to the surroundings as he walked. Once there was any movement around, his body needed to react immediately.

This continued for several days. All Muyang did was walk only at the border between the inner circle and the outskirts, just like that, as the terrain changed, an open valley gradually appeared in front of him.

This valley showed a crescent-shaped undulation, with the peaks on either side rising high and spreading out towards the sides. The whole crescent-shaped valley looked as if it had been smashed out hard.

The journey continued along the long valley in front of him.

Suddenly, a messy empty beach appeared in front of him, with steep rocks on the ground. Near the messy beach, something shiny caught Muyang’s attention.

It was a few scattered chunks of metal that had been thrown around in bits and pieces. The larger pieces had been covered in green moss and faintly mottled with rust looked like they were several years old. “Hey, that chunk of metal there doesn’t look like anything from Earth.”

With a slight excitement in his heart, Muyang strode forward, and in a few steps, he got near those big chunks.

Leaning down to take a closer look, Muyang was certain that the chunks were from a piece of large mechanical equipment that had fallen off the top. According to this mottled rust, it was estimated that it had existed for at least a few hundred years, definitely not something from Earth.

Muyang basically figured it out that this came from outer space, so he searched along this area.

Luckily, this crescent-shaped valley wasn’t too big. It only took a little time for Muyang to finally find the aircraft that was half-buried under the ground near a bank of a stream.

“It’s a spaceship!” Muyang came to the spaceship and looked at it carefully. “It’s a shame that several years have passed, and the overall structure has been so badly corroded by oxidation that there’s no possibility of repairing it.”

The spaceship was about seven or eight meters long, and half of it was buried under the ground. Perhaps due to the great impact of the crash, the shell of the ship itself had fallen apart. Not to mention, with the relentless erosion of the years, it was already in the shape of rotten iron, completely losing the possibility of being repaired. Even if there was a chance to fix it, it would be impossible to fix it properly with Earth’s technology.

“Let’s see if there’s anything useful in there.”

Although he knew the chances of harvesting were slim, seeing the spaceship was already in front of him, and leaving without digging up anything useful was always a bit of a bummer.

It might be impossible to fix the spaceship, but if you look hard enough, you might find something useful.

Looking at the situation, Muyang looked around and found a long metal pry bar. He then began to dig down until he had reached two to three meters deep before he could dig an object wrapped in a metal box from the wreckage of the spaceship.

The metal box was laid open, and three lens-like objects were placed inside.magic


Muyang was a little surprised, the corners of his mouth slightly curved upwards. The moment he saw the lens-like object, he realized that it was probably something similar to a scouter, and as for whether or not it was a scouter, he wasn’t quite sure.

Weighing a lens in his hand, Muyang was hoping this would still be usable. He didn’t dare to guarantee the shelf life of the shape technology. Not knowing how many years had passed, he didn’t know if it was still usable or not.

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