Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5389: Dangerous Desire

Chapter 5389: Dangerous Desire

Ultimately, once Darkfrost Dao Lord became detached from the world enough, nothing would be more important than his dearest love. By then, he would pay any price necessary in order to revive her.

“The dao is difficult because we do not do what we can.” Li Qiye said.

“Do not do what we can.” Darkfrost nodded in agreement.

“I’m sure you know that the instability in your heart will make you particularly susceptible to the darkness.” Li Qiye said.

“What should I do, Sir?” He understood the gravity of the situation.

“We are two cultivators in the cultivation world. Your dao heart can only be polished by yourself, I cannot help you.” Li Qiye said.

“And if I can’t overcome this?” He asked respectfully.

“Then maybe someone else will send you to the other side, or maybe I’ll do it.” Li Qiye smiled: “Don’t worry, death is a sweet release compared to dwelling in the darkness. If it does come to that, don’t forget to thank whoever is delivering the finishing blow.”

“You’re right, Sir.” He smiled wryly.

“Few can resist the temptation that far down the path.” Li Qiye said: “You must ask yourself, what is your pursuit?”

“A strong dao heart.” He said quietly: “I must solve it myself.”

“Yes, success in this endeavor is a great blessing.” Li Qiye nodded.

“I’m afraid this will require more time.” He lamented.

“And you have ample time. It might be the only solution to your problem.” Li Qiye said.

“How did you forget, Sir?” He asked with a serious tone.

Li Qiye’s eyes became profound as he seemingly reminisced about his past. However, this only lasted a split second before he smiled and said: “It’s been long enough for me to forget about many things.”

“That’s it?” He remarked.

“What you can do is either forget or, remember but not miss.” Li Qiye said.

“Remember but not miss?” He asked.

“Do you remember the first technique you have learned?” Li Qiye answered with a question.

Darkfrost took a while before answering: “I do.”

“What is it?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Just an ordinary move, nothing special.” He said.

“But was it not special back then for you?” Li Qiye asked.

“I couldn’t sleep from excitement and wanted to spend all night training.” He responded.

“But now, how do you remember it? Just another beginner’s move.” Li Qiye asked.

“I understand now, thank you, Sir.” He took a deep breath and bowed.

“Take care now and never forget that protecting the dao heart is the hardest part.” Li Qiye nodded and left.

He walked with Li Qiye for a while before stopping to watch him disappear into the distance.

Li Qiye then regrouped with the others and continued their journey. Few could make it as far as them.

After crossing a sky moat, they saw a majestic palace with stars surrounding it. It looked transcending - the home of an immortal.

“Blessed Dao Lord’s palace, it’s still here.” Ferocity murmured.

Xiao Hu became emotional since this was a legendary location.

“Blessed Dao Lord built a palace here? That’s so cool.” Xiao Hu said.

“It’s one thing for it to be standing if he is still here. Supreme and the others can do the same but he isn’t here anymore.” Ferocity said.

He put his arrogance aside and had great respect for Blessed Dao Lord - a being with few equals.

“This is where he meditates.” Li Xian’er had heard about the legends.

“He probably advanced by leaps and bounds in this place long ago, allowing him passage to wherever he pleases. He’s not in the upper continents or the immortal continent after starting the pact.” Ferocity said.

“Where did he go?” Xiao Hu became curious.

“Who knows, maybe an unknown grotto.” Ferocity shrugged.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t comment.

Suddenly, someone flew out of the palace and greeted Li Qiye: “Sir, we meet again.”

He was none other than Skysword Dao Lord, looking excited to see Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled and glanced at the palace: “Seems lively in there.”

“Would you like to join us?” Skysword invited.

“We’re just passing by.” Li Qiye responded.

“Everyone is here right now but Brother All-things is preoccupied or he would come to greet you in person.” Skysword hurriedly said.

“Strategizing?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes, we’re debating on what to do next. Do you have any input, Sir?” Skysword said.

“That’s your business.” Li Qiye had no interest in Dao Alliance.

“What should we do with Fellow Daoist Ye?” Skysword asked again.magic

“Well, I suppose that is somewhat related to me.” Li Qiye said.

“No one will disagree with your decision, Sir.” Skysword invited again and led the way.

The group entered the palace and was purified by moonlight. They looked up and saw stars seemingly engraved in the air, close enough to be grasped.

All-things Dao Lord and the others have gathered here today temporarily for a meeting.

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