Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5391: All Present

Chapter 5391: All Present

Five-sun Dao Lord’s intent was not to threaten All-things and others. After all, they had experienced numerous tribulations and trials to get here. Threats were relatively useless.

Five-sun was merely remarking on the potential risk of having everyone gathered in one place.

“What can possibly deal with us all at once?” Skysword asked with a smile.

“Does Divine Alliance have a dream order?” All-things got straight to the point.

Under normal circumstances, it would be virtually impossible to capture or kill all of them. One possibility included the usage of an immortal dream order.

Illumination had tried prior in order to deal with Supreme, Swordsea, and even Li Qiye.

“I’ll be honest, Brother All-things. We do not.” Five-sun answered.

“Then there won’t be a problem.” All-things said.

“What about your Dao Alliance?” Five-sun asked.

All-things only smiled in response.

“So you do.” Five-sun smiled back.

A total of five dream orders existed. Rumor has it that the alliances had some of them but the actual details were unknown. The final one was recently sold by Boss Tang.

Two have been used thus far - Illumination’s and Supreme’s. Alchemy Dao also had one. Now, Dao Alliance most likely had one as well and the fifth could still be in Divine Alliance’s possession despite Five-sun Dao Lord’s denial. magic

This was the reason why All-things didn’t worry despite having the upper echelons of Dao Alliance in one place.

“If you do not wish to release our disciple, I’m afraid we’ll have to resort to force. It will no longer be up to me.” Five-sun shook his head.

“We appreciate your kind intention.” All-things smiled.

“Clank!” Sword energy engulfed the palace, seemingly wanting to cut it into two halves.

“Brother Swordsea is here too.” Everyone knew who it was since the aura of an apex dao lord was rather suffocating.

“Let’s have a drink if you’re here already.” A different sword energy pierced the world, creating a special state of balance and harmony. It lifted others up instead of suppressing them.

This made the group breathe easy despite Swordsea Dao Lord releasing his pressure.

Xiao Hu and Ferocity exchanged glances since they had heard this voice before.

“Brother Darkfrost is here too? Very well, let’s have a drink.” The two sword energies rushed into the air and intertwined together.

Swordsea tried to intimidate the group with his immense power. However, Darkfrost came as well.

Both had cultivated one of the nine heavenly sword dao. A battle between them would take quite a long time to conclude.

Slashes split the world down into primordial chaos. A fight at their level needed to take place far away from civilization or everything would be destroyed.

Fortunately, the palace of Blessed Dao Lord had an automatic dao barrier capable of withstanding the remnant shockwaves.


“No wonder you’re so confident, you definitely came prepared.” Five-sun Dao Lord laughed.

Dao Alliance had two apex dao lords present right now - truly a difficult bunch to take down.

“Hahaha!” A burst of laughter interrupted them and the ground started shaking.

An old man appeared in front of the palace; the world seemed to be rotating around his radiance.

“Illumination Conqueror.” Everyone became serious after seeing him.

He seemed to be alone, not bringing any followers into the den of enemies. His domineering confidence remained untouched, causing others to remember his once-glorious past.

“Gentlemen, long time no see. The years feel like they were just yesterday.” Illumination said.

The others didn’t respond. Some had joined Dao Alliance before the start of Emperors War. They fought together with the trio and were unbeatable. Now, allies have become enemies.

“Long time no see, Brother Illumination.” All-things activated his life aura.

Illumination possessed an awe-inspiring dominance while All-things seemed as untouchable as an impervious abyss.

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