Eternal Thief

Chapter 21 - Black Fox

"Why are you yelling? You're also a thief. Humph!" Black Fox's beautiful eyes narrow as she snorts, clearly offended by Ace's reaction. She wasn't acting like her usual cold demeanor.

Ace takes a deep breath and calms down. He knew from the start that this girl wasn't normal but also didn't imagine she was crazy as well.

Who wanted to be a thief if they have a second choice? Like himself at the beginning, he didn't want to be a thief but with this system, didn't have any option but to choose this road. Now things have changed and Ace didn't dislike being a thief, on the contrary, he was grateful towards the system for giving him this chance to become someone extraordinary.

"Why?" Ace wanted to know just why she wants to be a thief.

"My mother was a thief and from the Shadow Devil clan. One of the top ten clans of All-Devil Continent." Black Fox replied with some pride in her voice, but there was also a hint of deep sorrow in her eyes.

"Y-you're a DEVIL?" Ace thinks this world was going crazy.

A real devil was right in front of him! How could he not think it was crazy?

First, Ace discovers someone for the number three race of this world a Hunter who happened to be his adopted Lil Sis, and now he meets someone from the 'Devil Race' that was the Number One Race of this world.

"No silly let me finished first. My mother was a shadow devil but my father was a human. I'm a half-shadow devil and half-human." Black Fox clear Ace's misunderstanding.

"And why are you telling me this?" Ace was startled. It was probably a great secret but she was telling him like it was nothing.

"I think for working together we should trust each other. Since I know about you, you should also know about me." Black Fox nodded seriously to herself as she wraps her hands around her big chest and looked even more attractive.

"So you're a half-devil and half-human. Wait! What this has anything to do with forming a partnership with me?" Ace was perplexed.

"You're so silly! Just let me explain first." Black Fox told annoyingly.

'She's unmistakably a crazy girl.' Ace thought in frustration but didn't say or show it to his face. Because he was afraid she would start saying something meaningless again.

"So my father was a human and my mother was a devil. He saved her from human cultivators when she was being chased and attacked by them. After that incident, they fell in love." She starts her story again from the start.

Ace didn't speak this time he also finds it quite interesting because it was very rare for a devil to fell for a human. Devils never mate with other races it was an extremely rare case.

"After they made their decision to stay together forever. They settled in a 1-Star city because there, they will be safe and live peacefully and no one would be able to find about my mother's identity as well as my father's past.

"However, two years later after I was born. A group of cultivators came, they were not from the lands of cities. They were searching for my father because before my father meets my mothers he was a high-ranking officer of some great power but he betrays them and runs away with my mom.

"But they still find him in the end even in this barren place with some kind of strange treasure. My mom has no choice but shows her origin of the shadow devil clan and because of it, they find out about my mother's secret.

"They were four of them and they all as strong as my father. After bitterly fighting one of them was killed by my father. Seeing my father killing one of their men, the two who were fighting with my mother use a treasure to sneak attack my father. But my mom saw it first and use her body to block it. That treasure was poisonous and my mother died after getting hit by it.

"My father saw my mom getting hit by the poisonous attack and died and madly fights to avenge her and he killed the one who uses that poison attack. But another one sneaks attack him from behind.

"My father fights an intense battle against both of them but in the end, those two men have some kind of strange ability and they escape from my father with their life. But father was also gravely injured and he fell in deep despair after losing my mother.

"He quickly takes me here to river flower city to seek shelter from his friend. After one month we arrive here, my father's wounds were almost healed. But he was afraid that those two men will come back again. He also wanted to take revenge on that power behind them because they killed my mom, so he left me behind with his friend and said he will come back after a year.magic

"After my father's departure, I was left alone here. But my father's friend takes care of me for a year and a half time, sadly he was not a kind-hearted person and has ulterior motives though.

"After one and half years he thinks my father died while seeking revenge. Thus, he was not afraid anymore and sells me to Grant Family young Miss. He sold me to her for some Ruby coins." Shadow fox finished her story and became extremely distressed while talking about her parents especially her mother's unfortunate death. 

Ace has a nostalgic expression on his face after hearing her tragic story.

'Her past is more painful than mine.' Ace thought morosely,

"So why did you find me?" Ace softly asked he didn't look at her with hostility like before.

"After that man sold me to Lyla Grant who's also Asher's mother. She first wanted me to become Asher's maid after she seeing my appearance and give me training.

"I was just four years old but I'm a haft-devil and I had extremely high awareness since I was young that how I remember those events clearly. However, I was afraid of others abandoning me after my mother's death and my father's disappearance moreover, that man sold me after. Therefore, I did what Lyla told me to and start learning how to be a good maid.

"But when I turn 7 years old my shadow devil clan 'Blood Memory Heritage'  begins to awaken. I gain memories of some skills and cultivation techniques from my shadow devil lineage, I was confused at that time and tell about these memories to Lyla.

"She didn't believe me first but when I show her one of the lineage skills she immediately takes me to her family head and told him everything. That old man was extremely knowledgeable and immediately guessed that I'm a devil because in this world only the devil possesses the blood memories heritage.

"He wants my lineage memories and I was naïve so I told him everything. But my memories were incomplete and he finds out he can't cultivate my devil clan skills or technique. He does some test and discovered I'm not a pure-blooded devil and loses interest in me." Black Fox's eyes turn cold as she continued.

"I later found out that when a devil turns 7 years old it starts to inherit memories from their ancestors through blood this is what they all called Blood Memory Heritage, Exactly what kind of memories they got it solely depends on the devil's blood density.

"That's why devils are the No.1 Race of this world they didn't need any techniques or skills they just need the density of their bloodline to be high and they can even awake their ancestor's full memories of cultivation. But I was only half-devil and that's why my skills and techniques were incomplete." Black Fox becomes dejected in the end.

Ace didn't know what to say after hearing the Black Fox story. He felt pain in his heart for this girl and felt an unknown feeling he never experiences before.

"Grant family head lose interest in me after confirming that I'm an only half devil. But he didn't let me roam around freely, after I showed him my skills he knows I was a natural-born Assassin and very dangerous because I'm a shadow devil.

"Hence, he planted this black mask on my face. It is like a slave mark but much more advance. Slave marks can control a person with force but if that person were to become too powerful the slave mark will shatter. But this mask is like a high-level slave mark. It can't be undone by normal means and that's why I come to you to form a partnership. Only you can help me!" Black fox touches her mask it was a vicious curse and she always wanted to escape from these people's clutches but was powerless to do so.

"So, you want me to finds out a method to undone this slave mask?" Ace now has some idea why she wanted to form a partnership with him. He was still a little confused 'why him' though?

"I don't want you to find a method... Because I already know how to undo it. I only want you to get it for me." Black Fox mysteriously answered.

"Where is it then and what will I get after getting it for you, since it's an equal deal you have to give me something, right?" Ace was sympathizing with her but it didn't mean he would risk his life for sympathy.

"I prepare MYSELF!" Black Fox giggles as she performed a more seductive posture to show her fine curves.

"Stop joking around and tell me seriously or I can't help you." Ace retorted while breathing hard. He nearly falls from his chair after hearing 'Myself' and sees her sexy posture. His heart was beating fast for some reason, he never felt this kind of feeling before.

"NO! I'm serious! Didn't I say before I always want to be a thief like you? After you free me from this hell hole I'll be your partner in crime and join you to become a great thief." Declared Black Fox and it seems she was dead serious about becoming a thief.

"You know what you are crazy! Why would you want to be a thief and if you want to be one you can be one but ALONE" Ace bark in frustration, he simply can't deal with this crazy girl anymore.

"The reason is very simple my mom was also a great thief. When my father found her she was escaping after failing her job. She used to tell me stories of her adventures and how she stole from bad guys who bully innocent people. I was fascinated by her stories at that time and always wants to be like her. I'll become a Great Thief who stole from bad guys." Black Fox foxlike eyes were shining like stars when she told her 'grand goal' to Ace.

Ace nearly swore out loud after hearing her words!

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