Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 287 - 287: What Will Two Brainless Guys Be Scheming

Chapter 287: What Will Two Brainless Guys Be Scheming

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After the white tiger finished eating the ancestor, its mood had already eased a little. Looking at the cultivators kneeling on the ground, it could not help but ask them,

“Let me ask you. Tell me, what would two brainless fellows plan together?”

In the White Tiger’s eyes, if Divine King Profound Jade dared to attack his master’s courtyard with that little bit of strength, what else could he be if not brainless?

Li Wushuang was even weaker than God King Xuan Yu. She still had the aura of God King Xuan Yu’s bloodline. Who knew what she would do to Master?

However, judging from his actions just now, he was also brainless.

When Patriarch Qingfeng heard White Tiger’s words, he did not know what White Tiger’s intentions were. He could only say in fear and trepidation,

“Senior White Tiger, in my opinion, two brainless people can only rush forward together.”

“Let’s rush headfirst together?”

The white tiger was confused by Patriarch Qingfeng’s words and continued to ask.


Patriarch Qingfeng didn’t know how to answer White Tiger’s question. Countless answers flashed through his mind, but he didn’t dare to tell White Tiger.

With this thought in mind, the white tiger above also moved and the crowd below felt an earthquake.

Patriarch Qingfeng and the others thought that the white tiger was dissatisfied with his answer and immediately knelt down in fear.

“Senior White Tiger, please calm down!”

Patriarch Qingfeng and the other cultivators knelt on the ground and said to the white tiger.

When the white tiger heard the voice below, it thought that it had a new idea. Its body moved again and saw a group of cultivators kneeling on the ground below.

Bang! The white tiger’s body moved, and another earthquake shook the mountains. Patriarch Qingfeng and the others trembled in their hearts.

The white tiger looked down and was about to say something when it saw Lin Ruomiao walking out of the cave.

His eyes lit up, and he put away his White Tiger Dharma Power. He turned into a little kitten again and ran towards Lin Ruomiao.

When he saw Lin Ruomiao, the white tiger stopped thinking. Anyway, no matter what they wanted to do, he could just slap them to death.

However, Lin Ruomiao was different. Monkey and Black Tortoise had to rely on Daoist Master Big Sun many times to persuade their master.

Now that Lin Ruomiao was here, he would follow her back. When the time came, even if Master woke up, he wouldn’t say anything.

When Lin Ruomiao sensed the changes outside the cave, she also walked out directly. She originally thought that there would be a fight when she came out.

She didn’t expect to see Senior White Tiger running towards her as soon as she came out.

Towards the white tiger that was walking towards her, Lin Ruomiao hurriedly said to him,”

“Senior White Tiger!”

When the white tiger saw Lin Ruomiao greeting him, he nodded in satisfaction. He thought that this little girl was sensible and said to her,”

“Little girl, when are you going back to master’s place?”

“I’ve already found the ingredients that Master gave me. I’m ready to go back now.”

Although Lin Ruomiao did not understand why the white tiger asked him this, she still answered truthfully.

Upon hearing Lin Ruomiao’s words, the white tiger nodded in satisfaction. It scratched its neck and no longer thought about what had just happened.

The moment the white tiger retracted its Dharma Idol, the pressure on Patriarch Qingfeng disappeared.

The pressure on their bodies disappeared, and Patriarch Clear Wind and the others looked in the direction of the white tiger with expressions of having survived a disaster.

The white tiger had already appeared at the entrance of the cave. Moreover, a woman had appeared beside him.

From the way they were talking, they were obviously very friendly.

There was actually someone who could communicate with a divine beast like the White Tiger on equal footing. He must be a senior with terrifying strength.

The Hidden Dragon Saintess and Qingfeng Saint Son, who were standing beside the Hidden Dragon Sect Master and Qingfeng Patriarch respectively, saw Lin Ruomiao’s figure and were terrified. They staggered. magic

“Ling ‘er, what’s wrong?”

“Feng ‘er, what’s wrong?”

Patriarch Clear Wind and the Hidden Dragon Sect Master asked them at the same time.

Logically speaking, the white tiger’s pressure had already disappeared, so there should not be such a reaction.

“Father, do you remember the mysterious senior I mentioned just now? She’s there. Moreover, those demon beasts might have been killed by her.”

The Hidden Dragon Saintess looked at Lin Ruomiao and said to the Hidden Dragon Sect Master in fear.

The Clearwind Saint Son also said,”

“Grandpa, didn’t I tell you before that the woman I like is her?”

As he spoke, the Clearwind Saint Son did not even dare to look at Lin Ruomiao out of fear and hid behind Patriarch Clearwind.

Hearing their words, Patriarch Qingfeng and the Hidden Dragon Sect’s sect master almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Of all the people the two of you could provoke, you actually provoked this senior.

Looking at how close he was to the white tiger, if they were to argue, they would not be able to escape today.

What a scam!

“I’ve decided. For the sake of the Clear Wind Sect’s inheritance, if that senior doesn’t forgive you, I won’t have you as my grandson anymore.”

Patriarch Clearwind looked at Clearwind Saint Son and said slowly.

What a joke. That God Emperor Realm ancestor Huang Shu had suppressed them so much that they could not raise their heads.

If they offended the White Tiger, they would have to become his food, just like that Emperor God.

No, perhaps Senior White Tiger wouldn’t take a fancy to them and would only slap them to death.

“Brother Qingfeng, I admire you. I have the same thoughts. If Ling ‘er can’t get that senior’s forgiveness, 1 can’t do anything about it.”

When he spoke, the Hidden Dragon Sect Master revealed a sense of powerlessness.

It couldn’t be helped. Who asked their Holy Sons and Holy Daughters to offend such a terrifying existence?

Even if they were reasonable, they wouldn’t dare to say anything.

The Qingfeng Saint Son and the Hidden Dragon Saintess ‘faces turned ashen when they heard their words.

Clear Wind Saint Son shed tears of regret and said to Patriarch Clear Wind,”

“Grandpa, I don’t want to die. 1 don’t want to die!”

The movements of Patriarch Clear Wind and the Hidden Dragon Sect’s sect master naturally attracted the attention of Lin Ruomiao and White Tiger.

White Tiger casually glanced at them. He naturally did not know about the matter between them and Lin Ruomiao.

Even if he knew, he wouldn’t be interested in it.

And those matters were merely fleeting clouds to Lin Ruomiao, and she had long forgotten them to the back of her mind.

Patriarch Qingfeng and the Hidden Dragon Sect Master saw Lin Ruomiao looking in their direction.

Thinking that Lin Ruomiao was about to come over to denounce her, he immediately pulled his Holy Sons and Holy Daughters to Lin Ruomiao.

He knelt down before Lin Ruomiao and slowly said,”

“Senior, my daughter (boy) is not sensible, please punish her.”

Lin Ruomiao didn’t know what they were doing. She only remembered what had happened when she saw the Hidden Dragon Saintess and the Clear Wind Saint Son.

Having just harvested the passion fruit, Lin Ruomiao was in a good mood. With the white tiger beside her, she said to Patriarch Qingfeng and the others,

“There’s no need. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

Although Lin Ruomiao didn’t care about their previous behavior, it didn’t mean that she would interact with them.

Under the fearful gazes of Patriarch Qingfeng and the others, Lin Ruomiao walked to the side with the white tiger beside her.

In the end, the only ones left were Patriarch Qingfeng and the others with blank expressions..

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