God of Contracts: Strongest Businessman

Chapter 15 Isabella

Chapter 15 Isabella

In the meantime, El could easily discern her thoughts from her expression and simply shook his head. This scenario had played out a dozen times before, and he knew it all too well.

El chose to remain as a standby observer, refraining from intervening in their relationship. His relationship with Lys was quite straightforward. Lys had grown up alongside Elian and had always regarded El as a protective and caring older brother figure. Several reasons contributed to this perception.

Firstly, El displayed a remarkable level of maturity, even when Elian was still quite young. Secondly, Lys found it incredibly easy to confide in El, sharing her worries and concerns without hesitation. Despite El's typically cold demeanor and seemingly disinterested countenance, Lys was acutely aware that he always paid attention to her, often offering valuable advice and guidance..

In fact, El held a genuine fondness for Lys because, much like himself, she shared the same profound desire to protect Elian, who held a special place in both of their hearts.

Although his intention is to remain a passive observer, El couldn't ignore Lys's inquiries. He felt compelled to respond.

"Lys, don't overthink it," he began, "Elian genuinely cares about you."

He continued, "It's just that when he delves into his experiments, the rest of the world tends to fade into the background."

Lys stepped back and lifted her head, acknowledging that El's words held truth but her sadness still lingered, a testament to how deeply she cared for

Elian's well-being. She was well aware of Elian's tendencies, perhaps more than anyone else. However, this awareness didn't mean she would simply let it slide. In fact, she was anticipating Elian's attempts to coax her into forgiveness.

El, observing her expression, shook his head in mild amusement. He couldn't help but think that this girl had her quirks. Nonetheless, as long as she continued to care deeply for Elian, it was a matter that didn't concern him.

In any case, El had other tasks to attend to now that Elian would be unavailable for a few days. However, his immediate priority was taking care of himself and having a meal. Elian hadn't eaten for three days, a testament to his ability to resist hunger, a skill he had honed over the years.

Elian's experiments frequently required extended periods of unwavering concentration, causing hunger and sleep to become irrelevant distractions long ago.

Thankfully, given his level of cultivation, this would only impact his mind and not his physical health.

He turned to Lys and requested, "Could you please arrange for the kitchen to prepare a meal for me?" Lys nodded and promptly retrieved her phone from her bosom, sending a message to a friend on the chef team.

She swiftly received her answer and turned to El, stating, "It'll be ready in an hour. Do you want some snacks while waiting?" She then returned her phone to her bosom.

El shook his head at Lys's question, still slightly flabbergasted. He inquired, "Why don't you keep your phone in your space ring?" El had known Lys since childhood, so he had never really been conscious of her bosom. However, seeing her retrieve her phone had left him a bit taken aback.

In response, Lys smiled with a mischievous glint in her eye and asked, "I just prefer having my phone on me. Does it disturb you?"

As El saw her smile, he immediately grasped her playful intent. She was clearly doing this on purpose. Yet, he couldn't help but wonder how Elian would react if he were in his place. The thought made him imagine Elian blushing uncontrollably. magic

Thinking to himself, 'This girl!', El decided to put an end to the topic. He suggested, "Let's go wait in the dining room," and without waiting for her response, he walked towards the exit of his room.

Lys simply smiled in response and followed him. Meanwhile in Thorne residence, Kitchen

The kitchen at the Thorne residence was a spacious and well-appointed culinary hub. Beyond its professional-grade appliances and granite countertops, it featured a cozy adjoining room where chefs could relax.

Nine chefs occupied the room, predominantly male, save for one petite woman who stood out with her delicate features. She had an average height, a slender frame, and her warm brown eyes shimmered with boundless enthusiasm. Her expressive face frequently brightened with a radiant smile, while her smooth, light caramel skin exuded a natural glow. Typically, she wore her neatly tied hair in a bun, adding to her professional appearance.

Having just finished preparing a hearty lunch for the household workers alongside her colleagues, she decided to take a moment to relax. With her earphones in place, she immersed herself in the world of online videos featuring chefs creating dishes. Amidst this tranquil interlude, her serenity was suddenly interrupted by a notification.

[Maid Princess: Young Master requires a meal. 3-days menu.]

"Maid Princess" was a special title bestowed upon Lysandra, signifying her unique role as both a dedicated maid and a trusted confidante to the Thorne family's sole heir.

Upon reading the message, she swiftly stood up and exclaimed, "Young master needs his meal, a 3-days menu."

The resting chefs immediately sprang into action, understanding the urgency of the situation. They were also familiar with the last part of her message, a code created by Lysandra to indicate the number of days Elian had gone without a proper meal. Elian's penchant for skipping meals during his intense experiments necessitated this secret code. It allowed the kitchen staff to prepare a meal tailored to his specific needs, ensuring he received the nourishment required to sustain him after prolonged periods of intense focus.

Rising to their feet, they collectively shifted their attention towards Isabella. One of them inquired, "Isabella, what menu would you recommend?"

Indeed, despite her youth among the chefs, all eyes naturally gravitated towards Isabella. The reason for this was quite straightforward-Isabella held the unique role of being Elian's dedicated chef for nutrition. This distinction stemmed from Elian's deep appreciation for her exceptional talent in crafting exotic dishes.

It wasn't that the other chefs lacked the ability to prepare the same dishes as Isabella; rather, none of them possessed her unique specialization in the art. That's why, despite being just twenty years old, Julia had appointed her as Elian's personal chef two years ago. Isabella had been the one to prepare Elian's breakfast just three days prior, though his melancholy had prevented him from savoring it as he typically would.

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