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Chapter 23 Full focus

Chapter 23 Full focus

Sylv embarked on the meticulous task of examining neural connections one by one, painstakingly isolating those that exhibited irregularities. This work demanded not only an extraordinary level of control but also a profound understanding of the human brain to prevent any unintended damage.

Despite her innate inclination to aid those in need, Sylv wasn't certain she would undertake such an exhaustive endeavor if not for her friendship with Julia. The seconds ticked by like hours as she delved into the complex task. In the end, Sylv successfully wrapped up her assessment in just a few seconds, although those moments seemed to stretch into an eternity for her. When she finally examined her findings, they revealed about a thousand problematic neural connections. But within that vast array, one discovery stood out as particularly surprising.

Sylv found herself quite taken aback by the unexpected results, as this was a novel experience for her. With extensive expertise in her field, she couldn't even recall the last time she had encountered a "first" as a healer. However, as a knowledge-hungry researcher, she couldn't help but welcome such a unique case.

Her mind raced with anticipation. She envisioned the new discoveries she might make, the uncharted territories she could explore, and the potential breakthroughs on the horizon. But her reverie was swiftly interrupted.

"Sylv!" Julia's urgent voice reverberated in her mind, jolting Sylv back to reality. She observed her friend's wide grin and distant gaze, quickly realizing her lapse. As a longtime friend of Sylv, Julia could guess the reason for her excitement, but she couldn't allow it to continue, not when her daughter still exhibited signs of distress.

"Sorry!" Sylv immediately responded, acknowledging her momentary lapse. She couldn't believe she had zoned out in the midst of the procedure.

"Let's address this issue first," Sylv thought with determination after regaining her focus. Her first priority was to alleviate Lysandra's current distress. Sylv could make an educated guess about where to begin, considering that Lys was likely experiencing intense nightmares. While she couldn't discern the exact content of Lys's dreams with her medical skills, the signs of hyperactivity in the amygdala were clear indicators.

The amygdala, a small, almond-shaped structure deep within the brain, played a central role in processing emotions, especially fear. In Lys's case, it was lighting up like a Christmas tree, showcasing the profound fear she was enduring. Typically, dealing with such a problem would be straightforward for Sylv; she could simply deactivate the synapses responsible for dreaming, something she had done many times before.

"As I suspected," she murmured to herself.

However, there was a twist. Deactivating the synapses seemed to work initially, but the problem persisted. The synapses were still active, and Sylv wasn't particularly surprised by this outcome. Her analysis had led her to conclude that the nightmares were merely symptoms of a more profound issue. What she had just done initially worked by deactivating the synapses, but without addressing the root cause, the symptoms-Lys's nightmares-restarted immediately. Notably, these nightmares were intrinsically linked to the root problem.

Sylv had anticipated this situation and decided to give it a try despite her expectations. Healing wasn't an exact science, and even with a comprehensive understanding of the human body, there remained unexplained phenomena. Sylv hoped for a miracle that might bring relief to Lys by tackling the nightmares before delving into the root issue. magic

Temporarily unable to alleviate Lysandra's distress, Sylv realized that she needed to address the root of the issue first. She had an idea of the brain region where the problem was hosted, but the precise nature of the issue eluded her. However, this was more than sufficient to ignite Sylv's passion as a researcher. How could it not? While she had long suspected that the problem resided in the brain, her recent discovery revealed that it wasn't solely a cerebral matter but involved the very essence of the soul!

Indeed, the soul appeared to be the underlying source of Lys's affliction, with the brain serving as a mere conduit for the soul's turmoil. This revelation excited Sylv on a profound level. She didn't have many cases of patients with soul conditions. This wasn't surprising. There were very few beings who could survive long enough to experience the healing of a troubled soul. Discovering such a case in a 13-year-old human girl was indeed a remarkable occurrence. If it weren't for her dear friend, Sylv might have spent years meticulously analyzing and attempting to comprehend the extraordinary resilience of this apparently frail individual with a flawed soul.

However, she was aware that it was improbable for her to answer all her questions in one go. Her main priority was Lys, and she hoped to gain insight into this unique case while healing her soul.

But before delving into this intricate task, Sylv telepathically informed Julia, "Julia, this situation is more complex than I initially thought. I'll require my complete concentration to address it." She understood the need for an uninterrupted focus during the soul operation, as any error in the process could prove fatal to Lys.

Julia, on the other hand, was in disbelief. How many times had she witnessed Sylv's complete concentration during a healing session? Never, not even once. In fact, she was confident that such occurrences could be counted on one hand. This unusual focus from Sylv left Julia deeply concerned, and she couldn't help but furrow her brows as she contemplated what it might signify for Lys's situation.

"Is there a problem?" El inquired, noticing her furrowed brow. Julia responded, "Not much, just a bit more complex than I anticipated."

Julia held unwavering faith in Sylv's abilities. Although Sylv required her full concentration, it didn't change the fact that Sylv was a healer with a flawless record, having never lost a patient. This record included war veterans of Julia's own caliber, and Julia had no doubt that Sylv would successfully heal the young girl. There was simply no room for failure in Julia's mind.

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