Heart Stealer Young Master Bo

Chapter 13

Don’t Brother Jiang Recognize Me?

Shi Qinglan was dressed in a clean uniform without a hitch of makeup on her face. The blue and white skirt made her legs look even fairer and longer. She walked straight into the classroom and stood in front of Jiang Zhi.

“You…” Jiang Zhi froze up at that moment. magic

The girl had an intricate face. Her oval-shaped face was fair, and her bright eyes had a gleam in them. She was so beautiful that she took his breath away.

“D-Damn.” Jiang Zhi couldn’t believe his eyes.

And it wasn’t only him. The other students also froze on the spot upon seeing Shi Qinglan. Some of them even pinched themselves to make sure that they weren’t dreaming.

The loser who was always crazy and messy…

How did she become so pretty today!?

“What?” Shi Qinglan threw her bag on her seat and pouted. “Doesn’t Brother Jiang recognize me?”

Jiang Zhi looked at her in a stun with his mouth agape.

The girl had a brilliant smile, and she was dazzling. Even her presence seemed to make people want to bow to her.

“How did… how did you become like this?” Jiang Zhi finally regained his wits. “And… and you are not a dimwit anymore.”

He had never seen such a beautiful girl in his life. His classmate, who shared a table with him, had become such a breathtaking beauty out of the blue. Suddenly, Jiang Zhi felt uncomfortable as he could see that pretty face every time he turned his head.

Shi Qinglan chuckled. “I have always looked like this.”

She had already known to act ugly and stupid in the orphanage since she was three years old. This was her only protective cover and also her weapon against Bo Yucheng.

The facts had proven that this pretense was extremely stupid…

“Then, before this, you…”

Jiang Zhi stared at her sideways. The girl was unpacking her books with her eyes looking downward. Her eyelashes were long and curly, and her lips were relaxed and slightly open. All in all, she looked like an alluring vixen.

He quickly shifted his gaze, his cheeks blushing uncontrollably. “You did that on purpose in the past?”

“Mm-hm,” Shi Qinglan replied.

She placed the book for the next period on the table and turned to look at Jiang Zhi. She gave him a dazzling smile as she winked with her left eye and said, “Brother Jiang, I will be protecting you in the future.”

In the past, Jiang Zhi was the only one protecting her in Ming City High School.

He was the school’s boss, and he was willing to be enemies with everyone because of the justice in his heart. He was never disgusted or disdainful with her, even when she was an ugly dimwit.

Jiang Zhi, “…” He felt a little overwhelmed.

After a day, the news of Shi Qinglan being a great beauty had spread throughout the school. There were even people who came to the senior class of 3-1 to see her charm for themselves.

“Scram, scram, scram! Get lost, all of you!”

Jiang Zhi slung his backpack over his shoulders and stood at the classroom door with annoyance. He stared at the blocking people. “Go home now. Don’t make me beat you up.”

Shi Qinglan stood behind him, pressing her red lips together.

She gave the youngster a disdainful look before walking past him. Shi Qinglan pushed the onlookers aside and prepared to make her way home.

“Wait for me, Little Qingqing!” Jiang Zhi was afraid that she would be bullied, so he quickly followed after her.

Indeed, Shi Qinglan was targeted as soon as she left the school premises.

Shen Fengzhen was crying hysterically. She threw herself at Shi Qinglan as soon as she saw her walk out. “Xiaolan, we, the Shen Family, have been saving and scrimping to bring you up for the past ten years. How could you be so ungrateful and slander your sister?

“Even if you don’t have a grateful heart and are unwilling to donate your bone marrow to save her, you cannot call the police and accuse her of arson…”

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