Heart Stealer Young Master Bo

Chapter 23

23 Teacher, I Have A Big Business Deal Close To A Hundred Million Last Week

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Liao Hongmei was the best chemistry teacher and also the homeroom teacher of Class 3-2 next door, so she had never liked Class 3-1.

“Class representative, come and distribute the test papers!”

She knocked on the test papers with her fingers and scanned the students with a stern expression. “Some of your scores were even lower than your age for this chemistry test! And, I can’t even remember how many times a certain student missed the test!”

Liao Hongmei glared at Shi Qinglan fiercely.

And this girl happened to be listening to music on her headphones.

She had wanted to cut off the discussion, so she began to doodle musical notes on a piece of paper.

“Sister Qing.” Jiang Zhi snuck a glance at Madam Kill-all warily and bumped her with his elbow. “Sister Qing!” magic

“Yes?” Shi Qinglan regained her wits and said.

As she was wearing headphones, her volume was higher than she intended to. She sensed many eyes focusing on her, so she raised her head to look at the clock on the wall-Oh, it was time for class.

“Shi Qinglan!” Liao Hongmei banged on the blackboard.

The girl’s beautiful eyes blinked as she looked at the teacher. She reached out to remove her headphones.

At the same time, Shi Qinglan crushed the paper full of musical notes and threw it under her table. She then obediently stood up to listen to the teacher’s lecture.

“Tell me how many times have you missed the test?!”

Liao Hongmei walked to Shi Qinglan and threw the blank test papers onto her face. It got stuck there. “Explain to me, what was so important that made you unable to come for the test?!”

Shi Qinglan could only see a patch of white in front of her.

She removed the test paper and gave Jiang Zhi a side glance. She said, stepping on her toes, “When was our previous test?”

Liao Hongmei: “...”

She was so furious with Shi Qinglan that she almost fainted!

Class 3-1 and Class 3-2 were the creme de la creme, so she didn’t know how a bad egg had managed to get in.

“Last Tuesday. Class test,” Jiang Zhi said in a hushed voice.

Shi Qinglan suddenly recalled and smiled. “Teacher, I had to personally handle a big business deal close to a hundred million last Tuesday. I promise I will make time for the next test.”

The class erupted into laughter.

Even Jiang Zhi fell into silence as he held his forehead. He had no idea how to save her now.

“You...” Liao Hongmei pointed at her nose with a pale face. “Come to my office after class!”

Shi Qinglan pursed her red lips and sat down after nodding.

She propped her head on her hand as she flipped through the easy-peasy test paper. She was secretly glad that she didn’t take part in this stupid test.

Jiang Zhi gave her a thumbs-up. “Sister Qing, it’s fine to lie about a hundred million business deal, but you still went on to say that you will try to make it for the test. You’ve got guts.”

“You don’t believe me?” Shi Qinglan narrowed her beautiful eyes.

She really had something on last week. There was a pandemic at F State, so the world’s top institute for medical research had invited her to help create a vaccine. Hence, she had flown overseas and couldn’t make it back in time for the test.

Jiang Zhi gave her two fake laughs. “Believe. I believe you, okay?”

Shi Qinglan raised her eyebrows, an inexplicable gleam in her eyes. She tossed the papers aside and didn’t try to speak again.

She wasn’t going to hide her identity in this life...

The problem was, who would believe that she was the top expert in the medical field and the heir of a prestigious institute for medical research while she was still preparing for her national high school exam?

“Sister Qing, why don’t I explain the test papers to you?” Jiang Zhi pushed his notes over to her when he noticed her lack of interest in the lesson.

Although he was the boss of Ming City High School, he was a brainiac among the delinquents, so he was smart enough.

Shi Qinglan threw him a couple of disdainful glances. “No need.”

“Then, I can only help you to cheat at the next test. Otherwise, you will definitely be scolded because you will fail,” Jiang Zhi said with a worried expression.

Shi Qinglan: “...”

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