Heart Stealer Young Master Bo

Chapter 25

25 Doctor! Do We Have A Doctor Here?!

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The discussion about Shi Qinglan was still going strong.

The male students were trying their best to see her beauty for themselves, while the female students were condemning her about the Shen Fengzhen’s matter. When school was over, colorful banners were raised outside the front gate.

“Adopted a girl out of goodwill, but she was an ungrateful ingrate!”

“Condemning Ming City High School’s Shi Qinglan for being disloyal and unfilial!”

“Seeking justice for my maligned biological daughter!”

Shen Fengzhen had hired some bulky men to stand on the streets near Ming City High School with accusation and condemnation banners. They created a scene during the peak period of people going off work and school.

“Sister Qing.” Jiang Zhi halted his steps even before he reached the school gates.

He pointed his chin toward them and then pushed up his sleeves. “Let me go and tear them down!”

Shi Qinglan raised her gaze and then blinked her eyes.

She pouted her lips in a semi-smile. “Would it really help to tear them down?”

Jiang Zhi frowned as he calmed his raging emotions, “We also can’t let them continue on like this!”

“Let them.” Shi Qinglan laughed out loud.

She smiled radiantly, and in that instant, all the flowers in the city seemed to have bloomed at the same time yet lost their colors in front of her.

Jiang Zhi was momentarily dazed as he heard the girl say leisurely, “If the issue gets bigger, it is going to hurt Shen Ruxue more. If Shen Fengzhen doesn’t mind shaming her daughter, I don’t mind either.”

The surveillance cameras had recorded the whole process.

It was already confirmed that Shen Ruxue had caused the fire. Even though she didn’t have to go to jail, as it wasn’t a deliberate arson, she would still have to suffer a bit.

“Do you think the police station is only for show?” Shi Qinglan was smiling brilliantly. “Let’s wait and see. The police are very efficient, so they should be putting a notice by now.”

She lowered her eyes and fiddled with her school bag’s straps nonchalantly. But there was a hint of coldness and craftiness when one looked at her side profile. magic

Jiang Zhi was staring at Shi Qinglan in a daze.

The girl was wearing the plainest school uniform and carrying the most common canvas bag, but she had a queen’s attitude and a confident aura that seemed to be in total control.

“I’m going to walk out of the school like this, bright and above board.”

Shi Qinglan raised her chin and walked straight toward the banner.

Jiang Zhi quickly regained his wits and caught up with her.

Shen Fengzhen’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw Shi Qinglan come out. She pointed at her and screamed in a shrill voice, “That’s her!”

Hearing that, the bulky men holding the banners all rushed over.

Shi Qinglan smiled lightly. “Madam Shen, do you know that you could be joining your daughter in the police station by gathering a crowd to incite chaos here?”

“Don’t... don’t try to bluff me!” Shen Fengzhen paled. “How did seeking justice become gathering a crowd to incite chaos?! The police would be catching you even if they came!”

Shi Qinglan smirked when she heard that.

“Then, why don’t we try?” She pouted and took out her cell phone to call the police. Just as she was about to place the phone to her ear, a commotion broke out at the side.

“Don’t squeeze! There’s nothing to see here! An old person has fallen down here. Can you all go away?”

The smile on Shi Qinglan’s face vanished. She had no qualms with Shen Fengzhen creating a scene, but it became a whole different thing when it caused a stampede. Furthermore, an old person was involved...

“Doctor! Do we have a doctor here?! The elder seems to be having a heart attack. Anyone here knows about first-aid?”

Shi Qinglan’s eyes turned cold, and she canceled the call to the police. She glanced at Jiang Zhi. “Call an ambulance now. I’m going there to have a look.”

“Huh?” Jiang Zhi was befuddled.

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