Heart Stealer Young Master Bo

Chapter 28

28 Where Did You Say Lanlan Is At?!

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Ji Lin smiled. “This way, please!”

Shi Qinglan glanced at Shen Fengzhen and then followed Ji Lin and the paramedics up onto the ambulance. The crowd also dissipated.

In a daze, Jiang Zhi watched his Sister Qing disappear as he processed whatever happened. “F*ck...”

He scratched his head and realized he was still holding Shi Qinglan’s phone, so he decided to call a cab to follow the ambulance to the hospital.

Shen Fengzhen glared at that ambulance.

“Darn lass!”

Not only did she fail to get some money out of that situation, but she had also hired all these people and banners for nothing!


The old man fell asleep from exhaustion after regaining consciousness for a while.

The paramedics in the ambulance put an oxygen mask on him. They asked detailed questions about his condition, which Shi Qinglan answered one by one.

“Young lady, your CPR was very well done,” the paramedics praised with a smile. “Can the family member please fill in the patient’s information?”

Ji Lin received the form from the paramedic.

On the line that said “Patient’s Name,” he wrote... Shi Fu!

The ambulance soon arrived at the hospital, and the old man was sent to the emergency room. Waiting outside with Ji Lin, Shi Qinglan was suddenly reminded of the lonely Bo Yucheng who was waiting for her at home. She sighed.

“Since your master is already safely in the hospital, I doubt he’ll be in any danger. Can I go now?”

Ji Lin paused for a while as he thought for a reason to make her stay behind. “Miss, if you’re not in a hurry, could you wait here with me?

“If anything else crops up, I wouldn’t be able to handle it... But don’t worry, our young master is on his way to the hospital. You just need to wait until he arrives.”

Shi Qinglan: “...”

She leaned against the white-tiled wall with her red lips pressed together gently. It looked like she had quietly agreed to stay with him.

Ji Lin let out a silent sigh of relief. The main reason for making her stay was that he had not even gotten her name yet, and the old master would blame him for that once he regained consciousness. Waiting for the young master to arrive would be a wiser choice.


Bo Yucheng was ordered not to wear a shirt.

He sat languidly on the chair in the study with his arms propped up on the table. He did not dare to lean into the chair for fear that it might touch the wound, and his wife would scold him when she returned home for being disobedient.

It was way past the time Shi Qinglan should be back from school.

Bo Yucheng knitted his brows. He unhappily looked at his phone and called her.


Just as Jiang Zhi arrived at Mingcheng Hospital, the phone in his hand suddenly vibrated. He got such a fright that he almost dropped it.

He looked at the caller ID, which indicated “Cheng,” and recalled the man who had come after school yesterday. He hesitated for a while before picking up the call. magic

“Lanlan.” Bo Yucheng’s deep and husky voice came from the speaker. He continued, “Why aren’t you home yet, hm?”

Jiang Zhi’s hand almost turned into jelly. Still, he braced himself and answered, “Ermm...”

“Who are you?” Bo Yucheng squinted his long eyes. When he heard a man’s voice coming from the phone speaker, his voice turned cold. “Where’s Lanlan?”

Jiang Zhi could immediately feel a chill coming from the other end. It traveled down his spine, and his palm started perspiring. “Sister Qing is now at Mingcheng Hospital...”

When Bo Yucheng heard that, he sprang to his feet. His grip on his phone stiffened, and he felt his chest tighten. “Where did you say Lanlan is at?!”

“Mingcheng Hospital. She...”

Before Jiang Zhi could even finish his sentence, Bo Yucheng hung up the call. He grabbed a random shirt and put it on before rushing out of the manor, and to the hospital.

Jiang Zhi: “...”

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