Heart Stealer Young Master Bo

Chapter 7

How Is Shi Qinglan Still Alive!

“Ah–” Shen Ruxue shrieked.

She staggered backward, and her face lost color as she almost fell onto the ground.

Shao Mingzhe quickly supported her, but when he saw Shi Qinglan, he was also shocked. “You… you, you…”

Shi Qinglan grinned as she gazed at the two.

The red dress wrapped around her fair, delicate skin, making her beautiful face look like it was white porcelain. She was already very fair and pretty. Her lips were red and her teeth were white, so when she descended from above with a smile…

“Ghost… ghost! A ghost–”

Shen Ruxue was scared out of her wits. Her eyes widened with fear, and her body shook beyond her control.

Shi Qinglan had walked into the school building with her!

She saw, with her own two eyes, that she did not jump out!

How could she still be alive… How!?

“Is that… is that Shi Qinglan?” someone asked.

At this moment, Shi Qinglan was facing Shen Ruxue and Shao Mingzhe, so only her back was visible to others. They could only see her red silhouette but not her face…

It really did look like a female ghost.

Shen Ruxue was flustered, so much that she felt like she was going to suffocate.

She watched as the girl in red moved closer. Her back was drenched in a cold sweat, and she subconsciously took a few steps back…

“Ruxue?” Shao Mingzhe looked at her, puzzled.

Although he was in disbelief when Shi Qinglan first appeared, or maybe he was a little disappointed that she was still alive, he definitely was not as frightened as Shen Ruxue.

“My dear sister, what are you afraid of?” Shi Qinglan questioned with a smile as she walked even closer.

Shen Ruxue’s teeth were already chattering. “You… you…”

She was a bit disorientated. Fear had already overwhelmed her, and she could not even tell if the girl before her was alive or dead, or if she was hallucinating!

Besides, why was this b*tch so beautiful, even as a ghost!

“Brother Zhe, can… can you see her?” Shen Ruxue grabbed Shao Mingzhe’s arm. “Is it my hallucination?”

Shao Mingzhe found it even more suspicious because her reaction was a bit too extreme.

He nodded. “I see her. Xiaolan is right in front of us. Xiaolan, you’re not dead, that’s great…”

While speaking, he sized up Shi Qinglan and was taken aback. He was bewitched by her beauty.

Hearing such hypocritical words coming out from a jerk, Shi Qinglan smiled sarcastically.

She stared at Shao Mingzhe. Her gaze was like an icy knife, stabbing right into his heart and making the man shudder inside.

“Oh?” Shi Qinglan smiled. “Brother Zhe, are you really that happy that I am not dead?”

Even though she was smiling, her tone was cold.

Despite feeling a little guilty, Shao Mingzhe knew that Shi Qinglan loved him. Even if she realized that he was just exploiting her feelings for him, she probably wouldn’t bring herself to do anything…

He gave her a gentle smile. “Of course. Xiaolan, you’re lucky to have survived. Quick, let me see if you’re hurt… Ah!”

Shao Mingzhe was reaching out to Shi Qinglan when the latter suddenly grabbed the back of his shoulder and gave it a twist. The next instant, a penetrating sound of bone cracking resounded. magic

“Xiaolan, you…” The man turned pale.

His forehead was dripping with cold sweat because of the sharp pain. However, he focused on the girl who had attacked him in disbelief.

Shi Qinglan’s face still had that smile. She held onto Shao Mingzhe’s shoulder with one hand and his wrist with the other. She moved in and said with a smile, “Are you still happy now?”

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