I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 13.1 The fairy tale of Cinderella and the Prince! Part 1

Chapter 13 The fairy tale of Cinderella and the Prince!

Lin Yuan was a Gao Fushuai, and this sort of movement from him had a very lethal attraction for the opposite sex.

At that moment, the women in the surroundings wished they could replace Qiu Wanxi.

【Ding! Qiu Wanxi favourability +10! 】

【Ding! Reward 200 counterattack points! 】

The system’s rewards prompt sounded quickly in his mind.

“I forgot to ask, did you have lunch?” Lin Yuan asked as they left the ice cream shop.

“No... I haven’t,” Qiu Wanxi replied meekly.

“It is not good to eat ice cream on an empty stomach. However, lunchtime has passed. I will take you to eat cake then.” Lin Yuan stated.

“No ... no need...”

Before Qiu Wanxi could finish her words, she was directly pulled to the front passenger seat by Lin Yuan. The kidnapped victim was then conveniently tied up with a safety belt.

Qiu Wanxi was finally led by Lin Yuan into a very high-end cake shop.

“What cake do you want to eat?” Lin Yuan asked magic

Qiu Wanxi didn’t speak, but just kept shaking her head.

The interior decoration of the home-made cake shop was much better than that of the ice cream shop they had visited before. Thus, consumption would be higher here.

She was too embarrassed to spend Lin Yuan’s money again. However, she did not dare to oppose Lin Yuan, so she shook her head vigorously.

Lin Yuan was not concerned, he smiling said, “If you don’t order, then I will order for you.”

The level of consumption in this cake shop was indeed not low.

Each person would need to spend thousands of yuan for a pastry, and an entire cake would cost hundreds of thousands.

This was of course, a trivial sum for Lin Yuan.

Two Black Forest cakes were soon served.

The cake was decorated extremely exquisitely, like a piece of art.

The chocolate on the cake was decorated with pink cherries, which gave one the urge to take a bite.


Qiu Wanxi swallowed saliva gently, even though the sound was tiny, but Lin Yuan heard it.

“Eat as much as you want, don’t be scared, I have already ordered them, and it will be wasted if you don’t eat.” Lin Yuan laughed and moved his fork to eat.

Qiu Wanxi’s favourite cake is the Black Forest cake, which is a beautiful memory of her childhood.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, her cheeks turned red.

She finally summoned her courage under the encouragement of Lin Yuan and raised her fork to eat the cake.

“Do you like this cake? The Black Forest cake has a lot of chocolate and might be slightly bitter,” Lin Yuan stated.

“Um! I love it! My favourite cake is the Black Forest cake!”

“Although it is a bit bitter, however, after the bitterness of chocolate, you can taste the sweetness and sourness of cherries. I really like this taste. My mother bought me one when I was a kid, and I have never forgotten it ever since.”

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