I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 15.2 What’s your dream? Part 2

Lin Yuan did not expect that after finishing her story, Qiu Wanxi ran away in the forward direction. She ran away very quickly and suddenly, making it a tricky escape.

However, Qiu Wanxi, a malnourished girl, couldn’t compare to Lin Yuan in physical fitness. Lin Yuan quickly chased for dozens of meters, and then took her hand.

“Why are you running away?” Lin Yuan asked.

At this time, looking at Qiu Wanxi’s tear-stained face, made people feel a sense of pity. The passer-by uncles and aunts kept their calm in the face of the situation, as they thought that the young couple had a falling out.

After panting for a few breaths, Qiu Wanxi lowered her head and explained meekly, “I... I didn’t want to tell you that I am sick.”

“Why?” Lin Yuan asked.

Qiu Wanxi clenched the corner of her clothes tightly and said nervously: “Because you are rich, I’m afraid that after I said it, you will think I know you have money and wanted to cheat you, so I deliberately said I was sick. I ran away, so you won’t think I wanted to swindle your money.”

Lin Yuan laughed and said: “You can run away from me with your short legs! As you said, I can still say that you pretended to run on purpose.”

“I didn’t! I really didn’t!” Qiu Wanxi cried anxiously after hearing Lin Yuan’s words, repeatedly explaining.

Lin Yuan’s placed his hand on Qiu Wanxi’s head again, “Be at ease, I believe you.”

“I just want to tell you that if you want to cheat somebody, there are many methods to do so. But I believe you.”

Lin Yuan knew Qiu Wanxi’s character and knew that Qiu Wanxi had spoken the truth.

She had told him that she was sick under his guidance to speak. In the original novel, Qiu Wanxi was a girl brimming with hope and did not ask anyone for help.

“Thank you...Thank you, Master Lin!” Qiu Wanxi grabbed Lin Yuan’s hand, and her heart was very moved.

Lin Yuan’s trust is a great affirmation to someone like her who has an inferiority complex.

【Ding! Counterattack point +200]

The system sent him the reward prompt.

Lin Yuan touched his pocket, took out 100 yuan, and handed it to Qiu Wanxi.

“Pay your salary.” Lin Yuan said.

“Ah! Out of the question! I can’t take it! You invited me to eat so many things today!” Qiu Wanxi froze for a moment, and then repeatedly waved her hands to refuse.

“Don’t tell me that 100 yuan is not worth accompanying me for half a day? Is my time so worthless?” Lin Yuan directly pulled Qiu Wanxi’s little hand and stuffed the money into it.

Qiu Wanxi did not dare resist. She held onto the 100 yuan note with a red face.

“Oh, by the way, what is your dream?” Lin Yuan blurted out the question suddenly.

Qiu Wanxi’s eyes suddenly lit up, hearing Lin Yuan’s words like a light shining in the darkness.


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