I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 3 Total Assets: 5 Billion

Didn’t he always yearn to be married to her? In the past, Lin Yuan would come to her as soon as possible and court her using various means. He would be her shadow tagging along everywhere with her. But today, he cannot refrain from keeping a distance from her and treats her coldly. Furthermore, he is taking the initiative to retire from marriage!

“Are you serious?” Yan Ruyue asked in disbelief.

Lin Yuan nodded, “I’m serious. I used to be ignorant and didn’t consider your feelings before. Now I have thought about it. If you have to use force to break a melon off the vine, it won’t taste sweet[1]. ”

Yan Ruyue was flabbergasted to hear Lin Yuan say that. She had thought of breaking off the engagement for a long time. The marriage contract that her assertive mother had set for her completely disgusted Yan Ruyue. She did not like the dog-licking Lin Yuan at all. She dreamed of breaking off the engagement and found it difficult to accept, given the happiness arrived so suddenly.

“Can I trouble you to tell our parents?” Yan Ruyue forced herself to stay cool-headed and stated to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan knew what Yan Ruyue meant. Their elders had fixed the marriage contract. Her mother had repeatedly rejected her demands to retire.

Lin Yuan had to say that he wanted to break off the engagement. She was afraid that he was teasing her.

“Okay, I will call my parents now.” Lin Yuan looked at Yan Ruyue and said indifferently.

Yan Ruyue was relieved after hearing Lin Yuan’s words. It seems he is serious, given he is making a call in her presence. Yan Ruyue discovered that today the eyes of Lin Yuan were extremely clear. She did not find the eagerness and possessive desire in his eyes like before, which made her loathe him. This made her a lot more comfortable.

“Thanks a lot,” Yan Ruyue’s tone was not as cold as before because today was pretty good to her, and she did not hate him as much as before.

Lin Yuan did not reply as the call had connected.

“Hello! Xiao[2] Yuan, didn’t you say you were cultivating feeling with Ruyue? How can you have time to call Mom?” Meng Yuelan was baffled to see Lin Yuan call her.

“I want to break off the engagement with Yan Ruyue.”

“I have had a proper discussion with Ruyue’s mother; you will be married within this year... Ah! What? Retire from marriage?” Meng Yuelan was shocked to hear Lin Yuan say that. magic

“Yes, retire from marriage.”

“What is the matter with you? You can tell mom everything,” Meng Yuelan knew that her son loved Yan Ruyue a lot. She was incredibly shocked and wanted to get to the heart of the matter.

Lin Yuan, though, disinclined to explain and said directly, “You tell Dad first, I will return and explain everything to you guys.”

Lin Yuan hung up the phone after he finished talking.

“Ok?” Lin Yuan asked Yan Ruyue.

“Yeah, thanks a lot,” Yan Ruyue’s tone was much better now.

“It’s alright. Marriage goes without saying, is a matter of two individuals and depends on their wishes. If there is no freedom in marriage, then there will be no happiness.” Lin Yuan waved his hands indifferently.

“Ok.” Yan Ruyue gave Lin Yuan a surprised look. She did not expect him to voice her thoughts.

It was because her mother completely disregarded her opinion that she was so disgusted with the marriage contract.

“If it’s all right, I’ll go first.” Lin Yuan got into the car after saying that and left without hesitation.

Yan Ruyue was puzzled to see Lin Yuan drive off in his Rolls-Royce without a second thought about her.

Lin Yuan was too unusual today. It is as if they are two different people when compared to the original Lin Yuan.

Did he figure out everything?

Yan Ruyue breathed a sigh of relief, seeing Lin Yuan depart immediately.

Yan Ranyue was excited emotionally and in a cheerful mood. She felt a weight off her mind when marriage contract that had shackled her for so long was released so easily. It seemed like Lin Yuan was not so annoying after all.


“Ding! Counterattack point plus 10!”

Lin Yuan, who was driving, suddenly heard the prompt of the system in his mind.

He immediately asked, “What is this counterattack point? What’s its use?”

“The ten counterattack points were obtained because the first heroine Yan Ruyue had a slight change in the impression of the host.”

“Counterattack points can be used to increase the host’s attributes or upgrade the host’s skills,” The system explained.

“Also, this is your attribute panel, host.” The system brought up a panel while explaining.

Lin Yuan immediately saw that a dark blue panel appear in his mind.

[Host: Lin Yuan]

[Counterattack point: 10]

[Wealth value: 5 billion]


[Strength:103, Speed: 105, Reaction: 104, Charisma: 120, Physique: 110 (The average attribute of ordinary people is100)]


[Medical skills: Divine level, Car skills: Intermediate level, Violin: Intermediate level, Calligraphy: Intermediate level, English: Elementary level, ...]

[Hint: Every 100 counterattack points can increase 1 attribute value. You can also buy a new skill with 100 counterattack points. The skill can be upgraded, but the counterattack points required will double. 】

“Understood.” Lin Yuan nodded after reading it.

He has a wealth of 5 billion, and his attributes are not low either. But Lin Yuan is not surprised after all; he is a Gao Fushuai.

“By the way, Shen Lan, the protagonist Ye Feng in the book, what are his various attribute skills?” Lin Yuan asked curiously.

Lin Yuan gave the name Shen Lan[3] to the system after seeing the dark blue attribute panel. He felt that the counterattack system was not pleasing to hear.


[1] if you have to use force to break a melon off the vine, it won’t taste sweet (because it’s only when the melon is ripe that it can be removed with just a slight twist) (idiom) / fig. if sth is not meant to be, it’s no use trying to force it to happen. Do you want the literal meaning or do I post it like this? Do comment to inform me.

[2] Xiao means little. It is often used by the Chinese elder generation to speak to the younger generation who are close to them. Many families in the Indian subcontinent also use this term.

[3] Shen Lan means dark blue in Chinese

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