I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 5 Why do I feel that he has gotten more handsome?

Chapter 5 Why do I feel that he has gotten more handsome?

Although his net worth is 5 billion yuan, it includes fixed assets such as real estate, companies, etc. His liquid funds amount to about 500 million.

“There is nothing to be done here. The system does not encourage the host to use wealth to gain counterattack points but work hard to reverse the plot,” Shen Lan said grudgingly.

“How can Gao Fushuai not rely on his own money? You don’t have to persuade me anymore. First purchase fucking 100 million worth counterattack points.” Lin Yuan waved his hand exaggeratedly.

Lin Yuan converted his hundred million to one thousand counterattack points and used all of them to increase his charm.

“I am tall and rich, but not too handsome. I should not fail to live up to the name of Gao Fushuai.

Lin Yuan looked in the mirror and found that after adding the points, he had become 20% more handsome compared to before.

“The effect is good, but 100 million is not enough!”

Lin Yuan went on to convert another 200 million to counterattack points making a total conversion of 300 million into points.

He used all the points obtained from his wealth to enhance his charm attribute. He did not want to plunge his family, but rather he knows that an attractive face is vital in the society he is living in. He does not lack money; thus, it is natural to improve his attractiveness to the opposite gender. Charm is an important factor in his next plans.

Lin Yuan found himself much more handsome as he looked at the mirror after increasing his charm value.

His eyebrows were beautiful, his lips were red and teeth shiny white, his bearing was natural and generous, and he was full of spirit. His handsomeness was eye-catching. A glimpse at him in a crowd is enough to recognize him. He gave off a favourable impression to anyone at first sight.


The next day at noon.

Lin Yuan casually chose the Lamborghini Aventador from the underground garage of his villa and set off to the Yan family with the engagement book.

Seeing the Lamborghini speed along the road, countless passer-by took out their mobile phones to take pictures. The handsomeness of Lin Yuan got a lot of female students to have the pipe dream of sitting in the co-pilot. Lin Yuan did not care about this. He had dozens of cars in his underground garage, with the majority having a similar price to the one he is driving right now. As the heir to the family conglomerate of hundreds of billions, he does not lack grand villas and luxury cars. He even possesses yachts and helicopters. If it weren’t for his mother’s strict management, I am afraid he would have already embarked on the road to debauchery and extravagant lifestyle.

Due to fear of collision and the accompanying financial loss, no many vehicles were driving close to him, and Lin Yuan was able to reach his destination quickly.

It was a nice-looking, classical style renovated villa occupying an area of several thousand meters. magic

The land in Yanjing is very expensive, and having such a villa means that either the owner has a tremendous financial capability or powerful connections.

The Yan family has a large conglomerate with a net worth of hundreds of billions and is not much worse than the Lin family.

Lin Yuan had been to the Yan family villa several times before. Thus, he causally gave the car key to the respectful servant to park his car in the garage while he strode forwards.

“Lin Shao, you have not been here for a while. Recently miss ...” A delicate and pretty maid, while respectfully guiding the way, kept incessantly telling Lin Yuan about the recent state of affairs of Yan Ruyue at home.

The maid was baffled to see Lin Yuan look straight ahead and not pay attention to her words. She was very depressed as the former Lin Yuan would always ask things related to the state of affairs of Miss Yan. As long as she spoke well, she would be rewarded. Why didn’t he hear it when she is speaking loudly? He was treating her words like air.

As they reached close to the villa, the maid shut up instantly and departed quickly. Yan Ruyue, whom she was talking about, was standing at the door of the mansion and looking like she was waiting for Lin Yuan.

Yan Ruyue was wearing a plain, white dress gown; her hair draped over her shoulders. The classical style of the villa, coupled with her white dress that surpassed snow, made her a picturesque beauty. She was wearing a knee-length skirt, compared to the previous ones, which reached her ankle. It may be because she was at home today. Yan Ruyue’s figure was excellent, and her legs could be rated perfect. There were perfectly straight and smooth, even better than fashion models. The exposed calves are similar to a perfectly and meticulously sculpt white jade- they are dazzling and matchless.

However, facing such perfect beauty, Lin Yuan took a single glance at her before withdrawing his gaze. He had come to do something today and he cannot get dazed by seeing beautiful woman.

“It was my mother who asked me to wait at the door to pick you up.” Yan Ruyue explained as she was afraid that Lin Yuan thought that she was taking the initiative to wait for him.

“Ok,” Lin Yuan replied indifferently.

Yan Ruyue couldn’t help but peek at Lin Yuan’s eyes when she heard him reply indifferently.

Today is an important day for her as it symbolizes freedom and liberation. Thus, she is wearing more revealing clothes than usual.

Yan Ruyue is very clear about her appearance and figure. If she leaves her home in this dress, the eyes of the opposite sex would wish to devour her alive.

But to Yan Ruyue’s astonishment, apart from taking the customary first glance, Lin Yuan did not look at her a second time.

Lin Yuan had taken the initiative to mention breaking the engagement. Yan Ruyue had thus dressed up to make him regret what he had done (of course, she wanted to break off the engagement. It was her normal physiological reaction as she was getting divorced.)

However, Lin Yuan’s indifferent attitude gave her a sense of helplessness.

Lin Yuan seemed to be a completely different person when compared to his previous actions of licking dog.

Yan Ruyue could not help but peek at Lin Yuan again.

“Why do I feel .... that he is more handsome?” Yan Ruyue did not know why when she had just seen him yesterday.

Today she felt that Lin Yuan had become much more handsome and even attracted her, who loathes men, she was unable to restrain her emotions and glanced at him several times.

“Miss Yan...” Lin Yuan began to speak and caught Yan Ruyue stealing glances at him.

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