I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 578:

Chapter 578:

Hearing what Meng Shuixian was asking, Meng Yuelan glanced at Meng Shuixian and nodded.

Then she continued: “Right, if not Yuan’er, who else would have done it? Most of these plans were proposed by Yuan’er at the general shareholders meeting. All of the shareholders of the company knew and approved of it and have been working hard to make such adjustments according to his plans and directions.”

After getting acknowledgment from Meng Yuelan, Meng Shuixian and Meng Yiyi who were just listening widened their eyes and their small mouths opened slightly from shock.

Although Meng Yuelan and Lin Jianjun talked just now and mentioned Lin Yuan a few times, they still could not believe that he could be really behind it all.

Both Meng Shuixian and Meng Yiyi were very shocked.

These are huge plans related to the future development of the entire Lin Group.

But Lin Yuan was behind it all!

And these plans turned out very smoothly!

It has paved the way so that the market value and industrial scope of the Lin Group will rise and expand to approximately 10%.

But this progress of the Lin Group is all planned by a junior like Lin Yuan.

How can they not be shocked by this?

Seeing the shocked look on the face of Meng Shuixian, Meng Yuelan slapped her head and continued. ”Ah, I forgot Shuixian that you just came from Yanjing.”

”All these were proposed by Yuan’er, from the general directions to the adjustment process, and others, Yuan’er was behind it all and played the most critical role.”

”Also the things I told you yesterday, the spy that the Chen family has planted in our group, it was also Yuan’er who caught him.”

Meng Yuelan roughly talked about Lin Yuan’s previous plan as well as the incredible things he had done, Meng Shuixian’s expression became even more shocked.

After hearing them, Meng Shuixian looked at Lin Yuan with surprise.

She couldn’t help but hug Lin Yuan and exclaim: “These decisions were all made by Xiao Yuan. Xiao Yuan is so powerful! So amazing!”

”Your aunt is so proud of you!”

After saying that, Meng Shuixian hugged Lin Yuan and kissed him on the cheek. She seems proud and emphatic.

Lin Yuan could only smile at the treatment of his enthusiastic aunt.

”Xiao Yuan, Auntie admires you so much for your courage!” Meng Shuixian praised Lin Yuan again, her tone was full of pride.

She felt that the decisions of the Lin Group were reckless, but now they have been proven to be correct.

There is a great chance that the Lin Group’s endeavors will take off.

After learning that Lin Yuan was behind all of it, she felt very happy and proud.

Meng Shuixian loves Lin Yuan very much.

Meng Yiyi only witnessed half of the drama as she just came back from the toilet.

Seeing Meng Yiyi just came back and sat down, Meng Shuixian who was still holding on to Lin Yuan immediately turned her head and said to Meng Yiyi: ”Yiyi, look at your cousin, and look at you! You have been idling around all day! You should learn from your cousin!”

Hearing what Meng Shuixian said, Meng Yiyi immediately crossed her arms and hummed.

Then she turned her head and looked away.

In her mind: ’Are you kidding me? Learn from Lin Yuan, my stupid cousin?’ magic

’Why would I?!’

Meng Yiyi consumed the sweet tea, enough for her to be delirious.

She sat there for a moment and heard that the changes in the Lin Group had a lot to do with Lin Yuan.

But Meng Yiyi didn’t hear many major details that Meng Yuelan mentioned as she went to the toilet.

Especially after their chat yesterday, Meng Yiyi confirmed that Lin Yuan still has not changed.

So Meng Yiyi did not say anything more to her mother’s remarks.

She just let her praise Lin Yuan, a cousin who remains stupid in her mind.

She feels that it is the same as humans learning from apes which for her is completely unacceptable.

Seeing the attitude and hearing the response of Meng Yiyi, Meng Shuixian was quite dissatisfied.

She hummed and felt it would be useless to teach Meng Yiyi now.

So, Meng Shuixian just ignored her.

And then she praised Lin Yuan again.

She also gave him a few more kisses.

Lin Yuan slowly moved his body away from his aunt Meng Shuixian.

At the same time, he drew a few tissues and wiped his aunt’s saliva on his face.

Aung Meng Shuixian’s love is too big for him.

She is very enthusiastic and affectionate too.

But for Lin Yuan’s parents and even for his cousin, they don’t see the aunt’s manifestation of love to be strange but just natural.

After wiping off the red pomelo lipstick on his face, Lin Yuan turned to Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan and asked: “Based on the previous plans and adjustments, how far has the Lin Group progressed?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s inquiry, Lin Jianjun, and Meng Yuelan answered and appeared like staff directly reporting to Lin Yuan.

All of the news and information were shared with Lin Yuan.

And after reporting everything, they also asked Lin Yuan about the next steps.

Seeing how Lin Jianjun and Meng Yulan reported to Lin Yuan and even asked for his instructions afterward, Aunt Meng Shuixian and cousin Meng Yiyi were still a little surprised despite what Meng Yuelan just said.

Based on what Meng Yuelan mentioned earlier Lin Yuan plays an important role in the planning and adjustment of the Lin Group, It can be said that they wanted to entrust Lin Yuan the management of the Lin Group.

So, this course of events is understood by Meng Shuixian.

But Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan are the top board members of the Lin Group after all as well as Lin Yuan’s parents.

Witnessing how his parents depended on Lin Yuan is still too surprising to see.

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