I Came From The Mortal World

Chapter 24 - Bronze Hammer

Chapter 24 – Bronze Hammers

Doubtlessly, the little girl was Autumn.

Everyday, after school, Autumn would run to the port and meet with her grandpa. Usually, she’d receive some pocket money from him to buy some candy. Afterwards, the bells attached to her bracelet would ring rhythmically, as they’d walk back home together. This was probably the most cheerful moment of her day.

Now, this supposed simple happiness was destroyed by violence and cruelty. What a tragedy in this mortal world.

“Ah, a little girl!” The man in black clothing said, as he quickly grabbed Autumn by her collar.

“Old man, let us see how unyielding you really are.” He threw Autumn high up in the air.

“Autumn, watch out!” Elder Mu exclaimed helplessly.

Suddenly, at the moment when Autumn was about to hit the ground, the man in black clothing swiftly caught her. Actually, he didn’t intend to actually kill this little girl, instead, he was simply using her as bait, in an attempt to make Elder Mu surrender.

“Listen, old bastard. If you don’t kowtow to me, I’m not sure I will catch her next time.” He pressured Elder Mu to capitulate.

Elder Mu barely managed to steadily stand up.

“No, Grandpa, no…I hate these guys…” Autumn screamed.

“Shut up, Autumn. Grandpa is ok!” Elder Mu was afraid if Autumn said something that offended the man in black clothing, it would be disastrous for the both of them.

“Don’t waste my time! Are you Kowtowing or not?” The man in black clothing urged viciously. In order to make Elder Mu kowtow to him, he even threw Autumn up in the air for a second time.

Finally, Elder Mu wiggly kneeled down, in the hope to save the life of his beloved granddaughter.

The man in black clothing laughed out sardonically, he was a pervert who could only find happiness in others’ sufferings.

As he was rejoicing his power, he had forgotten about the falling Autumn. However, at this moment a man with an unshaven beard appeared in front of him, catching Autumn in his arms. This man was no other than Xu Yi!

Xu Yi then walked towards Elder Mu, lifted him up and brought out a handkerchief to wipe the blood stains off his face.

“It’s my fault. Elder Mu, I should have come earlier.” Xu Yi blamed himself for being late.

Elder Mu was suffering from a fit of intense coughing, he wished to say something to Xu Yi, but the coughing stopped him. Xu Yi immediately patted the back of Elder Mu, in the hope to get the air to flow smoothly in his lungs again.

Autumn put her arm around Xu Yi’s neck, crying: “Uncle Xu, please take us out of here!”


Xu Yi was a man with hyper-sensitivity. Several minutes ago, Xu Yi was on the way to the port, when he heard the bitter sobbing of Autumn, he had immediately rushed towards the scene. As he was still several hundreds of meters away, he could already sense what was happening at the port.

He furiously sprinted towards the port, breaking all the slates he put his feet on along the way. Autumn and Elder Mu meant a lot to him, he wouldn’t let them be bullied. But now, looking at the weak Elder Mu, and the shivering Autumn, a surge of indignation filled his heart.

All these days, he had been in the Mu Family, enjoying a sweet relationship that he had never experienced before. If not for Elder Mu, he might have been a mere dead body floating in the river. He knew nothing could ever suffice to repay Elder Mu’s kindness. magic

Xu Yi felt so safe and peaceful in the Mu Family. He had sympathy for their poor conditions, but also gratitude and appreciation for their pure kindness. It struck Xu Yi that he had the same feeling when his dog had died.

“Silly girl, don’t worry. I can handle these villains.” Xu Yi consoled Autumn. Later, he turned around and stared at the man in black clothing. He slowly took out his Yao Pai, which was a token of his government identity.

“I am the new guard in the Plain Clothing Unit. Who can tell me what happened here?’ Xu Yi proudly raised the Yao Pai for everyone to see it clearly.

“Guard? Go home! Don’t make fun of yourself!” Yuya jumped out and scornfully yelled at Xu Yi.

Indeed, in the beginning, everyone was a little bit frightened because of Xu Yi’s speed. However, now that they heard that this guy was just a guard, they felt relaxed and even started to look down on him. Because they all knew that the guards in Hibiscus Town were pure trash. Plus, Yuya was an influential man who had great leverage on the livelihood of the fishermen, he would certainly not be threatened by a low-ranking guard.

“You are the initiator, right? Then you tell me what has happened. You’re a man, right? At least you should have the courage to admit to what you’ve done!” Xu Yi didn’t pay much attention to Yuya, on the contrary, he turned to the man in black clothing.

“Hahaha…I haven’t met anyone as interesting as you for a long time. Alright, let me tell you what has happened.” The man in black clothing narrated briefly on what had happened just now, in an attempt to insult Xu Yi.

“As I just said, I’ve committed so many evils, come and get me, guard!” The man in black clothing burst out in laughter, as if this was something extremely hilarious.

He walked in front of Xu Yi and urged him: “Come on, skinny guard. You want to catch me? I’m right here.”

“Hahaha…” All his bodyguards laughed out loudly. Because they were sure the guards in this town were all trash.

“Hey, young man. Just go home and don’t get yourself in trouble…” Yuya grinned from ear to ear, though he tried hard to hold his manner.

Xu Yi couldn’t stand still anymore, he jumped off the ground and lifted Yuya upside down in the air by gripping his right arm. Instantly, Yuya’s face turned red, then purple…

Everyone was astounded by the unexpected attack. Soon, several strong half-naked men, who were employed as hatchet men by Yuya in case of an emergency, arrived.

They were local roughnecks who had merely reached the state of a forged body. The man leading the group was a bald man, who was holding a pair of bronze hammers. He was actually the strongest of this group – in the middle state of a forged body. Frankly, they were part of the reason why Yuya had such a dominating influence in this small town.

They couldn’t bear to witness their master being captured by Xu Yi, especially the bald guy, who was waving the bronze hammers, ready to fight.

Xu Yi stepped back when the bald man ran towards him with the hammers. In a flash of inspiration, Xu Yi decided to use Yuya as a shield, lifting him in the direction of the waving hammers.

The bald guy was taken aback, as it was already too late for him to stop the momentum of his hammers. Out of frustration, he was forced to fall down in order to evade hitting his master. The pair of heavy bronze hammers landed on the ground with a loud thud, destroying several nearby rocks.

The rest of the group swarmed towards Xu Yi, he then threw Yuya into the incoming crowd. It really was a messy scene - screaming, yelling, and the colliding sound of weapons. During the many-to-one fight, Xu Yi accidentally arrived at the place where the bronze hammers had previously landed. When he noticed them, he bent down and happily picked them up.

As a cultivator in the peak state of a forged body, the heavy bronze hammers were as light as a straw in Xu Yi’s hands. Seeing that his weapons had been taken by Xu Yi, the bald man tried to get up and retake his valued hammers. However, Xu Yi didn’t give him the chance to stand back up, as he had already smashed the bald guy on his chest with the bronze hammers. Immediately, the bald man was flying through the air at an unbelievable speed.

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