I Came From The Mortal World

Chapter 53 - Game Over

Chapter 53 – Game Over

- Shoo! -

The moment when Gao Pan turned around, his face was unexpectedly hit by a multi-layered cloth shoe.

Hardly had Gao Pan realised what had happened to him, or his ring-wearing finger was twisted off by Xu Yi. Also, almost simultaneously, Xu Yi punched Gao Pan’s head with his mighty palm.

With the sudden blow, Gao Pan fell down, nearly paralyzed. Looking at the powerless Gao Pan, Xu Yi straightened his back, and tucked Gao Pan’s finger into his waist pocket.

The whole stands were now in an awkward silence.

“Why don’t you just kill me?” Gao Pan lied on the floor, as he requested Xu Yi to end his life.

“I hold no hatred for you, why should I kill you?” Xu Yi replied inadvertently, as he took his shoe back.

The strength of his previous palm attack on Gao Pan’s face was far from lethal; Xu Yi simply intended to extinguish Gao Pan’s final defenses.

Just as Xu Yi had told General Gao, he wasn’t some murderous maniac. He would only killed those, who truly deserved to die.

The Zhou family, for example, was a family feud for generations. Xu Yi added them to the killing list simply out of revenge. The man in black clothing, or the young lord of the White Horse Palace, they had been bullying innocent civilians for years. The trigger of his death, was that he insulted Elder Mu and threatened the life of Autumn. Xu Yi could not stand for such evil doings; so he had killed them in the name of justice.

As for Gao Pan, it was a totally different story. They didn’t know each other prior to this fight. As a cultivator, who had both reached the peak state of a forged body, Xu Yi actually respected Gao Pan. He felt no hostility towards this guy.

“Even if you didn’t kill me, someone else will!” Gao Pan was crystal clear that the big boss of the Black Dragon Palace wouldn’t forgive his failure, given the 100,000 gold coins he had betted on him!

“I cannot convince myself to kill you. There’s simply no reason to do so. Well, it’s none of my business if you will be killed by someone else.” Xu Yi replied as he picked up the silver spear. He seemed to vacillate, not knowing if he could strip off Gao Pan’s golden cassock. Eventually, he gave up on this idea, because he didn’t want to cross his moral bottom line.

“Last question, how… how did you know the ring was actually a weapon? Please tell me, otherwise I won’t be able to die without regrets.” Gao Pan stammered out.

“Senses!” Xu Yi replied with only one word.

When Gao Pan ran towards the spear, at the beginning, Xu Yi predicted that the spear was Gao Pan’s last resort. However, he had sensed that there was a slowdown movement in the process, though it was very hard to spot. He then deliberated calmed down to reach the Fighting Samadhi State. By closing both his eyes and ears, Xu Yi sensed all of the details in his surroundings.

He clearly saw Gao Pan deliberately turn his ring. At the moment of life and death, Gao Pan focused his attention on a ring, rather than picking up the nearby spear. The only explanation could be, that the ring was a concealed weapon. In such an urgent situation, Xu Yi had no choice but to twist off Gao Pan’s finger.

“Senses? Oh, right. What else could it be. Thank you for telling me this.” Gao Pan’s voice was too faint to hear clearly. All of a sudden, he closed his eyes and twisted his own neck off.

Strangely, Gao Pan died with his mouth half opened, smiling with satisfaction, as if he was sarcastically saying: “My life was worth 100,000 gold coins!”

The death of Gao Pan, as well as the mixed cheering and abusing from the spectators, didn’t affect Xu Yi’s mood at all. He kept being sober throughout the fight.

- Dang! -

The sound of the gong officially marked the end of this fight between Xu Yi and Gao Pan.

“Now, I announce that Yi Xu, the guard from the Hibiscus Town, is the winner of this fight! In addition, the Black Dragon Palace has invited Yi Xu to another fight. The date of the next fight is scheduled to be in seven days from now.”

On hearing the announcement, Xu Yi abruptly fell down with a thud, vomiting a mouthful of blood.


It was almost the middle of the night, and the bright moon overshadowed all the stars. The gardenias were elegantly waving in the breeze, giving out a full-bodied arrogance. The smell of the gardenias gently blew into the house through the window.

Since Xu Yi had fainted in the arena, he was immediately carried to the nearest clinic. The diagnosis said that Xu Yi’s inner organs had been damaged, which would take a couple of days to rehabilitate.

At the same time, Qinghua asked around to find where his boss was. Finally, he had arrived at the clinic. Seeing his boss’s bad condition, he had decocted two bowls of herbal medicine for Xu Yi, hoping that this would accelerate the latter’s recuperation. Being afraid of the unstable condition of Xu Yi, Qinghua left his boss in the clinic under the watch of the doctors.

As soon as Qinghua left the clinic, he was busy employing new servants for his boss. After everything was settled, Qinghua rented a large cart and went back to the clinic. It was almost at dusk, when Xu Yi was carried back home.

Qinghua had hired two handymen into the house and the three of them moved Xu Yi from the cart into his bed. After closing the door, Qinghua hastily went back to the two handymen, as if there was something urgent happening.

In the bedroom, Xu Yi turned over the quilt and sat on his bed. The breeze from the window was comfortably cool, yet Xu Yi’s heart was furiously burning with anger.

Actually, Xu Yi managed a fake faint in the arena. He was injured internally, but not to the extent to fall down unconsciously.

When Qinghua arrived at the clinic, he bustled about taking care of him; Xu Yi was truly touched by his sincerity. However, when he was left alone in the clinic, where the charlatan fed him bowls of bitter medicines, he became mad at Qinghua.

People who benefited from the casino kept flooding into the clinic. These people came to see Xu Yi with a hidden agenda - they intended to know Xu Yi’s chance of success in the next fight, rather than being concerned about his health.

He had to maintain the fake faint for hours, or else his previous “performance” would have been in vain. In order to keep the cat in the bag, Xu Yi restrained himself from jumping up and kicking away those greedy gamblers from him.

Again, Xu Yi was left in the bedroom alone. Qinghua hurried outside immediately after he arranged the handymen to carry Xu Yi on the bed. Now, Xu Yi was hungry and thirsty, and there was nobody nearby to take care of him.

At this moment, Xu Yi heard some noises coming from outside. So he deliberately lay down again, hiding himself in the quilt.

The door was pushed open, and then closed quietly. It was Autumn! She sneaked into Xu Yi’s bedroom, and crawled onto his bed, with the help of a stool.

Autumn slowly moved to Xu Yi’s head, stroking his forehead. She stared at Xu Yi for quite a long time, frequently fluttering her eyelashes. After a while, she put her snow-white and round arm near Xu Yi’s mouth. She looked rather determined when she made this movement. She then whispered to Xu Yi, “Uncle Xu, please wake up. You promised me to buy me a lot of chicken drumsticks.”

“You’re such a lovely foodie! Haha, No wonder you’re always so hungry.” Xu Yi suddenly opened his eyes and took Autumn in his arms.

“Oh… Uncle, you woke up, you woke up...” Autumn got a fright at first, but, after a while, she began giggling.

“Shoo, be quiet. I’m a fake patient. Don’t let anyone else know this.” Xu Yi whispered, as he muffled Autumn’s mouth.

“Uncle, you’re so tricky.” Autumn yawned, “I’m so sleepy. I’ll go to bed right now. Tomorrow morning, I’ll eat steamed meat dumplings, Osmanthus cake, chicken drumsticks and sweet soybean milk…” magic

“Alright, I will buy it all for you. Go and tell your grandpa that I’m ok, before you go to bed.” Xu Yi dropped her from his arm.

Several minutes later, the door was opened again. This time, it was Qinghua, holding a gigantic bowl in his hands. The smell of bitterness filled the air, even before he had stepped into the room.


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