I Have A Sword

Chapter 262: Wedding Gown or Mourning Clothes

Chapter 262: Wedding Gown or Mourning Clothes

The cultivators of the True Universe and the Guanxuan Universe were in disbelief. Even Ye Guan found it hard to believe. He couldn’t have thought that Ruler An would decisively ignite her soul in exchange for power when the battle had just started.

However, her decision was a testament to her determination.

After his initial shock, Ye Guan’s expression turned cold. His right hand gripped the Path Sword, and he unleashed a powerful stream of sword force, sword intent, and sword soul.

Ruler An was both smart and powerful, so Ye Guan had never underestimated her.

Meanwhile, Ruler An’s aura reached a new height upon igniting her soul. She stepped forward and opened her palm. She pushed out gently, but horrifying energy surged out of her palm.

Dimensional energy!

Ye Guan’s expression turned heavy.

It was his first time experiencing this kind of pressure.


However, Ruler An’s attack using dimensional energy failed to withstand Ye Guan’s Path Sword. It seemed that the Path Sword was capable of cutting down anything that dared to stand in its path.

Ye Guan tore through the dimensional energy, and Ruler An vanished in a fiery blaze.

A monstrous energy swept across the battlefield as Ruler An rushed toward Ye Guan. it was going to be a head-on confrontation! Ruler An had no choice. She had to stop Ye Guan from infiltrating the True Universe.

This battle was between the younger generation.

She was the only one strong enough to stop Ye Guan, so she had to step up.

The reason behind Ye Guan’s decision to lead the forces of the Guanxuan Universe to the True Universe was to deprive Ruler An of a choice. In the Guanxuan Universe, Ruler An could avoid fighting, but she couldn’t do the same here.

She had to face Ye Guan.


A dazzling sword light briefly blinded everyone.

When their vision recovered, they found Ye Guan and Ruler An staring at each other.

Blood dripped down Ye Guan’s lips, while Ruler An’s soul had turned so illusory that it seemed like a cloud of smoke rather than a soul.

Ruler An stared at the Path Sword in Ye Guan’s hand and chuckled.

“I underestimated your sword,” she said.

Ye Guan didn’t speak. He started walking toward the Heavenly Garrison Gate with the Path Sword in hand.

Everyone retreat!” Ruler An shouted, “Wait for Hao Xuan!”

The Divine Spirits looked at Ruler An with their fists clenched, but they didn’t leave.

Ruler An growled, “Leave!”

The Divine Spirits glanced at Ye Guan before rushing past the Heavenly Garrison Gate.

Ye Guan didn’t chase after them. He took his time walking to the Heavenly Garrison Gate. Soon, he walked past Ruler An, and that was when Ruler An muttered, “Young Master Ye.”

Ye Guan came to a halt.

Ruler An smiled. “Can I ask you a question before I die? I’m not buying time.”

Ye Guan continued walking toward the Heavenly Garrison Gate.

Ruler An asked, “Your sword doesn’t belong to the Sword Master, right?”

Ye Guan didn’t respond.

Ruler An smiled quietly.

Ye Guan suddenly said, “You could have lived.”

Ruler An was so strong that there was no way Ye Guan could keep her here if she wanted to leave.

“Yes, but the True Universe is behind me.”

Ye Guan stopped and turned to Ruler An. “Let me ask you then: when your universe invaded my Guanxuan Universe, have you ever considered—”

“Young Master Ye!” Ruler An shouted and said, “Young Master Ye, I read in a book that the Guanxuan Universe wasn’t united many years ago. The Sword Master then united the universe. Have you ever thought that the Sword Master was an invader in the eyes of the people whose land he had conquered for the sake of uniting the universe?”

Ye Guan was silent.

“The law of the universe is the survival of the fittest,” said Ruler An. She turned to look at the vast expanse up above before saying, “Young Master Ye, it is truly a pity that you weren’t born in the True Universe. We could have been friends if you were…”

With that, Ruler An’s soul vanished.

After a moment of silence, Ye Guan turned and started walking to the Heavenly Garrison. Soon, he arrived in front of its massive gate, and he discovered a transparent wall in front of him.

It was a dimensional barrier!

The cultivators’ expressions turned grim upon seeing the dimensional barrier. Only one sword had managed to shatter this dimensional barrier so far, and it was the Sword Master’s Qingxuan Sword.

However, the Qingxuan Sword clearly wasn’t in Ye Guan’s hands.

Just then, Ye Guan took a stance with his sword and thrust forward.


The dimensional barrier was torn open, astonishing everyone.

They knew that Ye Guan had an overpowered sword, but most of them had no idea that they were staring at that overpowered sword at the moment. Naturally, no one could recognize the Path Sword.

Aside from the Sword Master and a few of his relatives, everyone else who knew about the Path Sword had perished long ago. Thirty million years was just a mind-boggling amount of time.

In fact, the number of people who still knew about Plain-Skirt Destiny was even fewer than the number of those who could recognize the Path Sword.

Ye Guan suddenly said, “Qianqian, what I’m going to do is really going to be dangerous. I might even die. Are you still willing to follow me?”

Ao Qianqian said, “I was willing, and I’m still willing.”

Ye Guan chuckled. Then, he lifted his foot and entered the Heavenly Garrison. He put away his Path Sword, and the dimensional barrier quickly recovered.

Ye Qing and the others rushed toward the dimensional barrier.


Ye Qing had raised his hand and punched the barrier, but it was unscathed.

Ye Qing was horrified, and he shouted, “What are you doing, Brother Ye Guan?!”

Ye Guan swept his gaze across the cultivators on the Guanxuan Universe’s side and smiled before saying, “Brother Ye Qing, I want you to take care of Clan Leader Gu and the Ye Clan—”

“We can fight together!” Ye Qing roared, interrupting Ye Guan.

Ye Guan shook his head and explained, “I’m your older brother, and I’ll deal with it myself.”

Ye Qing went quiet. He displayed his determination to fight with Ye Guan by punching the dimensional barrier again and again to no avail. He even summoned the Nine Dao Laws, but the dimensional barrier remained unscathed.

Ye Guan’s gaze fell on Ji Xuan, and Ji Xuan stared at him.

Ye Guan smiled and said, “Lady Ji Xuan, thank you for risking your life to save me… I have too many words to say to you, but I just haven’t been able to find the courage to speak of them. Anyway, I’m really glad that I met you.”

Ji Xuan flinched and started tearing up. Ji Xuan had matured and had gotten even stronger, but she still couldn’t control her tears and her heart.

Ye Guan turned to Nanling Yiyi and smiled, “Senior Disciple Yiyi, I’ve always wanted to bring Teacher with me to the academy, but I’ve been really busy lately, and I have too many things to do that I can’t afford to spend time on anything else.”

“Junior Disciple, I’ve gotten really strong,” said Nanling Yiyi before asking, “Can I go with you?”

Ye Guan shook his head. He swept his gaze across everyone, and his gaze landed on Xiao You, the youngest swordsman. He smiled and said, “Bring him home! Bring our seniors pinned to the stone pillars back home! Everyone, we will definitely meet again!”

With that, Ye Guan decisively turned around and turned into a beam of sword light that soon vanished from everyone’s eyes.

Everyone was silent as they stood rooted.

“Wait!” someone exclaimed.

Everyone turned and saw a young woman carrying a large bowl running toward the Heavenly Garrison.

She was none other than Ba Wan. She looked extremely anxious. She didn’t want to lose Ye Guan, as the latter still owed her ten meals.

Food! He still hasn’t kept his word! How can he leave me like this?! He didn’t even attempt to bring me along with him. Is he reneging on his promise? I can’t let that happen!

Under everyone’s gazes, Ba Wan rushed toward the dimensional barrier. Their expressions changed, and they were about to stop her, but Ba Wan entered the dimensional barrier without any hitch.

Everyone was shocked.

She got in just like that?

Si Tongtian appeared next to Han Zong and said, “Brother Han Zong, you’re a Physique Cultivator. I think you can punch your way in.”

Han Zong stared at Si Tongtian. He wasn’t really close to Si Tongtian, but Ye Guan had allowed Si Tongtian to call him Big Brother, which meant that the two of them could truly be considered brothers.

Han Zong nodded and said, “Let me try it, then.”

He rushed toward the dimensional barrier and struck it with his head.


However, Han Zong was blasted several hundred meters away. His forehead was bleeding, making him look miserable through and through.

Si Tongtian’s eyelid twitched as he rushed to hide to the side.

In the distance, Han Zong’s brain was buzzing.

Everyone stared at the Dimensional Barrier in silence.

Han Zong was a powerful Physique Cultivator. However, the dimensional barrier remained unscathed despite his attack. Obviously, they were too weak to make a hole in the dimensional barrier.

Just then, Ye Qing wielded the Nine Dao Laws to make another move. This time, he used all of his might to deliver a mighty strike.


A deafening explosion echoed. The dimensional barrier seemed to be able to repel and reflect the attack of those daring enough to attack it. Ye Qing flew several hundred meters away, but the Dimensional Barrier wasn’t damaged in the slightest.

Everyone’s expression sank.

Ye Qing’s expression turned ugly. He was about to make another move, but a mysterious voice echoed in his head. “You can’t make a hole in it. I think even I am not strong enough to do it.”

Ye Qing went quiet and clenched his fists. magic


A crimson streak of light rushed toward the dimensional barrier. Everyone’s expression changed, and they looked closely at the streak of light to find a young woman. The young woman waved her sleeve, and a vertical crack appeared in the barrier.


The young woman turned into a crimson beam of light and went past the barrier.

The dimensional barrier had recovered by the time everyone came to their senses.

It was that easy? Everyone stared quietly at the dimensional barrier.

Ye Guan had infiltrated the True Universe by himself. Could he make it back alive?

A young woman was standing on the Sky-Connecting Pagoda located on the Xuzhen battlefield. Her gaze was inscrutable as she stared at the Heavenly Gate above her.

The young woman was Nalan Jia, and she was wearing a phoenix crown and a phoenix dress. She was already gorgeous, but her outfit made her look beyond stunning.

Nalan Jia’s right hand was holding a jade hairpin, which was Ye Guan’s gift to her. She was unwittingly transfixed on the Heavenly Gate as she muttered, “If you come back, this will be my wedding outfit, but if you die, this will be my mourning clothes.”

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