Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 168.2: Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Chapter 168 Pt. 2


Chapter 168.2: Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Chapter 168 Pt. 2

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With no other way, Xiaobao could only step up to help him fasten the belt around his pants. The children then hurried to the front of the hall, lined up uniformly and offered their greetings.

“Greetings, teacher.”

Dagan has always placed an emphasis on respecting their teachers. This applied to the imperial grandsons as well. Yesterday morning, they learned the Three Character Classic. In the afternoon, Emperor Hongjing sent a message for the little guys to learn etiquette. After following along a few times, they still remembered to perform it today and even did it quite well.

Xiao Qian nodded in approval. The Imperial Academy sends different people to teach the imperial grandsons in turn. Today happened to be his turn.

He stepped into the hall first, and the little dumplings followed behind.

As they walked inside, Xuan Ge’er secretly said to Xiaobao, “Your medicine is really good. I’ll be good to you in the future and I’ll take you with me when I go play.”

Xiaobao glanced at him silently. It was all because he didn’t want them to exclude him as an outsider and bully Yueyue for no reason. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered to coax this annoying little brat so patiently.

The annoying little brat then asked, “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Xiaobao could only answer, “Come in. Don’t let the teacher wait.”

Now that Xuan Ge’er and Xiaobao have a good relationship, Xiaobao and Yueyue no longer played by themselves like yesterday.

Xuan Ge’er had two little followers, the two sons of Wu Wang’s family, Yu Ge’er and Xi Ge’er. Since Xuan Ge’er was on good terms with Xiaobao, they naturally also got along well with Xiaobao. As for Hao Ge’er and Han Ge’er, Hao Ge’er wasn’t like his father, An Wang, a wily old fox, but was a sweet and innocent child. Despite being older than Xuan Ge’er, he liked following after him.

Han Ge’er was still a little reserved. He only accepted Xiaobao because he had to— Xuan Ge’er said that by looking down on Xiaobao, he was looking down on him. In the end, he could only accept Xiaobao reluctantly.

As for Shan Ge’er, he was still a loner and refused to interact with the others. Since Xiaobao’s mental age was that of an adult’s he didn’t have the mentality of you don’t play with me, then I don’t play with you. So he called for Shan Ge’er to join them, but was completely ignored.

Xiaobao didn’t get angry, but Xuan Ge’er was annoyed. He thought that since Xiaobao was now under his wings, whoever didn’t give Xiaobao face wasn’t giving him face. Then this little brat successfully banded with Hao Ge’er and the others to shun Shan Ge’er.

When it was noon, another scene happened.

Some ate as they played, while others messed around and made trouble. Even the obedient ones like Shan Ge’er and Han Ge’er had servants who fed them

As for Xiaobao and Yueyue, they sat together away from the others. Yu Chan helped the two set up the meal, then they each picked up a pair of silver chopsticks and began eating.

In the past, Yueyue also had a maid feed her. However, ever since she moved to Jin Wang Manor, with the guidance of Xiaobao and Yaoniang, she learned to eat by herself.

Xuan Ge’er still had grains of rice stuck to the corners of his mouth as he ran around like a small tornado. Xiao Xizi and his palace maid chased after him with bitter expressions on their faces.

He ran over and said, “What are you eating?”

What could they be eating? Their meals were all the same. The meals were ordered by Emperor Hongjing and delivered by the imperial kitchen. However, Xiaobao also brought a small container of side dishes, which he had learned from Jin Wang.

The side dishes include fried silver carp and pickled vegetables. The fried silver carp was crispy and delicious. The pickled vegetables were specially made in the small kitchen and they tasted amazing with rice.

“Can you give me some to taste?” Xuan Ge’er, who had never asked anyone for something to eat, seemed a little embarrassed.

Xiaobao said, “Then eat it properly and don’t run around. Only then would I give you some.”

“Isn’t it just eating by myself? This young master can do it too.”

Xuan Ge’er asked Xiao Xizi to bring his food over and set up another chair to sit on. Xiaobao glanced at Yu Chan. Yu Chan took the small container of side dishes and put some into Xuan Ge’er’s plate.

Xuan Ge’er stretched out his hand and reached for it. A fried silver carp was instantly swallowed into his stomach. “Delicious!”

Seeing this, the few others on the other side all ran over.

“Let’s sit together. I saw the adults eat at a table covered with dishes. If we put all our food together, we’d also have a table of dishes.”


Like this, the small dumplings gathered together. You eat mine, and I eat yours. Even though they had the same food, some of them would go to pick up food from another person’s box. They didn’t seem to have any awareness that their fathers were mortal enemies.

The side dishes brought by Xiaobao were emptied first. They all said that it tasted the best and asked Xiaobao to bring it again tomorrow. As for the eunuchs and palace maids standing at the side, they were so anxious that a layer of sweat appeared on their foreheads.

After eating and playing for a while, it was time for their afternoon class.

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