Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 168.3: Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Chapter 168 Pt. 3

Chapter 168.3: Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Chapter 168 Pt. 3

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Today, the little guys were much more focused than yesterday. It seemed that getting disciplined after going home did have some effect. Even if they didn’t put in any effort to learn, at least they sat there and behaved themselves.

Xuan Ge’er was the only one who was a bit more on the mischievous side. He had caught a grasshopper outside before lunch was over. During class, he lied on the desk and played with the grasshopper for the entire time. He played with the grasshopper for over two hours until class was over, and it somehow wasn’t dead.

“Aren’t you jealous?” asked Xuan Ge’er gleefully during the break while holding the grasshopper’s legs.

Beside him, Yu Ge’er and Hao Ge’er nodded again and again. They were about to die of boredom. Just watching Xuan Ge’er play with the grasshopper was interesting. They could only imagine how fun it would be to play with one themselves.

“I have crickets at my house. I’ll bring them tomorrow,” said Xi Ge’er.

The question was, child, do you really dare to bring it? Are you not afraid of getting a beating when you go back?

As the people were chatting, someone reported Emperor Hongjing’s arrival.

Xuan Ge’er hurriedly stuffed the grasshopper into Xiao Xizi’s hands, followed Xiaobao and the others to the door and stood up.

“Greetings, Grandfather Emperor.”

Emperor Hongjing strode in, paused in front of the small dumplings, and then went to sit down on the chair that had been set up.

“Grandfather Emperor came to examine your study progress. What did you all learn today?”

Xiao Qian answered first. After he replied, Emperor Hongjing asked the imperial grandsons to recite what they had learned today.

Only Xiaobao and Shan Ge’er recited it fluently. Han Ge’er also memorized it correctly, but he stumbled a few times. As for the others, they couldn’t remember it at all.

Emperor Hongjing didn’t reprimand them. He only said, “Although you didn’t study well, Zhen is very pleased to see you brothers getting along so harmoniously.”

Was this a compliment?

Only Xiaobao knew what Emperor Hongjing was complimenting them for.

In the end, he was getting old, and people his age wanted to see the younger generation getting along and being in harmony. This was probably the main reason why Emperor Hongjing reopened the imperial study.

Yaoniang went to Qing Wang that day. When she arrived, she didn’t hide anything and shared everything she knew.

Actually, Xiao Jirou wasn’t unaware of this matter. Xiao Qian, her older brother, was one of the teachers from the Imperial Academy. Naturally, the news of the imperial grandsons beginning their studies couldn’t be concealed from him.

Unfortunately, Yan Ge’er was at an awkward age. Emperor Hongjing had said that those over the age of five could enter the study, but Yan Ge’er was only four years old. If Qing Wang was there, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to request permission from Emperor Hongjing. However, Qing Wang wasn’t there and it wasn’t appropriate for Xiao Jirou to ask.

It would already be an overstep of boundaries for the daughter-in-law to talk directly to her father-in-law. Not to mention that Xiao Jirou was no longer a member of the imperial family. Although few people knew about it, Emperor Hongjing wasn’t one of them. He definitely was aware of this.

Xiao Jirou had no face to go. She was just thinking about asking Yaoniang for help when Yaoniang came to her door.

“Yaoyao, I really don’t know what to say but thank you so much.”

“Enough. What’s the point in telling me all this? Yan Ge’er is a good boy. If he wants to learn, that is naturally good.”

So the next day, Yan Ge’er and Xiaobao entered the palace together.

Since they were both the emperor’s grandsons, it wouldn’t be difficult for Jin Wang to speak up. Xiao Jirou first brought Yan Ge’er and Zhuzhu to Jin Wang Manor. After they arrived, Jin Wang, Xiaobao, Yueyue, and Yan Ge’er were about to set off together. However, Zhuzhu became unhappy and insisted on going with her brother.

It was because she went to see Yueyue, and she wanted to play with Yueyue.

Yueyue glanced at Zhuzhu and said to Xiaobao hesitantly, “Xiaobao Gege, why don’t I stay at home? I’ll play with Zhuzhu at home today.”

“I think this is also good. The children can play together and keep each other’s company.”

Seeing this, Xiaobao could only agree. He was also clear in his heart that Yueyue could only accompany him a few times. Even if she continued going to the study now, once they were older, they wouldn’t be able to study together.

In the end, Xiaobao entered the palace with Yan Ge’er, while Yueyue and Zhuzhu stayed at home.

The children were likely heavily interrogated every day after they went home. Today, the little dumplings seemed to have changed a lot. The one with the most obvious change was Shan Ge’er. Yesterday, he had an attitude of not wanting to be bothered with the other children while today, he knew to spend time with the other children.

Seeing this, Xiaobao felt a little complicated inside at how an adult’s attitude can influence a child’s behaviour so much.

Emperor Hongjing had just mentioned yesterday how pleased he was seeing all the brothers getting along so harmoniously.

Ever since Emperor Hongjing killed the chicken to warn the monkeys, the princes have been very peaceful. They weren’t stupid either. They all learned from Jin Wang to go back home every day after work, and they didn’t go anywhere. It was a big change from the past.

Meanwhile, Hui Wang Shizi was about to get married.

His fiancée was the daughter of Marquis Jingde and Consort Hui’s niece.

Everything about Zhao Zuo’s marriage was done in a rush. By the time news spread outside, everything was set in stone and the wedding date was set a month away. As for why it had been so rushed, according to rumours, Consort Hui was very ill and none of the medicine was effective. With no other way, Zhao Zuo could only have a

Because of this, Zhao Zuo was labelled as a filial son once again. Everyone praised him for his filial piety. magic

With such a reputation, the previous shame from his fiancée marrying his father was mostly cleared up. Even if there were certain people scolding in the shadows, they were all directed at Hui Wang. At the mention of Hui Wang Shizi, everyone only expressed their pity at how his successful future was delayed by his father, this stumbling block.

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