Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 14 - Mysterious Letter

Chapter 14 - Mysterious Letter

Ye Chen took a letter from Huang Bao and opened it inside the letter. There was a sheet of paper which was neatly folded. Ye Chen read the contents of the letter. After reading Ye Chen, asked, "Who are these letters from?"

"Here, a few days ago someone was looking for your grandfather and that person said that he was your grandfather’s friend so I told him he was dead and the old man was quite shocked and then he asked in your grandfather’s meal, so I took him to the grandfather’s possession. there the man told me to leave him alone. "Huang Bao told everything that happened a few days ago to Ye Chen.

Huang Bao "After a few hours later that person came again and asked me if Ye Hun had a child, so I told him that Ye Hun did not have a child but had a grandchild who was in school named Ye Chen, that person then asked for a picture of yourself dear I don’t I have, but I said that Ye Chen used to come back here every few months and might come here soon too, so that person gave me a letter and asked to give it to you when you get back later.

"I see." Listen to this Ye Chen understood why there was a Bungga essay in his grandfather’s grave.

Huang Bao was quite curious about the contents of the letter and asked "Ye Chen what is in the letter?"

"That person wants me to go to his place and want to talk privately with me, here it says the complete address of that person".

"Oh yeah I almost forgot, that person is very rich, he drives a Luxury Car that costs Millions of Dollars" when he said luxury car Huang Bao’s eyes shining in the village Very rarely does anyone see a luxury car let alone have it, even Huang Bao who is the head of his annual salary village only 20 thousand dollars, what’s more the population here may be less than 5 thousand dollars a year because that is a lot of people from the village who try their luck in big cities.

Ye Chen "really but my grandfather never told me about friends or relatives to me?".

"If you’re curious why don’t you just go to that address again, you’re now living in the same city," said Huang Bao.

Ye Chen "You Bernar maybe I will go there to make sure who this person is".

"Well Ye Chen is late and I also have to go there is still a lot of work that I have not completed". Huang Bao then stood up from his chair and left Ye Chen’s house.

After escorting the head of Huang bao Village Go to the door Ye Chen returned to the Cross-legged Bed and started cultivating again.

Initially Ye Chen was very bored while cultivating, but over time Ye Chen started to get used to it even though the longest time Ye Chen cultivated was only 5 days but it was long enough according to Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen had raped Ye Chen would train his body or some of the moves Ye Chen learned, Ye Chen also learned how to forge Spiritual equipment even though Ye Chen learned through the Book Given by Gu Xuan.

Author’s note: to forge spiritual equipment requires some special ingredients and if during the process fails then all materials will be lost, and someone must have the attributes of fire and control are very good when doing forging.

The sound of a cock crowing sounded Ye Chen then opened his eyes to rise from his bed, today before Ye Chen returned to the city ye Chen first Want to renovate this house. magic

Because this house had a lot of decayed wood at an age so Ye Chen went to the mountain and cut down a few trees, of course Ye Chen used his power because the location of Ye Chen’s house was near the mountain and a little far from the neighbors Quite rare people came to the mountain,

Ye Chen drew with his sword and Ye Chen waved his wooden stick flying behind with him.

The process of repairing the house turned out to take quite a long time, finally the house that looked already had to look like it was new Ye Chen carved several pictures of dragons on the pillars of the house and walls

when Ye Chen was finished it was already midday, so Ye Chen left and returned to the city, because Ye Chen did not have a penny in his body. Ye Chen decided to fly alone. Besides saving money, it also saved travel time.

The time that should have been 6 hours to go from the village to the city was only within 15 minutes Ye Chen had arrived near the city gate.

First of all Ye Chen went to his koskosan house and hoped that his belongings would not be discarded by the landlord, while flying in Ye Chen City, using a shield to hide himself from being seen by people in the city.

When he reached the front yard of his rented room Ye Chen immediately went to the door and opened the door but unfortunately it was in the lock so Ye Chen knocked on that door.

A fat man opens the door "hello friend can I help you?"

"Are you the new tenant in this room?" Ye Chen asked.

"Yes, I just rented this a few days ago," answered the fat man.

"Oh sorry for disturbing me then. Excuse me first" Ye Chen didn’t want to waste time so he decided to go to the landlord’s place and ask where his belongings were.

The house owned by the landlord was not far away only a few hundred meters from the location of the rented room belonging to Ye Chen.

After a few minutes Ye Chen walked to the end of the house belonging to the landlord Ye Chen knocked on the house.

"Wait a minute" A voice from within answered, After a while the last 40-year-old woman opened the door This woman wearing very open clothes heard a very thick makeup.

The landlord who opened the door was surprised to see a handsome man standing in front of his house, seeing this man lust the landlord rose up, this landlord often slept with different men every day even, some young men who could not pay rent were forced to serve him at nighttime 30 is like a tiger and 40 is like a tiger.

And at this time, looking at the handsome Ye Chen was like a dangling delivered to the mouth of a tiger.

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