Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 21 - Meet Yu Ting Again

Chapter 21 - Meet Yu Ting Again

When Ye Chen left the eight people who lifted the piano down and saw that there were no casualties in the incident even though the Piano was somewhat damaged by collision with Ye Chen’s elbows

"Hey it’s your fault why you didn’t hold it properly".

"Hah, why is it my fault that the skinny one is because he has no energy at all".

"It is clear that you are letting go of your memories why throwing a mistake at me".

The Eight people blame each other.

Ye Chen and Zhang Liao finally arrived at the school canteen but the queue was quite long "Ye Chen, what do you want me to order and you just sit and wait at the dining table," said Zhang Liao.

Ye Chen said several menus then handed over money to Zhang Liao and Ye Chen looked for a seat.

Since coming to earth again Ye Chen enjoyed a relaxed life, even though the problem always came to him but it was only a trivial matter.

Ye Chen knew that this kind of life could not be forever as the heir of Sage God Ye Chen Understanded if he did not immediately become strong then many Strong people would aim for him, therefore Ye Chen was always careful not to expose his strength to people who were not Ye Chen believe in.

Two familiar people crossed Ye Chen’s eyes. Of course, this was Ye Chen’s ex-girlfriend and his mistress. After not seeing Yu Ting for a long time, it seems that Yu Ting has changed. Yuting is now wearing expensive clothes that are very open, showing all of her skin, and Yuting looks very proud of it. Ye Chen had to say that the cute girl Ye Chen had ever known was no more.

In just a few months the Yu Ting people had transformed very much now but this did not make Ye Chen interested but instead disgusted him

"Oh Ye Chen hasn’t seen you in a long time" Yu Ting’s tone of voice was slightly insulting, After gathering in a circle of rich people, the way of thinking of Yu Ting was a little different In his eyes people like Ye Chen were just rubbish Now.

Ye Chen: "oh Yu Ting long time no see, you look different now".

"Of course I’m getting more and more beautiful now. My new boyfriend always gives me everything I want, luxury clothes, luxury bags, luxury cosmetics and even the best-class spa treatments every week." Yu Ting flaunted everything that Ye Chen couldn’t do while he was his girlfriend.

"Is he too confident when I praise him beautiful? I think his appearance is now disgusting" Ye Chen said in his heart.

"Ting Ting, who is this guy?" Yu Ting’s girlfriend who was beside Yu Ting asked.

"Brother Hu, he was the person that we met a month ago when he was shopping at the mall and my ex-boyfriend," said Yu Ting.

"Oh," Hu Ji, where might you remember a poor person like Ye Chen, for him, Ye Chen is just rubbish that is not worthy of being noticed.

"Hahaha Ye Chen, I see that you are still alone, have you not found a new girlfriend?" Yu Ting asked, but questions like this really insult Ye Chen.

"Yes indeed I am still Alone Now what is the problem for you" said Ye Chen.

"I knew how it would be possible for a woman to be with a poor man like you," again Yu Ting teased about poor Ye Chen Yang.

If it was Ye Chen, he would have been angry with Yu Ting’s words before, but Ye Chen now if he wanted to get money was like turning his palm.

The words Yu Ting motivated Ye Chen that Ye Chen had to Quickly get a lot of money Immediately making Yu Ting Regretful for leaving. magic

"Hah, Ting Ting, are you kidding me? Maybe there is a woman who wants to be a girlfriend from a bum, they would prefer a rich man like me" Hu Ji tried to brag himself in front of Ye Chen

"Huh? You think I can’t get a woman who is more beautiful than Yu Ting. You’ll see." Ye Chen said sarcastically.

"We will wait if you can get a woman who is better than me then I will eat poop in public," said Yu Ting, laughing.

A beautiful woman suddenly came and hugged Ye Chen’s right arm. "Ye Chen, have you been waiting long?" Said the woman

This woman was Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan who followed Ye Chen out of concern with Ye Chen’s wound, but when Ye Chen sat there were two people who approached Ye Chen so Zhao Yanyan wanted to know what happened to a woman’s curiosity was very strong.

So Zhao Yanyan lifted up and eavesdropped on Ye Chen and Yu Ting’s conversation. After learning that Yu Ting was Ye Chen’s ex-girlfriend, and Zhao Yanyan knew that Yu Ting left Ye Chen only because Ye Chen was poor, which made Zhao Yanyan angry.

For Zhao Yanyan Ye Chen was thousands of times better than Hu Ji, even though Ye Chen was not rich at least Ye Chen had kindness even willing to sacrifice himself to save him, So Zhao Yanyan rushed to Ye Chen and helped him.

Ye Chen was quite confused as to why Zhao Yanyan suddenly hugged his arm.

" Who are you ? "Yu Ting asked curiously, because Yu Ting had to admit that Zhao Yanyan was far more beautiful than him.

Hu Ji knows who Zhao Yanyan is Flower School in her second year and Hu Ji also pursued Zhao Yanyan, unfortunately she was rejected.

"Let me introduce Ye Chen’s girlfriend Zhao Yanyan" Zhao Yanyan introduced Himself to Yu Ting.

Yu Ting and Hu Ji were also struck by the lightning of the person they had just insulted having a very beautiful girlfriend instead of being slapped in the face directly.

Zhao Yanyan said spoiled "Ye Chen, let’s look for food outside of school. I feel comfortable here".

Of course Ye Chen understood what Zhao Yanyan was doing, so of course Ye Chen followed his game "Yan my dear dear".

Ye Chen then left with Zhao Yanyan and left Yu Ting and also Hu Ji, while walking Ye Chen felt piercing stares from Sekita especially the men, those who looked at Ye Chen very fiercely were secret admirers of Zhao Yanyan.

"Looks like I’ve become a public enemy," Ye Chen said in his heart.

Before he reached the door, Ye Chen turned "hey I heard that someone was going to eat dirt in public. Now you can do it, Ye Chen burst out laughing and left the canteen with Zhao Yanyan.

Yu Ting and also Hu Ji did not have faces anymore so they both hurriedly left the canteen as fast as they could, afraid that people would force them both to eat poop.

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