Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 23 - Teacher Lin Rouxi

Chapter 23 - Teacher Lin Rouxi

Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan finally finished eating their meal, "Ye Chen We should return to Class immediately. After this is a lesson from brother Rouxi, I don’t mean Teacher Lin" Zhao Yanyan tried to remind Ye Chen.

But Ye Chen didn’t know who Teacher Lin was because in his class Ye Chen didn’t remember a teacher whose name was Lin Rouxi "Yes Yanyan let’s go back to class together" Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen wanted to pay the food bill, however Zhao Yanyan was his girlfriend and Ye Chen was a man so Ye Chen had to pay the bill.

"Ye Chen, let me pay it is very expensive." Zhao Yanyan tried to stop Ye Chen from paying because Zhao Yanyan knew that Ye Chen didn’t have much money.

"It’s okay, Yanyan, I still have enough money to pay for this and in the future I will definitely find a lot of money to make you happy," Ye Chen said seriously.

Zhao Yanyan "Yes I believe that you will definitely be a successful person and I will definitely continue to support you at every step of your way" Zhao Yanyan believes in Ye Chen.

Ye Chen Yang heard the words of Zhao Yanyan It was great because Zhao Yanyan wanted to Trust him.

Ye Chen wore a Kempali skin mask to avoid getting out of trouble

Zhao Yanyan "Ye Chen why are you wearing that leather mask if it is more suitable not to wear that mask".

"Yanyan I also don’t want to wear this mask, you see the reaction from the servant right, if I don’t wear this mask then your girlfriend might get kidnapped by another girl," Ye Chen said helplessly.

Zhao Yanyan "You praise yourself too much".

Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanya were finally Sammpai In class. The place when the bell rang, they both returned to their desks.

Zhang Liao Yang who saw Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan came together asking "Ye Chen, where have you been, I was looking for you in every corner of the canteen, because I did not find you and you did not appear also appeared eating food.

"Oh, it’s okay. I just ate with Zhao Yanyan at a restaurant near the school."

"What, you just ate together with one of our school flowers" Zhang Liao could hardly believe what he heard from Ye Chen.

Zhang Liao often saw several boys in his class and other classes who tried to invite Zhao Yanyan to eat out, but they were almost always rejected by Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen just ate together with the flowers of the Zhao Yanyan School.

"Looks like your relationship with Zhao Yanyan is pretty good" Zhang Liao while drinking water from a bottle.

"Now Zhao Yanyan is my girlfriend so our relationship is very special"

Zhang Liao who heard this immediately sprayed all the water he drank "what you just said, Zhao Yanyan is your girlfriend, you’re not feverish" Zhang Liao almostcould not believe how on the first day Ye Chen suddenly became the girlfriend of Zhao Yanyan.

"Huh, you do not believe you, Yanyan explain to him so that he understands" Ye Chen asked for help from Zhao Yanyan to explain

"Zhang’s classmate is right that I’m Ye Chen’s girlfriend now" said Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan didn’t want to hide that she was Ye Chen’s girlfriend

After Hearing directly from Zhao Yanyan Zhang Liao As struck by lightning "Ye Chen you were great on the first day you moved to our class you have got our school interest" Zhang Liao praised Ye Chen.

Ye Chen just smiled, then finally the homeroom teacher came to the podium, Ye Chen’s homeroom teacher turned out to be a beauty that was not inferior to Zhao Yanyan, especially in the chest that had developed very well.

"Good afternoon everyone, my name is Lin Rouxi and I am the homeroom teacher, the reason I introduced myself is because there seems to be a new transfer student in this class." Lin Rouxi looked at Ye Chen.

"Quick new student introduce yourself to another classmate" Lin Rouxi asked Ye Chen to introduce himself.

Ye Chen walked and stood in front of the class "my name is Ye Chen, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Xxx Village, please cooperate now" After introducing Himself Ye Chen sat down.

"Just like that was your introduction? "Asked Lin Rouxi.

"Our teacher Lin is not on a blind date." Hong several people in the class who heard the words Ye Chen laughed.

"Shut up" Teacher Lin Rouxi hit the table with a book that made students who laugh became silent.

Lin Rouxi did not expect that there would be more problematic students placed in his class again "You may return to your seat" Lin Rouxi invited Ye Chen to sit.

"Okay Everyone, take out your English books now" Lin Rouxi Ordered the students in the class.

Strangely the students who previously spoke in class, gossiping and playing all suddenly became obedient which made Ye Chen ask Tanya in her mind.

When Ye Chen was Sitting Ye Chen Zhao Yanyan said next to his ear "Ye Chen you are brave enough too, teasing your teacher in front of the class, you are not afraid that Teacher Lin’s fans are targeting you.

"What should be afraid of if they dare to look for trouble for me I will kick them all". magic

"Puchi, let’s start the lesson, we should focus" Zhao Yanyan laughed.

"Good, my beautiful Queen" Ye Chen then opened an English book

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