Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 26 - Red Wolf Gang Is Making Trouble Again

Chapter 26 - Red Wolf Gang Is Making Trouble Again

Finally, Chen Qui’s aunt delivered food to Ye Chen’s table, Ye Chen smelled her fragrant aroma and immediately put it in her mouth.

After becoming a cultivator Ye Chen felt that he was never full, even though Ye Cen could not eat for days but, when Ye Chen ate Ye Chen felt he could put all the food into his stomach.

Maybe because during practice only eating dry rations and bad fruits made the food here delicious and made Ye Chen addicted to continue eating.

In just a few minutes the whole satay goat was eaten up by Ye Chen "Auntie added 30 Skewers".

Chen Qui Seeing this was astonished he had never seen anyone eat that fast before and 30 goat skewers were still lacking for Ye Chen? .

Aunt Chen Qui then roasted it again for Ye Chen, suddenly several Gangs came to Bibi Chen Qui’s stall.

"Hey aunt where’s the protection money today," said one of the bad guys

Chen Qui "We just opened and we still haven’t got money" Aunt Chen Qui tried to beg the gang guards.

"It’s none of our business that we want is money," said one of the bad guys.

Ye Chen knew some of these people. They were the ones who were looking for trouble with Ye Chen at the antiques goods exhibition yesterday.

But the blond forgiving man yesterday had no possibility of currently carrying out the operation after being badly beaten up here at night.

Ye Chen didn’t do anything to them yesterday but after seeing this Ye Chen really wanted to beat them all up.

Ye Chen stood up from his chair and walked towards these people.

"Hahah, look at someone pretending to be a hero." These bad guys began to mock Ye Chen.

"Son, you don’t know who we are, if you lick my feet and apologize, I’ll let you go." The bad guy pointed at his dirty feet.

"This is your last chance" Ye Chen was still standing and not afraid at all.

"Looking for death" bang. . . Bad people who tried to hit Ye Chen immediately flew towards the Trash Can on the other side of the Road.

The bad guys who saw this surprised Bang. . . Bang . . Bang . . Bang . . But before they could act they had been beaten up by Ye Chen and ground on the ground in great pain.

Chen Qui Who saw It Was Surprised Chen Qui did not think that Ye Chen was as strong as this and could bring down the bad guys very easily.

Ye Chen then said "if you still dare to come again to this place then I will make sure you will never again be able to get up from the bed of the times".

These bad guys were already afraid of Ye Chen and immediately left as fast as they could.

"Ye Chen, Thank you for helping Aunt" Chen Qiu thanked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen "It doesn’t matter auntie if they still dare to look for trouble in auntie stall just tell me".

"But Ye Chen how if they in the future come to you and look for trouble" Aunt Chen Qiu worried about Ye Chen.

Ye Chen "if they still want to live they will not dare come to look for trouble with me"

"Oh, looks like I’m too worried, the food boil will be ready soon" Chen Qui immediately roast the goat satay again.

After finished eating, all the lamb satay available, Ye Chen, paid and left the stall.

There were still a few hours left before night so Ye Chen, decided to go to a place that still had clean energy and tried to practice there and Ye Chen knew a suitable place.

Ye Chen flew and went to the parks in this city, the parks in this city were still clean and also the energy around this area was still naturally free from pollution.

Fortunately the park is quite quiet because this is not a holiday

Ye Chen crossed the stone and closed his eyes and absorbed the energy Ye Chen could absorb, magic

After more than 3 hours Ye Chen finally opened his eyes.

The energy on earth is far thinner than Ye Chen’s training ground which used to be Ye Chen only increases its strength by very little, according to Ye Chen than absorbing energy from the earth more quickly absorb air (Yinqi) from Zhao Yanyan or teacher Lin Rouxi.

It was already late at night and Ye Chen prepared to go to the place where Master Lin Rouxi lived, Ye Chen opened the note given by Teacher Lin Rouxi, this was the address where teacher Lin lived.

And teacher Lin Rouxi lived in the Women’s Dormitory provided by the School, the school actually also provided dormitories for both women and men, the reason Ye Chen chose to look for a rental place outside was because the price was cheaper.

the rental price for one month is around 400 ~ 500 dollars and for Vip class the price is 800 ~ 1000 dollars for the month, for Ye Chen 500 Dollars was the salary of working for one full month.

Ye Chen was lazy to walk and chose the fastest way yes it was flying, besides quickly also saving time, in the sky Ye Chen looked around to make sure that no one would see him go down.

Ye Chen finally arrived in front of teacher Lin Rouxi’s door. On the 4th floor of this building, Ye Chen rang the bell after a few seconds the door finally opened.

The one who opened it was of course Teacher Lin Rouxi but teacher Lin Rouxi no longer wore after the teacher’s clothes. Like this afternoon, Teacher Lin Rouxi Now wears casual clothes that are Suitable for Teacher Lin Rouxi.

It is important to know that this year’s teacher Lin Rouxi is already 25 years old, this age is the age of the woman in the Glory, beauty will be at its peak at this age.

"Enter" Lin Rouxi invited Ye Chen to enter his residence.

Ye Chen then followed behind teacher Lin Rouxi and entered inside.

"Sit down" Teacher Lin Rouxi then went to the kitchen and made Ye Chen a drink.

Ye Chen Sitting In this soft chair, the place where women live was very fragrant. Once, Ye Chen began to ask whether this fragrance was from perfume or purely from a woman’s body.

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