Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 30 - Important Information

Chapter 30 - Important Information


"Thank you for the majesty of Senior who has been willing to save me" Li Sunhe highly respects the masked man who is Ye Chen.

In the world of cultivators strong people will always be respected, therefore even though the person in front of him is quite young but seeing his strength is very strong Li Sunhe must respect.

Ye Chen "don’t need to be too formal with me, actually there are some things I want to ask you".

"As long as this person can answer, then please, Senior, just ask," said Li Sunhe.

Ye Chen went straight to the point "I want you to tell me about the Sect or the Great Power that is in this Country to me"

"There are quite a lot of Senior Sects in this country and I don’t even know everything because they hide themselves, so in this world the sect is also called a hidden Sect, except for members of the Sect that no one knows about the location of their headquarters" said Li Sunhe by apologizing.

It seems like Ye Chen was too hopeful of more than Li Sunhe given the level of his cultivation which was still weak, maybe he was not strong enough to know the big sects.

Seeing Ye Chen who was dissatisfied with his answer Li Sunhe immediately said again "Senior even though I don’t know much about the Sects in this country but I do know some names of the strong Sects who are in this mortal world".

Well Ye Chen was interested in the power of this large sect Sect "say it all".

Li Sunhe then said, "There are four of the strongest Sects that I know of, the Seven Swords of the Langin Sword, the Cherry Blossom Sect, the Fire Valley Sect, the Frozen Ice Sect, which is the strongest sect currently in the mortal realm, and there is still an organ of the Government called," the six-door organization and the Dragon army.

"Then do you know how strong the Sect Sect is?" Ye Chen asked.

"I don’t know, but the strength of their elders must be at the level of the Sky Realm," Li Sunhe said uncertainly.

Then which of the Sects and Organizations was the organization which was stronger.

Li Sunhe "for the strongest is the Dragon Army their job is to fend off attacks from people who have special abilities so as not to enter this country.

"Then it was overtaken by a six-door organization in charge of overseeing the Sect Sect so as not to involve the Normal people in it.

Then the Seventh Sword Sect

Cherry Blossom Sect

Frozen Ice Sect

Fire Valley Sect

"That’s the order of power that dominates this mortal world," said Li Sunhe.

"Mortal world? what do you mean mortal world ?.

"Senior cultivators who are not from the Holy Land of Khulun in Sebut are also mortal nature cultivators".

"You mean there are still other great powers that are stronger than them," Ye Chen asked.

Of course Senior Khulun is a holy land for cultivators and the people there have tremendous power, Senior himself is not from khulun? "Asked Li Sunhe.

"I’m not from there, then do you know where the khulun holy land is," Ye Chen asked.

Li Sunhe "What I have heard from the rumors is the Gate to the holy land of khulun Being on Mount Khulun, but to get there it is said to be very dangerous even cultivators whose cultivation is at the level of Sky Realm is still not strong enough to go to the holy land of khulun".

Ye Chen was even more curious about what Li Sunhe said.

Ye Cehen "Is that all you know? "

"Yes, Senior, that’s all I know," Li Sunhe.

Even though this information was quite a bit but this was enough to help Ye Chen know how strong the cultivators that were on this earth.

"I am from your talk if you just came from an ancient heritage place, is that right?" Ye Chen asked.

"Yes, indeed I just went there with two brothers like my teacher but we did not think that the place was very dangerous which made my two brothers have to die there" when Li Sunhe said he cried.

"Then can you tell me where the location of the ancient inheritance is" Ye Chen asked the location of the ancient inheritance to Li Sunhe.

Li Sunhe then pulled out a map from inside his shirt and handed it to Ye Chen. "This senior is on the map to that place, but the core part of that place is still a barrier seal that makes people unable to enter."

"Therefore the Seventh Sword Sect, Cherry Blossom Sect, Fire Valley Sect, Frozen Ice Sect, intend to work together to break the barrier seal, and I hear the time is in about 2 weeks." Ka Li Sunhe.

"The seniors will definitely have a lot of sects participating in it because of that, seniors can see for themselves the power of the upper-level sect," Li Sunhe said.

Ye Chen accepted the scroll and saw that it was indeed a hand-drawn map and showed the location of the ancient Heritage Site.

Surely Ye Chen was interested. To go there too, Ye Chen wanted to see how strong the sect’s power that was not from Khulun was.

"Alright, thank you for wanting to answer my question if that’s the way I left first" after Ye Chen said those words Ye Chen then left immediately.

Li Sunhe didn’t even see where Ye Chen had gone "it seems like the seniors just now were very strong. I was lucky to be able to see a strong cultivator in my life" Li Sunhe also didn’t stay, and also left that place.

Ye Chen returned to the hotel room right where he was staying and immediately went to his bed, Ye Chen began to think what was said li Sunhe earlier, It turns out that in this world there is also a cultivator.

If Yu Ting didn’t decide that time Ye Chen might Now be a normal person until the end of his life, and Ye Chen also might not be able to see the vastness of the world.

Ye Chen closed his eyes and relaxed as much as he could, so Ye Chen did not know that Ye Chen was finally asleep.

When Ye Chen slept, the gate-like iron glowed and absorbed a little Energy from Ye Chen’s body, but Ye Chen did not know that it absorbed Ye Chen’s Little Energy.

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