Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 7 - Terrorist In The Forest

Chapter 7 - Terrorist In The Forest

Teleportation stones are quite expensive items in the God Realm, these stones can move a person instantly to the place he wants to go, but the coordinates appear randomly near the place in the destination

In front of his eyes Ye Chen saw the sight of many trees, "Finally after all this time I returned to this place" Ye Chen took a deep breath and felt the air of the Earth Back.

Even though the energy on earth is very thin but there should still be many places that have pure energy that has not been polluted by pollution and can make a person break through to the Overlord Realm level.

Ye Chen immediately flew at Normal speed and looked around, who knew there was a high-value Herbal plant in this unspoiled forest.

A familiar figure crossed Ye Chen’s eyes, Ye Chen saw a Wild Mountain chicken which was his favorite food when he was still in the village. It’s just that because the chicken was very fast in running it was quite difficult to catch it without using a trap.

But now Ye Chen didn’t need to use a trap anymore, Ye Chen disappeared from his place of origin, Ye Chen suddenly appeared behind the Wild Mountain Rooster, reached out and immediately caught the Wild Mountain’s chicken feet, and the Wild Mountain Rooster who was looking for food had no time. To escape and end easily caught.

"Hahaha, I haven’t eaten good food for a long time and finally today I will eat delicious food" Ye Chen laughed while rubbing his chicken head in his hand.

Ye Chen then went looking for a river to slaughter, pulling feathers and cleaning the inside of the chicken, Ye Chen’s hands speed very fast in a few minutes the chicken meat was finally clean and ready to be grilled.

After that Ye Chen collected a Branch or Dry Wood, Surely He didn’t take one by one. He used his mental strength, twigs and dry wood that were within tens of meters. Flying to Ye Chen’s Front.

"Now all that’s left is to collect the spices" Ye Chen then walked through the forest to find some spices, a few minutes later Ye Chen held some fresh spices.

Ye Chen smeared the chicken with herbs, then the wood that he had collected was stacked and a small flame appeared from Ye Chen’s finger and burned the wood, this fire was an ordinary weak fire, Ye Chen thought if using deep fire the wood in a few seconds immediately to ashes.

Ye Chen started to fill the chicken meat, Ye Chen couldn’t wait to eat the Roast Chicken.

Ye Chen lifted the cooked roast chicken and smelled the aroma "It smells good but it’s a shame there is no barbecue sauce, if there is definitely this Pangang chicken will be better".

"Please. . . ! Please . ! "When Ye Chen was about to take a bite he heard someone’s voice asking for help so Ye Chen put the roast chicken immediately disappeared towards the sound.

When he arrived the place Ye Chen saw the woman who was running with some torn clothes and behind her there were two people wearing black face masks carrying an AK 47 Type rifle.

"Terrorist? "That is all that Ye Chen can conclude so Ye Chen immediately rushes to save that woman.

The woman continued to run but she felt her whole body was hot and her body was a little to soften a little.

Ahhhhh . ! the woman stumbled and fell, she saw the two men who were chasing her near close, feeling desperate the woman closed her eyes and accepted her destiny.

Just then the woman heard the sound of falling objects and saw a young man in modest clothes, long hair standing in front of her.

The woman just glanced at the figure and her vision became black and she fainted.

Seeing someone darting down from the sky into the two people that stopped and pointed the AK 47 weapon towards Ye Chen.

At the sight of a young man in shabby clothes, "young people, hurry up and move away from our affairs or you will kill me," the two men sneered and looked down at Ye Chen.

"Really and then show what you can do" Now Ye Chen’s turn underestimated.

"You Dare" The Terrorist Immediately Raise His Arms And Ready To Shoot Ye Chen

"Wait !!!, why don’t we torture him first, until he begs us" Terrorists beside him give advice to other terrorists to torture Ye Chen alone.

Then the person who gave the suggestion of putting on an iron boxing glove rushed towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen laughed at this anchovy in his heart, when the terrorist was ready to hit Ye Chen’s face, Ye Chen quickly grabbed his neck and slammed it hard on the ground, Bangg. . . The sound of broken bones is heard loudly.

Seeing his colleague easily dropped by Ye Chen the terrorist immediately shot Ye Chen, Bamm. . . . Bamm . . . Bamm . . .

All Bullets Are Shot None of Ye Chen, Go to Ye Chen Speed so Fast That the Terrorist only saw his shadow. magic

When the terrorist noticed that Ye Chen was already in front of him, and Ye Chen’s hand poked his chest.

When Ye Chen’s punch landed the terrorist felt his entire internal organs shift and he bounced a few meters to hit a tree and cough up blood.

Seeing the two terrorists fainted Ye Chen immediately walked towards the woman but his footsteps stopped he felt a dozen someone approaching towards him.

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